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Are you considering a dental implant in Turkey, in Istanbul? Request a quote and get the best price for successful dental implants in Turkey. provides information about dental implant surgery in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified Turkish surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does a dental implant cost in Turkey?

In Istanbul, a dental implant costs an average of €400. This price includes the screw and the abutment. The dental crown costs €140. We offer an All-Inclusive package: implants, screw, abutment, crown, taxi and hotel in Istanbul.

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and takes around 1 hour per tooth. The operation requires 2 trips to Istanbul because of the healing process. One trip for the screw, and one trip 3 months later for the crown.

Cost of dental implants in Turkey

NucleOss® dental implant279 €
Medigma® dental implant339 €
Medentika® dental implant379 €
Nobel-Biocare® dental implant500 €
Astra® dental implant570 €
Straumann® dental implant679 €

Dental implants will give you beautiful teeth and a charming smile, but above all they will restore the primary function of teeth: chewing. Dental tourism on the Bosphorus could be the answer to achieving a perfect smile.

What are you waiting for to opt for a dental implant in Turkey? Follow the guide.

Schéma d'implant dentaire avec la couronne, le pilier et la vis.
Diagram of a dental implant with the crown, abutment and screw.

What is a dental implant in Turkey?

A dental implant is an artificial root placed in the jawbone. In the form of a screw, it replaces the root of a missing or damaged tooth in order to receive artificial teeth. These are called implant-supported dental prostheses.

Working like a shock absorber between the tooth and the jawbone, the dental implant is a 10 to 15 mm rod that serves as the attachment point for the false tooth.

Before and after photos of our patients

Why have dental implants?

Here are the benefits:

  • Efficient and comfortable chewing
  • Improved speech
  • Good oral health
  • A beautiful smile
  • Greater self-confidence and an end to hang-ups

When should it be done?

To have a dental implant fitted, the patient must have lost both the tooth and the root. It can be considered on fully developed jaws. If the gums are in poor condition, a bone graft or sinus lift may be required.

It is advisable to wait until the jawbone is fully developed before resorting to a dental treatment plan in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya. It is therefore advisable towait until you are 18 before having your teeth restored in Turkey.

People with HIV are also eligible for dental implants.

Schéma d'un implant dentaire
Diagram of a dental implant

On the other hand, the following medical conditions are not compatible with dental implants abroad: autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure.

What type of implant should I choose in Turkey?


Titanium is recommended to our patients in 70% of cases because of its advantageous characteristics: excellent thermal, mechanical and corrosion resistance. It is also biocompatible with the body.

Zirconia is more commonly used for dental veneers. Zirconia is harder than titanium and its resistance is also very effective.

The brands

Here are the brands we recommend:

  • NucleOss® dental implant: a brand of low-cost dental implants that is very popular in Istanbul. Its affordable price does not mean it is of poor quality. On the contrary, it is one of the most highly recommended implants by the FDA medical body.
  • Medentika® dental implant: a German brand renowned for the manufacture of dental prostheses. It is highly regarded for its quality and precision of manufacture, making dental implantology faster and safer.
  • Straumann® dental implants: an innovative, top-of-the-range brand. It is also the largest supplier of implants in the world, including Turkey. It’s the Rolls Royce of implants.
logo Straumann

How does the procedure work in Istanbul?

Making contact

The first consultation takes place online. This is the first contact between the dental surgeon, the medical coordinator and the patient. She will concentrate on gathering the necessary information: pathological history, photographs of the jaw, etc. to determine the possibility of having a dental implant.

The in-office consultation

The second consultation will take place in Turkey. Several X-rays will be taken using a 3D imaging technique. The gum and bone tissues will be analysed and a dental impression will be taken.

Fitting the dental implant

This operation involves inserting the implant into the gum to act as a root. The surgeon will make an incision in the gum to remove a gum flap. He will then drill deeply to insert the implant.

The surgeon finishes by suturing the gum and inserting a healing screw. A temporary dental crown may also be fitted.

Pose d'un implant dentaire dans une gencive
Placing a dental implant in the gum

The healing phase

The gum is left to rest while the implant fuses with the bone. This phase can last 2 to 3 months. During this period, it is essential to maintain impeccable oral hygiene. You must also take the medication recommended by your surgeon.

Fitting the tooth

This final stage involves fitting the dental prosthesis onto the implant. The surgeon will use an abutment to screw onto the implant. This will serve as the base for the false tooth. The prosthesis is cut to fit the shape, size and colour of the neighbouring teeth.

Find out more about dental surgery in Turkey.

How long does it take to fit a dental implant in Istanbul?

A session can last between 1 and 3 hours. The length of time it takes to fit a dental implant depends largely on the number of implants to be fitted. The dentist’s expertise and professionalism also determine the time required.

Cabinet dentaire à Istanbul
Dental surgery in Istanbul

Does a dental implant hurt?

A dental implant in Istanbul is painless. It is carried out under local anaesthetic. However, after surgery and during the healing period, you may feel some discomfort in your jaw and gums.

Taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication will help you to cope better with the healing phase. On the other hand, adverse reactions such as swelling, oedema or minor bleeding may occur.

An ice pack applied to the swollen area for 20 minutes is enough to reduce the swelling.

How many dental implants can be placed at one time?

Between 4 and 8 dental implants can be placed in a single operation. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic.

The techniques for placing several implants in a single operation are described below:

The All-on-4 technique

This involves inserting 4 dental implants at once on the day of the operation. The 4 implants are screwed together on a metal bar. Temporary prostheses will also be fitted on the same day, and replaced later after healing by permanent prostheses.

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Schéma d'implant dentaire all-on-4
Diagram of an all-on-4 dental implant

The All-on-6 technique

This technique involves inserting 6 implants at once to strengthen the support of the new dental prostheses. We recommend it for treating people who have been edentulous for a long time.

Schéma d'implant dentaire all-on-6
Diagram of an all-on-6 dental implant

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How long is the stay in Istanbul for a dental implant?

The dental implant procedure in Turkey requires two visits to Istanbul:

  • The first medical stay in Istanbul lasts 5 days and will allow the implant to be placed in the gum tissue;
  • The second medical visit to Istanbul will take place after healing, within 3 months, and will last 8 days to fit the dental prosthesis. It should be noted that the prosthesis can be fitted even after 6 months. The longer you wait, the more certain you are of good healing.
Magnifique panoramique d'Istanbul avec une vue sur le Bosphore
Magnificent panoramic view of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus

Precautions to take

To ensure the success of your dental implant and optimum recovery, here are the precautions to take:

  • Stop smoking;
  • Stop all medical treatment a few weeks before the operation. Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory products a few days before the operation;
  • Do not engage in strenuous activity before the operation;
  • Maintain good oral hygiene on a daily basis;
  • Do not eat hot food in the weeks following the operation;
  • Eat liquid foods that are not too spicy. Limit sugary drinks, preferring plain water;
  • Avoid sleeping on your cheeks. Avoid sleeping on your cheeks, preferring to sleep on your back;

How long can I go without smoking after a dental implant?

After dental implants have been fitted, we recommend that you stop smoking. This is because smokers are more at risk of developing an infection following bone implantation. However, we are aware that giving up smoking overnight is not easy.

We can only recommend that you limit your consumption as much as possible so that you can kick the habit step by step, and that you only resume smoking 3 to 4 months after an implant.

Coordinatrice avec une patiente
Coordinator with a patient

To make your trip more convenient, we offer special services for people with disabilities.

Preparing your medical trip to Turkey

Have you decided to take the plunge and fly to Istanbul to have a beautiful set of teeth fashioned? Our coordinator can plan your trip.

step 1: Choose the best dental clinic in Turkey

The expertise of a good surgeon makes the reputation of a practice or clinic. So, when choosing your dental implant clinic in Turkey, rely on the reputation of the dentist: his or her expertise, patient testimonials, and before-and-after photos.

step 2: Preparing for your stay

Most dental clinics in Istanbul offer all-inclusive packages: plane tickets, transfers, accommodation and dental surgery in Turkey. This type of package is very practical, as all the costs associated with your trip will be taken care of and organised by the coordinator.

Video on dental implants in Turkey

The best cities in Turkey for cheap dental work


The Turkish capital, Istanbul, is the perfect place to get your smile back. The flight from Paris to Istanbul costs 140 euros. As for accommodation, the average cost of a luxury hotel stay in Istanbul is €60 per night.

Finally, getting around the charming Turkish capital is also very simple. A taxi journey of 1km costs just 0.45 euros.

Izmir or Antalya

A port city on the Aegean Sea, Izmir is one of Turkey’s most attractive cities. Izmir’s luxury hotels will open their doors to you for 50 euros a night.

Getting from your hotel to your clinic will also be far from a hassle in this sublime Turkish port city. Taxis in Izmir or Antalya cost an average of €0.53 for 1 km.

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Risks, complications and side-effects

There are some rare risks associated with dental implants:

  • Gum and bone damage ;
  • Damage to blood vessels;
  • Nerve damage ;
  • Sinus problems;
  • Fracture of the implant;
  • Dental infection.

That’s why you should trust us to help you choose the right surgeon in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya, and opt for a reputable and experienced practitioner to avoid any inconvenience.

It should be noted that, in Islam, having a dental implant fitted is not considered haram. It is halal and acceptable if it is used to eliminate a defect.

coordinatrice à Istanbul
Preparation of the medical estimate by the coordinator

How much does a dental implant cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a dental implant in Turkey is €350. The best brand of implant is Straumann®, which costs €550. This price includes the implant, the abutment and the porcelain or zirconia crown, as well as post-operative follow-up.

This price may vary if bone grafting or sinus filling is required. If you choose Turkey, you are guaranteed to pay up to 70% less than in Europe, and you can be sure of the quality of the care you will receive.

If you’re having trouble making a choice, we can help you make the most of your experience and ensure that your dental implant placement in Turkey is a success.

Enjoy a FREE evaluation!

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100% free consultation. We analyse your situation, your needs and your expectations. And we estimate the budget required for : Flight + Hotel + Taxi + Treatment.

At all times, you retain complete control over the process. Total peace of mind.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How long does a dental implant last in Turkey?

Manufacturers generally guarantee that their implants will last between 10 and 15 years. However, in reality, the longevity of dental implants, in Turkey as elsewhere, is much greater. The prosthesis may even last the patient’s entire life.

Placing a dental implant is completely painless, as the patient benefits from a local anaesthetic. The modern techniques used in Turkey ensure that the area in which the dental surgeon is working is perfectly asleep.

The success rate for dental implants in Turkey is optimal. It varies between 90 and 98%, which is in line with the European average. This rate applies not only to the placement itself and the weeks that follow, but also to the long-term durability of the implant once it has healed.

The dental implant is fixed directly into the jawbone. It is therefore independent. A bridge, on the other hand, rests on the teeth adjacent to those to be replaced. This involves devitalising them in order to trim them, which is a shame when they are healthy.

The most common brands used in Turkey are internationally renowned. They are Straumann (Swiss), Medentika (German), Nobel Biocare (Swedish), BioHorizons (American), MIS Implants (Israeli) and Neodent (Brazilian).

Fitting an implant requires two visits to Turkey. The first lasts 3 days to place the implant, which takes between 1 and 3 hours. The second lasts 2 days to fit the crown, which takes less than 1 hour. 3 to 6 months elapse between the two visits.

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