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Clinica Cuevas Queipo specialises in dental care and cosmetic surgery. Founded in 1992, this certified clinic is located in Malaga, Spain. See customer reviews, before/after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Clinica Cuevas Queipo, Malaga, Spain

Clinica Cuevas Queipo was established in 1992 and is a leading multidisciplinary dental and maxillofacial surgery clinic. Their expertise covers the basics such as check-ups, cleanings and fillings through to the more advanced crowns, implants, bridges, veneers, root canal surgery, bleaching, maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics and periodontics.

Their high level of expertise guarantees you a high standard of care, from diagnosis to treatment. The clinic, which brings together a team of experienced doctors, offers all dental procedures at affordable prices. Their philosophy is to achieve excellence by working as a team, devoting the necessary time to each patient and prioritising quality over quantity, and they welcome both local and international patients.

Clinic speciality :

Dental care
Dental radiography
Paediatric dentist
Application of fluoride
Dental filling
Dental sealant
Dental cleaning
Dental bonding
Dental extraction
Dental scanning
Corono-radicular reconstruction
Root planing
Customised mouthguard
Tooth extraction
Root canal treatment
Dental veneer
Wisdom teeth extraction
Laser gum treatment
3D dental printing
Bone grafting
Tooth whitening
Gnathological treatment
Dental bridge
Dental crown
Inlays / Onlays prosthesis
Dental implant
Dental appliance
Hybrid prosthesis on implants
Sinus graft
Consultation in cosmetic dentistry
Dental check-up
Dental consultation
Zygomatic implant

Cosmetic surgery
Extraction of buccal fat


Airport transfer
Free Wifi
Hotel reservations
Interpreting services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Transfer of medical files
Internet consultation
Translation services

City: Malaga – Country: Spain – Founded: 1992
Accreditation: Unknown – Language(s) spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Reviews of Clínica Dental Cuevas Queipo

17:59 22 Nov 23
N Yarwood
N Yarwood
15:24 22 Nov 23
Absolutely fantastic experience. Needed a retainer repairing as emergency. Went in the morning and got an appointment for later the same day. Was seen by a very friendly English-speaking doctor who quickly and efficiently solved my problem at a reasonable price. The ladies at the reception, especially Sonia, also were very friendly and helpful. One very happy customer. Muchas gracias!
Amaya Eraso Melgar
Amaya Eraso Melgar
09:33 22 Aug 23
Wonderful and friendly professionals. We were caught by an emergency on vacation and they received us without an appointment. Quick diagnosis by Dr. Impeccable nurses and reception. It's nice to go to the dentist with experts like that. My husband, who was the fearful patient, was also delighted. Thank you.
Laura Frank
Laura Frank
13:03 22 Nov 18
I went for a routine dental cleaning and found the staff very professional. Everyone was patient with my poor Spanish and made every effort to find documents in English as well as have English speaking staff come in to discuss the care I was going to receive. I would recommend this place for any needed dental care.
18:49 20 Mar 19
[Better alternative: Eki Dental] They speak English, the quality of service is decent, but despite asking several times, they failed to add critically important fissure sealants (see photo) on my molars.I asked for this fissure sealants back in January 2017 and once more in July 2018, and my request was ignored on both visits despite paying around €800 in total. The "doctor" said he will add the same fissure sealants as in the photograph, yet instead he drilled around a bit to remove some cavities but added no protection to my fissures, charged me 200EUR+ and left.In the UK the dentist tells you step by step what he/she will do and what you may feel or hear, but not here.I have difficulties trusting this business as the results are so different to what I wanted, and I have the suspicion that they maliciously ignore customer requests so that they can force you to go through several expensive "treatments" just to make them more money.I am not a cow you can milk for money.I want adequate service in return!Due to failing twice I have reported this practice for fraud and will seek professional treatment in London where dentists listen to customers, and when you ask them for fissure sealants you get high quality, long lasting sealants.
10:02 09 Aug 17
They advertise for a free dental check, and the dentist who checked me was only a sales person!! He could out of nowhere tell me that I had 4 holes in my teeth, without X-ray!! He told me to fix it here, instead of Denmark where I am from, because it was "So cheap here". I refused! When going to Denmark, the dentist could not see any holes! When taking a X-ray he found 1 small hole, but not where the "dentist" sales person from Spain mentioned!! The price was also the same in Denmark as their clinic. I was chocked! They really want to destroy healthy teeth?!! They only want to make money - I will never ever recommend these persons! Fancy and beautiful place, but the people are sales persons - nothing else!!
Mia Dursun
Mia Dursun
15:08 13 Oct 22
The receptionist had some problem to understand my English. She said "I will call you soon", hung up the phone and never called back. I tried to call twice but got shut of the line. She could have just told me to come,gave the phone to a colleague or said "no", instead of having me waiting. Odd.
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