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Helvetic Clinics specialises in dental care. Founded in 2014, it was voted the best dental clinic in the world in 2015, 2016, 2017 by GCR (Global Clinic Rating) inspectors. This clinic is located in Budapest, Hungary. See customer reviews, before/after photos and ask about prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Helvetic Clinics, Budapest, Hungary 🥈

Helvetic Clinics guarantee the highest quality dental care whilesaving you 50-70% on your bill compared to local dentists in Europe.

At Helvetic Clinics, we believe that high-quality dental care should be accessible to everyone. That’s why our dentists have established rigorous specifications and guidelines that are standardised in all our clinics around the world. Whichever Helvetic Clinics dental clinic you choose, we assure you that you will receive the most competent care in one of the best dental clinics in Hungary and abroad.

Choosing Helvetic Clinics for dental treatment abroad brings you the following benefits:

  • 50-70% cheaper than local prices
  • The longest and most comprehensive guarantees available
  • A set of strict rules of conduct according to Swiss standards, drawn up in close collaboration with our dentists, which are scrupulously respected in all our clinics
  • Modern clinics equipped with the latest technology, too expensive for most clinics in the UK
  • Dental care of the highest quality
  • A personal and welcoming atmosphere in small treatment units

Rated the best dental clinic in the world

Helvetic Clinics was voted by GCR (Global Clinic Rating) inspectors as the best dental clinic in the world in 2015, 2016 and 2017 out of more than 140,000 dental clinics. GCR is an independent rating agency, certifying and rating over 400,000 clinics and hospitals worldwide.

Watch the video of the inspection:

Our professionals offer you their expertise in the fields of implantology, periodontology and dentistry. In our dental clinics, the best dentists in Hungary are all under one roof, each with their own area of specialisation and expertise. Our implantologist will never treat your tooth decay, our odontologist will never fit a dental implant and our periodontologist will never fit a dental crown.

Although cosmetic dentistry is not yet officially recognised as a speciality area of dentistry, our certified dentists, both in Hungary and Europe, are specialised, competent and highly qualified in their respective areas of expertise in modern dentistry

Clinic speciality :

Dental care
Bone grafting
Dental bridge
Dental crown
Dental implants
Dental consultation
Inlays / Onlays prosthesis
Root canal treatment
Root planing
Sinus grafting
Dental cleaning
Tooth whitening
Tooth extraction
Dental filling
Dental veneers
Wisdom teeth extraction

Video testimonials

Whichever Helvetic dental clinic you choose, we assure you of the highest quality dental care, as opposed to the impersonal “factory dentistry” practices of dental tourism.

We guarantee that you will be treated by the best experts, using the latest technology and complying with the strictest rules and procedures, well beyond those established in Switzerland.

We are also very aware that undergoing dental treatment abroad can be a stressful experience. That’s why we guarantee a warm welcome at our clinics, whether you’re coming for a simple procedure such as a hygiene treatment or teeth whitening, or for a more complex treatment such as dental implant surgery.

Services offered

Airport transfer
Family accommodation
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel reservations
Interpreting services
Transfer of medical files
PRM-accessible rooms
Internet consultation
In-room telephone
Private rooms
Food precautions
Translation services
In-room TV

City: Budapest – Country: Hungary – Founded in 2014
Accreditation: SGS ISO9001 – Best Dental Clinic in the World by GCR – Language(s) spoken: French, English, Hungarian

Review of Helvetic Clinics

08:30 12 Mar 24
I cannot recommend this practice enough. They include airport transfers when you book a treatment/procedure and they are so kind and friendly. Nora who is on reception is one of the loveliest people I have met, who is always so helpful. My recent appointment was for a hygienist clean with Orsolya. I have very sensitive gums and she made sure throughout the whole appointment that I was comfortable and to cause me as little pain as possible. As well as giving great advice for aftercare and what would work best for me.I have been coming here from London for years. This is always my first option over London as the work they carry out is far superior than back home. I don't enjoy going to the dentist but Helvetic Clinics and their amazing staff make it a great experience every time.
Suzanne B.
Suzanne B.
05:32 28 Feb 24
I travelled from Canada to Hungary to visit my family in December. My father always told me growing up that Hungary had the best dental clinics. He was so right! At first I was nervous, but the service at Helvetic Clinic was incredible! I was always escorted by an English speaking attendant who explained the best treatments for me, and the dentist spoke perfect English too. Dr. Vilnus was patient, gentle, and did an excellent job filling my cavities. My smile looks great! I was very happy with the service I received here. I highly recommend! 🙂
Yeomans 152
Yeomans 152
17:22 29 Feb 24
Truly delighted to have found the Helvetic Clinic in Budapest. My wife and myself have come here on a couple of occasions and can only sing the highest praises for this wonderful , centrally located clinic and hotel. Prior to coming here I was fairly nervous as I had very poor dental experiences in the U.K.and I knew I would need extensive treatment. I was very quickly put at ease by the very professional doctors and staff who gently outlined what procedures I would need after my first consultation.My treatment of several extractions, root canal work and implants was performed with such competence and overall care for my general comfort that I cannot speak highly enough of this clinic . The hotel was wonderful and the perfect and convenient place to be after treatments .I am so very happy to be a guest/patient at Helvetic Clinic and the best part is that we get to see the city of Budapest which we love!!Thank you again.Philip B.
Zahra Siouda
Zahra Siouda
03:46 29 Nov 23
I recently traveled to Budapest with my mother and brother for my mom's dental treatment at Helvetic Clinic. From the moment we walked in, the warmth and kindness of the entire staff exceeded our expectations. Despite my mother's reduced mobility, every member of the team went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and comfortable. They provided clear and helpful information, and it was reassuring that there was always someone who could communicate in our language. Initially unsure about the multiple trips to Budapest, we are now genuinely excited about it. I highly recommend Helvetic Clinic to anyone, anywhere. Their quality of service is truly exceptional. Moreover, the staff's gentleness and genuine concern for my mother's well-being were touching. The fact that they made an effort to speak our language and ensure we felt at home made a significant difference. The clinic's attention to detail and the overall atmosphere created a positive and comfortable environment. We not only found excellent dental care but also a team that genuinely cares about their patients. Helvetic Clinic turned what could have been a daunting experience into one filled with warmth and assurance. I can't express my gratitude enough, and I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking not just dental expertise but a truly caring and welcoming environment.
Alistair Shaw
Alistair Shaw
19:44 07 Oct 23
Been over three times. Had a tooth removed, implant followed by a crown. I probably needed more work done but there was no hard sell at all. Just gave me what I wanted. Very clean, very friendly, good communication, everything is sorted from the day you arrive. Picked up at the airport with the option of staying at the hotel which is the same building as the dentist. It's pretty hassle free. I had a great experience and Budapest is a great city to spend time in between appointments
Bones Fourty
Bones Fourty
15:54 29 Sep 23
I had my first visit to Budapest to see Helvetic Clinics this week. From the moment I stepped arrived I knew I had made the right choice. The highest standard of care I have ever received, the service they offer is fantastic from start to finish. Thank you Cintia and the whole team. I was nervous about coming but it was the best decision I could have made. I am looking forward to my next visit (never thought that was possible with a dentist)!I had an implant done, they provided me with all the information I needed to make the most informed decision possible. The service and treatment is world class.Benjamin
Janos Baranyai
Janos Baranyai
15:12 24 Jun 24
An excellent world class dental facility where you can feel the quality of service from the moment you walk into the building. Both the professional and the support staff make you relaxed and welcome. The whole process is very smooth and excellent. Attention to every details and dedicated client minders are at hand. The professional dental teams are excellent, all information about the various options, time requirements and costs are provided in details so I was able to make the selection best suited to me. The outcome was outstanding and I will definitely come back with any further dental needs. I can highly recommend Helvetic clinic to anyone who is looking for top quality dental care at competitive costs.
Виктор Козаченко
Виктор Козаченко
05:59 12 Jun 24
Very good place.I am satisfied with the services this clinic provides and would recommend it to anyone.There is a full suite of specialists of different profiles that perform their work to the best of their abilities, and it shows. Every doctor who hosted me (and I had a range of different operations, so I met quite a few) had been diligent, informative, and welcoming.Every question asked was met with an in-depth answer, and I understood the point and complexities of all the issues I, regrettably, have.The doctors, as well as reception hosts, know multiple languages and can converse fluently.Thank you for having me.
12:14 11 Oct 23
I would like to express my appreciation for the exceptional care I am receiving at this outstanding institution, especially the care provided by Doctor Alexandra Kunszt. She possesses remarkable dental skills and took the time to address all my concerns. I feel fortunate to be receiving treatment from her as she was able to save my tooth, which many other institutions had recommended for dental implant. While the cost may be on the higher side, the quality of service you receive at this institution more than compensates for it.Furthermore, I am impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of the entire staff at this clinic. They consistently adhere to scheduled appointments, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. I am delighted to announce that my family and I will now be using the services of this clinic, and Doctor Alexandra Kunszt will be our trusted dental practitioner as long as I am working in Hungary. I wholeheartedly recommend Helvetic Clinic Budapest.
Veronica Pagano
Veronica Pagano
08:03 06 Jun 24
This is my third time visiting Helvetic Clinics in Budapest, and once again, I am thoroughly impressed. The service quality is outstanding, and the care provided is excellent. The staff is highly competent and reassuring, which is especially important when undergoing dental procedures far from home. I am immensely satisfied with the results; I can finally smile confidently. I highly recommend Helvetic Clinics and would not hesitate to return in the future.
Dzmitry Srybny
Dzmitry Srybny
07:24 05 Jun 24
Excellent service and top quality dentist clinic in Budapest. Highly recommend. We came here for the second time and received an exceptional service and top quality implants. Booking and communication process was easy, professional and smooth. Meet and greet at the airport made it easy and quick to get to the hotel. We where provided one night free accommodation at the clinic with 4 star hotel room and excellent breakfast. The treatment was smooth and of a highest quality. Clinic staff is professional and very friendly and helpful. We will certainly come back on a regular basis for a regular check ups at the clinic. Now this is our favourite dentist. Aniko, one if the clinic's staff was looking after us and she is so good, very helpful and always goes out of her way to help! Well done and many thanks to the clinic's staff! And we love Budapest too! Such an amazing place to explore and so much to enjoy!
Laszlo Nagy
Laszlo Nagy
14:13 30 May 24
Superb service, outstanding hospitality 5 star in every aspect! The nurses, the doctors, the receptionists… the whole team is extremely professional, polite and reassuring. Took less than 30 min to insert 3 implants and essentially no pain after. Highly recommended!
Марта Милютенкова
Марта Милютенкова
06:42 24 May 24
Great clinic! I had a complicated molar extraction, and everything went perfectly! The doctor was very kind, explained all the steps we would go through, and performed his job professionally. After the procedure, two additional visits were scheduled to monitor the healing process and remove the stitches.The receptionists are very responsive! Cynthia was very kind and always greeted me with a smile!
Celine Alieva
Celine Alieva
20:13 14 May 24
Recently had extensive dental work done at the clinic, and I’m really happy with my experience. The whole process from the consultation to the actual procedure was incredibly professional and smooth. The attention and care from the staff really helped, especially with my fear of dental work :)) And my doctor, Dr Daria, is absolutely amazing! I strongly recommend this clinic to anyone needing dental care here in Budapest
Lance Newhart
Lance Newhart
08:30 10 May 24
The team at Helvetic Clinics Budapest is very professional, friendly, informative and caring. I just had a tooth extracted. I was very comfortable and felt no pain. I was amazed at how efficient and quick the procedure was. They use the latest dental technology and have very skilled dentists and assistants.
stuart daly
stuart daly
11:24 29 Apr 24
Great clinic and team. Very professional and efficient, yet friendly and relaxed.This is my 3rd visit in relation to a revision root canal that had become complicated in the UK.The complication has now been dealt with and all healing well.I am from the UK but have met several patients with other nationalities on my visits.Very happy to recommend.
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly
07:10 08 Apr 24
I had a consultation with Helvetic, the staff were really friendly and it was really efficient. At this stage I didn’t need any work done but I would certainly come back here when I do. I would consider some cosmetic work on my bottom teeth and a possible implant for a missing tooth. A good experience all round.
John Doyle
John Doyle
12:58 27 Mar 24
My experience with Helvetic clinic was very positive and professional from the initial contact to the consultation and through to the treatment.The reception staff were very welcoming , friendly and informative. The dental technicians were very good and reassuring that they could perform a good outcome for my dental requirements. They put me at ease and filled me with confidence from the very outset. Also a mention for the transport team who collected me and returned me to the airport. All in all it has been a very pleasant and positive experience for me.
Zaldia Daniel
Zaldia Daniel
13:03 01 Apr 24
I have done a large amount of research before coming to Helvetic Clinics Budapest however being here doesn’t compare at all with what you’ll expect.I am on a journey to restore my whole mouth so I am in need of several implants , feelings , scans , root canals , a lot of work basically , half of the work is already done and I can confirm that all the 5 stars reviews are true because everybody that works at this clinic will always take the time to make you feel comfortable even tho you are at “THE DENTIST”It’s the small details that they are taking care of that makes this clinic special.Dental phobia it’s a major player for a lot of people , yet here I have always spoke to my lead doctor A. Kunszt , which is an absolute hero for me , like a friend not like a dentist.Somehow she and all the people that worked to make me smile again managed to make me feel good about coming to “THE DENTIST” not terrified.You always get these cool sunglasses when they work and one day I forgot my own glasses there , Erwin phoned me in like 2 minutes after I got out of the clinic to return them.A very important mention it’s that they are always correct when it comes to money , even tho a procedure might lead to another you are paying for what has been done not for what was supposed to be done , their well thought sistem showing you everything you need to know.Everyone is very polite and respectful in addition they make the effort to speak multiple languages so you’d feel welcome even tho you don’t speak Hungarian or English.Things like these makes someone wanna come back or start a dental plan with them.Also Budapest has a lot to offer , great food , the city itself it’s very nice , plenty of activities , amazing nightlife , which for me at least made the experience even better.Overall I just want to say that if you decide to come here , this might be the best decision regarding your dental and travel plans.
Frank Murray
Frank Murray
18:44 13 Oct 23
I am delighted and very happy for choosing Helvetic Clinic for my three dental treatments. The experienced staff are extremely professional, competent and efficient from the dentists to the drivers -- all very welcoming.Customer service is second to none. On arrival at Budapest you are collected by a dedicated Helvetic Clinic driver. At the clinic your mouth is scanned followed by a detailed treatment, discussed with you in clear detail with costings and options. Thankfully there is no hard sell. There is no language barrier. On a personal level the actual treatment is of the highest standard with great communication and very good pain management.As the clinic is in central Budapest, all sightseeing can be done on foot or by public transport that is widely available and very good. Budapest is fabulous city to visit, great palaces, museums, art galleries and a fascinating history. Lots of Hungarians speak English and are only too willing to help.
Travel Guru
Travel Guru
17:32 06 Oct 23
I Flew in from Scotland, UK and I was picked up by the HELVETIC clinics driver. He took me to the hotel for one free nights stay. The room was lovely, clean and comfortable. My consultation was at 8am the next morning. Breakfast was served from 7am and it was delicious! Thank you!My consultation was with a lovely gentleman and I do not remember his name! Dark hair & Glasses.I received a panoramic Xray first. The Dr was very knowledgeable and gentle with my gums which my dentist in the UK is not!I appreciated that as it makes me feel uncomfortable. I was given time to explain what work I would like on my mouth.I was then given several quote options of various prices. I was sat down with Ervin who was so lovely and there was no pressure at all! No sales pitch, nothing! Being a sales person myself (in the recent past) I was waiting for it! But nothing! I already felt at ease! So I decided to go ahead and get some treatment done the following day.I had periodontal cleaning and deep clean treatment on a singular tooth. I couldn't receive the other treatments on this visit as they require more time. So I have decided to return early next year.The lady who performed my deep clean was amazing, she worked alone and regularly asked if I was okay. The clean was so thorough and really what I needed!! I have been asking my dentist for years to clean the tooth stains etc, the UK DENTISTS are a rip off! Truth!!The lovely gentleman who performed my singular tooth clean was so gentle, Dr Nemeth Balint. He was also very thorough in his explanation and was showing true concern for the treatment.This really displayed the empathy and concern the Doctors have for their patients here. I didn't feel like it was about money. It was about dentistry and the welfare of its clientele, I thought this was so refreshing in today's world.The ladies at the front desk are always smiling, happy to be at work. All in all, so much more than what I anticipated!I came to Budapest to try this, never have done it before and put my trust in it. I was pleasantly surprised!Please, if you are thinking about it, just do it!I had so many doubts and questions and after it, I thought, what was I thinking!? Can't wait to continue with my treatments! Best dentist I have ever experienced!Thank you so much to you all. ☺Heidi. (Scotland, UK)
Esam Al-esaei
Esam Al-esaei
01:01 14 Feb 24
Worst decision I ever made was to have an implant placed at this clinic. While the cost was relatively lower than in the UK, this clinic seems unethical and its work substandard. Most of their reviews are likely fake, as evidenced by the one-sided nature of the reviewer profiles. Their accounts only seem to have reviewed this clinic.Regarding my experience, they took a CT scan for me and it was clear that I needed bone grafting followed by implant placement. However, likely due to the higher cost of implants, they instead placed an implant in a poor position, the palatal aspect of thin bone. The attached pictures clearly show the implant's misplaced location.Back in the UK, the temporary tooth placed on the implant looked unusual and my bite was off due to the implant's position relative to my lower teeth. The attached pictures illustrate this. Six dentists in the UK have advised removal for a good outcome, followed by bone grafting and a correctly positioned implant which this clinic should've done in the first place, had they had any ethics.I am now discussing legal action with a Budapest solicitor due to this clinic's unethical practices. Please be cautious and avoid this dental practice to prevent a similar scam.
Sonia Barzegar
Sonia Barzegar
09:54 04 Jun 24
BIG Scam!!!This place is a big scam, please stay away if you care about your teeth! So, all started with me finding them online and trusting their good reviews. I contacted them via email as I had inflammation in one of my teeth. The communication via email was very clear and they have suggested that I should visit their clinic ASAP and they will assure me the best treatment once I am there. Immediately I travelled from London to Budapest and once I arrived there I visited a doctor. My visit took maximum 2 minutes and doctor said I need to extract the tooth but he needs to confirm that with an oral surgeon. They told us to wait, we waited for 2 hours, then a random lady (neither a doctor nor even a nurse) came to me with a dental plan for over 9000 euros and saying I have to extract 5 teeth and do a few other fillings / crowns. Honestly guys are you kidding me!!! I was so pissed to see that even after waiting for 2 hours, the doctor does not even bother to discuss the treatment plan with patients and they send a random person who does have a good knowledge of dentistry and not even able to speak average English!Obviously, I did not let them tool me, be careful as they are trained professionally to convince you to spend so much money there. And everything is super expensive, like a CT scan is 80 euros but I had it done in another clinic for 50. At the end, I visited another clinic in Budapest and I had extracted only my problematic tooth and none of those treatments were necessary.
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