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Canadian Specialist Hospital specialises in cosmetic surgery and MAP / IVF. Founded in 1984, this JCI Accredited clinic is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Canadian Specialist Hospital is one of Dubai’s largest private hospitals and the hospital of choice for referrals from small and medium-sized medical centres that lack some of our specialist diagnostic and treatment facilities.

Its mission is to offer world-class, state-of-the-art diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services, and to provide comprehensive genetic and prenatal services, as well as evidence-based ethical healthcare, for a healthy and happy community. The hospital’s international team takes pride in caring for foreign patients and their loved ones, making them feel at home.

The service begins as soon as a medical report is received and forwarded to the appropriate specialist for medical advice. This enables the patient and, where appropriate, the sponsor, to have an opinion on the necessary operation or treatment. If the patient decides to travel to the Canadian specialist hospital in Dubai for treatment, the international team will make all the necessary arrangements for the patient and their relatives, including visa, accommodation, consultation and/or admission, and transport (ambulance or air ambulance as required).

Once the patient has been welcomed into hospital, a full range of services is provided, including translations and all day-to-day requirements during their stay.

Clinic speciality :

Aesthetic Surgery
Wrinkle treatment
Hollow cheeks – Bichectomy
Fat transfer
Eyebrow lift
Cervico-facial lift
Penis enlargement
Facial implant
Breast augmentation
Breast implants
Treatment of varicose veins
Breast lift
Thigh lift
Breast reduction
Breast reconstruction
Buttock lift
Buttock augmentation
Plastic surgery consultation

Follicular ultrasound
Tubal catheterisation


Airport transfer
Legalization of documents
Free Wi-Fi
Health insurance
Hotel reservations
Laundry service
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Medical file transfer
Medical travel insurance
PRM-accessible rooms
In-room telephone
Private rooms
Religious facilities
In-room safe
Food precautions
Translation services
In-room TV

City: Dubai – Country: United Arab Emirates – Founded in 1984
Accreditation: JCI Accredited – Languages spoken: Arabic, English

Reviews of Canadian Specialist Hospital

Mohammad Alqudah
Mohammad Alqudah
17:16 20 Oct 23
Dear Canadian Hospital Team,I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional care from the Candian hospital.First and foremost, We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Dr.Rasha Rushdy, Her professionalism and dedication were evident throughout my stay.her efforts in ensuring my wife and my baby well-being. Your commitment to providing high-quality healthcare and support to patients and their families is truly remarkable.We would also like to express our gratitude to the medical team, anesthesiologists and Equally deserving of praise are the nurses who cared for my wife and baby with such skill and compassion thier dedication to profession and the excellent service you provided were invaluable during a our time.Thank you once again for your exceptional care and kindness . Your contributions have made a significant difference in our life, and we will always remember your exceptional service.
fatima dilshad
fatima dilshad
18:02 17 Sep 23
Dr. SARAH Alam 💯 an endocrinologist one in a million. I AM so grateful that you’re my doctor and you made me able to show the results and believe in what was hard to believe. KEEP UP your great work and the care you show to your patients. I WOULD highly recommend you to my friends and family.
Thea Bandojo
Thea Bandojo
11:06 29 Jun 23
I commend all who have checked on me from emergency to CCU department. The service was the best. I have to do this as I really appreciated what they have done to me. They actioned so fast, did the tests without any delay. The doctors and nurses would check and made sure with me that everything will be fine. Indeed in just over a night, I have gone from being anxious to being calm. All I did was lie down and everyone in the hospital did their part. I checked out yesterday after almost 2 days of being with them and I really felt the concern and sincerety being the only knowing people who would help you at times your only worry is your health. Thank you Canadian Specialist Hospital! 🌻
05:26 04 Oct 23
Well equipped hospital with a lot of hospitality, as staffs, nurse,cleaner and Doctors all are at their best skills and dedication.💕Great work CANADIAN SPECIALIST HOSPITAL 🤗🤗🤗
Mostafa Ewis
Mostafa Ewis
18:33 08 Aug 23
The worse hospital ever in UAE , I just went for emergency as I fill down in wash room the let me wait 50 mins and doctor didn't even check up , I asked for my Emirates Id and Left.
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