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Memorial Atasehir Hospital specialises in dental care, cosmetic surgery, MAP / IVF and hair implants. Founded in 2008, this JCI Accredited clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Memorial Atasehir Hospital is part of the Memorial Healthcare Group, which offers high-quality healthcare services in line with international standards. The multidisciplinary facility’s departments include plastic and cosmetic surgery, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, paediatrics, rehabilitation, and obstetrics and gynaecology.

The hospital focuses on knowledge and experience in effective and efficient patient care. The hospital has over 140 beds, outpatient clinics and MRI and CT units equipped with modern technology to put patients at ease during radiological examinations.

Clinic speciality :

Dental care
Dental implants
Dental crown
Dental veneers
Cosmetic dentistry consultation
Dental bridge
Dental check-up
Dental consultation

Cosmetic surgery
Breast augmentation
Hollywood smile
Breast lift
Cervico-facial lift
Body lift
Lipofilling of the face
Vaser Lipo
Laser Liposuction
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric band
Gastric Botox
Gastric bypass
Secondary rhinoplasty
Breast implants
Breast reconstruction
Buttock lift
Buttock implants
Fat reduction
Neck lift
Plastic surgery consultation
Thigh lift
Wrinkle treatment
Lowering of the hairline
Leg lengthening

Artificial insemination
Egg freezing
IVF – In vitro fertilisation
IVF consultation

Hair implant
Hair transplant
DHI hair transplant
FUE hair transplant
FUE Gold hair transplant
FUT Hair Transplant
BHT hair transplant

Memorial Atasehir Hospital offers you :

Airport transfer
Family accommodation
Flight booking
Free Wifi
Hotel reservations
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
In-room telephone
Private rooms
Religious facilities
Food precautions
Translation services
In-room TV

City: Istanbul – Country: Turkey – Founded: 2008
Accreditation: JCI Accredited – Languages spoken: English, German, Turkish

Review of Memorial Atasehir Hospital

Kadir Çetintürk
Kadir Çetintürk
07:05 01 Jun 24
Thanks to Prof.Dr. Engin Acıoğlu for the successful deviation surgery. Everything went well and all the process took only 3 days.
shrooq saud
shrooq saud
09:52 04 Jan 24
Dr.Fatma Başak, you were the reason I chose to give birth in Turkey!As a foreigner I had many concerns, but you made me feel so comfortable from the first appointment with you 💜My pregnancy and birth experience was amazing and better than I expected.I am grateful to you, the medical staff and all the lovely nurses for making my experience so special 💜💜Thank you 🙏🏻
BJ Cin R.
BJ Cin R.
06:04 20 Dec 23
I’ve a satisfying experience with this hospital. I want to thank Dr Ömer Uslukaya and Dr Başak Kalbek for their excellent service, their genuine care for their patient and always respond quickly to any questions I asked. I also want to thank my translator, Miss Deniz D. She did her job with excellent, clear communication skill and always quick to respond on all my questions through WhatsApp. She takes her job seriously and her friendliness makes people valued and appreciated.
11:52 22 Sep 23
It was an amazing experience at all. The surgery was successful and the doctor and nurses were amazing and too helpful.
bibi mansoora
bibi mansoora
09:55 04 Aug 23
Dr Hakan Sofu is an excellent doctor with excellent bedside manners and communication skills. He explained mri results and treatment process in detail. Memorial hospital provides exceptional services Demet Demet
07:17 18 Aug 23
My experience was great , stayed for four days ,I have been looked after very well . Loved my doctor Dr Ercan Karacaoglu , he is an incredible person and great doctor , you can trust him your eyes shut.
Ayhan Abalı
Ayhan Abalı
18:05 24 Sep 23
Doctors and nurses were perfect. I could reach them anytime. Nurses were very friendly and helpful. They were cheerful. Doctors and nurses had the expertise of their jobs. I am really greatfull for the treatment I had and advice the hospital for any potential patients.
07:46 07 Nov 23
It’s a bunch of frauds. I called them to know if my insurance covers my visit, they asked for the company of insurer, asked for my docs and replied “yes, we have agreement with them, come”. I came, and they said I have to talk to doctor first and then, after he prescribes the analysis I need (that is why I came), they will first ask the insurer to respond. It appeared that 10 min consultation would cost me 1.880 TL ($66)and no, they figured out my insurance doesn’t cover it so I just have to pay, after I agreed to talk to the doctor without knowing how much it will cost. WHAT THE SYSTEM IS THIS? It’s more than I paid in EU for analysis they really made, not just for talking. I regret my every minute and penny left there as I was just fooled, maybe, my bad I didn’t refuse to talk until I know the price.
08:51 16 Aug 23
I didn't like their services as a foreigner they are looting them I had insurance and continuously asked them to tell me the whole amount of only three tests they said after tests, and they charged me 1220 TL it's too much to pay. The consultation fee was 5000TL while nobody was checking up on you. It was a very terrible and disgusting experience. I will never recommend anybody
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