All-on-8 in Turkey

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All-on-8 in Turkey is the right solution for you if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for a complete dental restoration. It’s the most affordable way to restore your smile. provides information about All-on-8 in Turkey and helps you book surgery with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

What is the price of an All-on-8 in Turkey?

The average cost of an All-on-8 in Istanbul, Turkey is €7,000. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €6,000 to €8,000.

ProcedureCost Turkey
All-on-87000 €

What is an All-on-8?

All-on-8 in Turkey is the right solution for you if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for a complete dental restoration. It’s the most affordable way to restore your smile.

The 8 dental implants consist of placing 8 dental implants in each of the dental arches. Thanks to advanced dental technology, the prosthesis to be placed on the arches obtains a solid base in the form of dental implants. This allows the dental implants to function immediately. This dental treatment procedure in Turkey includes tilting the implants on the back teeth to make the most of the available tooth bone.

All-on-8 dental implant treatment in Turkey is recommended for patients who have lost more than 80% of their natural teeth for a permanent, safe and highly aesthetic dental solution. You get a healthy new set of teeth to eat and chew properly again.

United Kingdom25000 €
United States27000 €
Canada26000 €
Turkey7000 €

Length of stay: 1 day

Note: the dental implant procedure lasts a maximum of 3 to 4 hours. However, the patient must stay in Istanbul for a few extra days for the post-operative consultation. It takes around 3 months after the operation for the mouth to heal. The bone and gums change shape during this period to adapt to the new implant.

The advantages of All-on-8 dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey

  • Unlike conventional dentures, implant-supported dentures are popular for their durability and are considerably well constructed. With proper oral hygiene, implants can last you a lifetime.
  • All-on-8 dental implants in Turkey require minimal surgery and are a fast procedure with a quick recovery, unlike other conventional options which require multiple preparation sessions before a denture can actually be fitted over them.
  • All-on-8 dentures can be fitted with new teeth in 3 to 4 hours, which means you can have a beautiful smile in just one day!
  • No bone grafting is required for all-on-8s
  • You can eat and speak naturally, and feel just like you did when you were young.
  • Dentists and staff speak fluent French, Italian, Spanish and German
  • Consultations and follow-ups with dentists, diagnostics and translators are also provided
  • A beautiful city to choose as a medical tourism destination with genuinely warm and caring hospitality

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List of pre-operative tests required

  • 3D/CT scanning
  • Digital X-rays
  • Testing of dental installation models

Note: Laboratory tests are carried out at least 7 to 10 days before the procedure. Imaging tests and dental modelling help the dentist to analyse the layout of your teeth.

Why should I have my All-on-8 treatment in Turkey?

Thousands of patients choose and travel to Turkey for dental implants every year. Istanbul is a popular destination for dental treatment due to the availability of high standard dental procedures, as extensive as in most advanced European countries, but at a much lower cost.

Other reasons to choose Istanbul :

  • Advanced dental technology and quality medical facilities
  • A well-established medical tourism market
  • Specialist cosmetic dentistry
  • Excellent weather all year round
  • A warm and welcoming culture
  • Frequent return flights from every country

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