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All-on-4 in Turkey is a treatment procedure offered by Nobel Biocare. All-on-4 uses dental implants to support a complete set of teeth on a jawbone. provides information on all-on-4 in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does all-on-4 cost in Turkey?

The average cost of an All-on-4 in Turkey is €2,500. This price depends on the health of the patient’s jaw and the number of implants to be fitted. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic, and there are 2 visits in 1 week of treatment. The length of stay in Istanbul is 7 days. The price includes the anaesthetic, the operation and the medication. The final result is visible immediately.

All-on-42500 €
All-on-64900 €
All-on-87000 €
Dental implants (10)5000 €


Tooth loss, whatever the cause, can be a heavy burden to bear. Faced with the radiant smiles of Hollywood stars, you can quickly feel your self-confidence slipping. But fortunately, this is not irreversible.

Today, it is possible and affordable to correct missing teeth. Implants, fixed or removable prostheses, dental bridges or crowns – the solutions for tooth loss are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Image de synthèse d'une mâchoire superieure avec un All-on-4
Computer-generated image of an upper jaw with an All-on-4

The latest and most popular technique is the all-on-4 prosthesis. This is a dental prosthetic treatment that supports all the teeth on the mandible. This ensures that the groups of teeth are properly aligned and provide the necessary comfort for the patient.

Practised in many countries, the All-on-4 implant in Turkey enjoys great popularity. As the country is renowned for its medical tourism, it is also chosen for the quality of its treatments and, above all, the price, which remains accessible to all budgets. Here’s everything you need to know about this dental prosthesis technique.

Before and after photos

Implant dentaire Turquie avant apres
Résultats implant dentaire Turquie avant apres
Photos avant après d'implants dentaires sur machoire supérieure et inferieure en Turquie
Photo avant apres implant mâchoire intégrale en Turquie
Photo avant apres All-on-4 en Turquie
Photo avant apres implant dentaire en Turquie
Extraction dentaire   Implant dentaire à Istanbul

What is all-on-4?

All-on-4 in Turkey is a prosthetic treatment that fills in missing teeth. The procedure is suitable for both men and women. It involves placing 4 dental implants to support fixed prostheses on the upper or lower jaw. The name refers to the 4 implants, which alone support all the teeth attached to the gums.

As a reminder, a dental implant is a screw-shaped device fixed into the jawbone to act as a new root. When the implant fuses with the surrounding bone tissue, it supports a fixed prosthesis.

Image de synthèse d'une mâchoire supérieure et inférieure avec un All-on-4
Computer-generated image of an upper and lower jaw with an All-on-4 implant

Modern and revolutionary, the all-on-4 implant stands out from other conventional dental implant methods. It does not require high bone density, so you don’t have to undergo bone grafting.

A genuine innovation in the field of implant prosthetics, the All on 4 technically consists of placing implants on the upper or lower arch. The first two implants are fixed straight at the front.

The other two are fixed at the back in the inner jaw, at a 45° angle. The area of high bone density is targeted in particular. The four implants can support between 10 and 14 teeth.

For the record, the all-on-4 method was first used by Dr Paulo Malo in 1998 using Nobel Biocare implants.

What are the advantages of all-on-4 Turkey?

Minimally invasive and highly effective, all-on-4 allows even the most edentulous patients to smile again in a single treatment. Whatever the underlying cause of tooth loss, all-on-4 can solve these problems and restore full function to the mouth.

Image de synthèse d'une mâchoire inférieure avec un All-on-4
Computer-generated image of a lower jaw with an All-on-4

While dentures loosen prematurely and can degrade over time, all-on-4 implants are extremely durable. Because they are easily anchored in the jawbone, they offer a secure bond.

This approach provides the same stimulation as natural teeth to prevent loss of bone density. What’s more, thanks to the stability of all-on-4 implants, there is no risk of accidental loosening or separation of the prostheses during chewing.

Finally, one of the great advantages of this mandibular prosthetic procedure is that it offers patients greater comfort. All the groups of teeth are placed at the same time, and in line with each other, making the operation quicker. It also means you don’t need braces.

Image de synthèse d'une mâchoire inférieure et supérieure avec un All-on-4
Computer-generated image of an upper and lower jaw with an All-on-4

Who is the all-on-4 implant in Turkey designed for?

All-on-4 treatment in Turkey is designed for patients who:

  • Patients with significant tooth loss. In the case of a single missing tooth, we can opt for a dental crown or a simple dental implant.
  • Who have severely broken, damaged or decayed teeth.
  • Whose remaining teeth are weakened or damaged due to gum disease.
  • Who have low bone density and are not candidates for bone grafting.
  • Whose main tooth function is compromised due to age, poor oral hygiene, or any other cause.
Image de synthèse vue de l'intérieur avec un All-on-4
Computer-generated image of an inside view of an All-on-4

How does the All on 4 work in Turkey?

In Istanbul or Antalya, the all-on-4 prosthesis is performed in the world’s leading dental clinics, by expert and renowned surgeons. The surgical treatment is carried out according to the rules of the art and follows complete stages.

Before your stay in Turkey

First of all, you contact the dental surgeon without having to travel. An initial video consultation is used to determine the current state of your teeth, as well as your state of health. This appointment will also determine the next steps.

Once the surgical appointment has been made, you can prepare for your trip and stay in Turkey. At this stage, you can choose between several packages: choose an all-inclusive package that will take care of your entire trip and stay in Istanbul or Antalya (accommodation, stay in the clinic, surgery). Or opt for a tailor-made package or a free stay.

Dentiste qui pratique un bilan dentaire
Dentist performing a dental check-up

The all-on-4 operation in Turkey

Once in Turkey, the steps involved in placing all-on-4 dental implants in Istanbul are as follows:

An initial examination

Your first physical appointment with your surgeon will involve an x-ray of your jaw, upper arch and lower arch. This will determine where the dental implants will be placed.

If there are neighbouring teeth or single teeth that could interfere with the placement of the implants, your surgeon may recommend a tooth extraction. This stage will also determine whether the dental implant treatment will be carried out under local or general anaesthetic.

Image de synthèse d'une mâchoire inférieure avec un All-on-4
Computer-generated image of a lower jaw with an All-on-4

The surgery

Dental surgery is performed under local anaesthetic to numb the gums. In some cases, the surgeon may operate under general anaesthetic, depending on the patient’s state of health.

The first stage of surgery involves preparing the gums for the implants. This involves removing the damaged teeth rather than the healthy ones, and then removing the diseased or damaged gum tissue.

The surgeon will then make a few small incisions in the gum to accommodate and fix the implants. The implants used may be made of titanium or composite.

Once the implants have been inserted, the surgeon will suture the gum to improve healing. The area to be treated is then cleaned. The first operation is performed.

Implant dentaire sur 4 piliers
Dental implant on 4 pillars

You will have several days to recover. You may feel some pain or inflammation in the hours following the implant. An anti-inflammatory and antibiotic-based treatment will be prescribed.

You may also notice some bleeding and swelling after the operation. This will disappear after a few days. Make sure you get the rest you need to avoid complications.

Your first stay in Istanbul or Antalya is coming to an end. You will have to wait 3 to 4 months to receive your fixed prostheses. This is the time needed for the bone tissue to re-establish itself and form around the implants.

The implants will serve as artificial roots for the new teeth that will be fitted. A return to Turkey will allow you to obtain your permanent teeth, which will be permanently fixed.

Sourire après un All-on-4
Smile after an All-on-4

Once your prosthetic treatment is complete, you’ll have new teeth that will not only enable you to eat properly, but also give you a beautiful smile once again. Good oral hygiene, a healthy, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are all prescribed to ensure that your dentures last as long as possible.

Risks, complications and side effects

There may be rare complications during all-on-4 treatment:

  • Bad breath ;
  • Swollen or inflamed gums;
  • Fever and headaches;
  • Excessive bleeding;
  • Numbness of the lip and chin;
  • Pain in the neck or face.

That’s why you should trust us to help you choose your surgeon in Istanbul, and opt for a reputable and experienced practitioner.

What’s more, the All-on-4 prosthesis is permitted in Islam. It is halal, not haram, surgery because it offers a medical advantage and improves a patient’s quality of life.

A wheelchair hire service is available for the disabled (PRM) with easy access.

Why choose Turkey for an all-on-4?

While the all-on-4 procedure is practised in many European countries, choosing Turkey offers more advantages. An essential tourist destination, Turkey has some of the largest dental clinics in Europe, with expert surgeons and professional medical teams.

Do you have HIV? A special clinic has been set aside for you to have an All-on-4 in complete safety for you and the staff.

Having an all-on-4 in Turkey also means benefiting from high-quality dental surgery thanks to the technological and medical advances on site. Turkish clinics, especially in Istanbul and Antalya, also offer the lowest prices in Europe, at 42% lower than in Europe. Yet the quality of care is better.

Dentition qui repose sur 4 piliers
Dentistry based on 4 pillars

What’s more, Turkey boasts a success rate of up to 95% for the placement of an all-on-4 implant. What’s more, when you do your all-on-4 in Turkey, you’ll enjoy a holiday that’s both useful and enjoyable, and you’ll be able to discover other facets of the country and its cities.

How much does an all-on-4 in Turkey cost?

In Turkey, the price of an all-on-4 depends on the patient’s profile and the complexity and brand of the dental implant. Depending on the brand chosen and the implantation method, the price of an all-on-4 prosthesis in Istanbul can vary from €2,300 to €2,700.

La coordinatrice qui prend en charge une patiente
Coordinator looking after a patient

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of an All-on-4?

All-on-4 implants allow you to restore 12 to 14 teeth with just four implants. The real advantage here is the cost, which is much lower than placing 12 individual dental implants. Not to mention the very rapid final results.

After a tooth has been extracted, you generally have to wait between 2 and 6 months for the bone to heal. However, thanks to increasingly sophisticated techniques, the dental surgeon can sometimes place the implant immediately.

The all-on-4 prosthesis is a long-lasting dental prosthesis, with a very high shelf life. The retention rate of the prosthesis is estimated at over 96% between 3 and 4 years, and over 94% between 5 and 10 years. They can even last up to 20 years with the right dental care.

Several studies have been carried out to determine the success rate of an All-on-4 in Istanbul, and the results are excellent. These studies indicate a success rate of almost 98% for dental implants on the lower arch and 97% for implants on the upper arch.

You can return to your usual diet after 3 months following the placement of All-on-4 implants. Before that, it is recommended that the implants be put under as little pressure as possible by eating soft foods. This will promote healing.

The length of stay for an All-on-4 in Turkey may vary depending on the number of teeth treated, the patient’s state of health and the recovery time required after the procedure. As a general rule, you should allow around a week for a complete treatment.

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