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Spotlight on the Hollywood smile in Turkey! What’s the average price in Istanbul? Our tips for a successful Hollywood smile in Turkey.

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Price of a Hollywood Smile in Turkey

The average cost of a Hollywood Smile in Turkey is €3,800. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and lasts one week. The length of stay in Istanbul is 7 days. The price includes the anaesthetic, the operation and the medication. The final result is visible immediately.

Zirconia dental veneer180 €
Ceramic dental veneer200 €
Emax dental veneer250 €
Lumineers dental veneer350 €

How can you show off your best smile with asymmetrical teeth? Yellowed or damaged teeth are no longer a problem. Even if they are not correctly aligned or have irregular shapes, the Hollywood Smile in Turkey is the solution.

Here’s a quick look at the techniques used by dental surgeons in Turkey.

Before and after photos

avant apres facette dentaire turquie
avant apres facette dentaire turquie
Détartrage facettes
avant apres facette dentaire turquie
Détartrage facettes dentaires Emax en Turquie
avant apres facette dentaire turquie
Facette Lumineers
avant apres facette dentaire turquie
Facettes en Turquie
avant apres facette dentaire turquie
Facette couleur B1
avant apres facette dentaire turquie
Gingivectomie facette
photo avant apres facette dentaire turquie
Photo avant après
résultat avant apres facette dentaire turquie
Facette à Istanbul

What is the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is the name given to scientific techniques designed to improve theaesthetics of the teeth. It refers to the smile of Hollywood actors, with immaculate white teeth aligned to perfection.

Specialists offer a solution for every problem involving the shape or colour of teeth. The aim is to reduce any complexes so that you can show off your uninhibited smile.

Patiente se faisant opérer
Patient undergoing surgery

There are some preconceived ideas about the Hollywood Smile. The term often implies a complete reshaping of the teeth to improve the smile. This is not an obligation. Isolated services or services on just a few teeth are possible.

On the other hand, some people mistakenly think that cosmetic surgery is only for women. Men can also restore their smile using this method.

When should you choose a Hollywood Smile?

The men and women who opt for the Hollywood Smile often include smokers and people suffering from cavities or necrotic teeth. Overlapped teeth, missing teeth, disproportionate or spaced teeth, gummy smile, yellowed or browned colour, etc…

Choix de la teinte des dents
Choice of tooth shade

The Hollywood Smile makes it possible to correct all these defects to improve theaesthetics of the teeth and obtain a natural appearance. Gingivectomy can thus be added to dental surgery procedures.

What techniques are used for a Hollywood Smile?

The Hollywood Smile uses a number of different techniques. As well as changing the appearance of the teeth, the aim is to make them healthier so that the result lasts. Sometimes, a complete reconstruction is necessary.

Tooth whitening for an uninhibited smile

A perfect smile starts with teeth whitening. This technique involves removing stains from the enamel. Tooth whitening requires the use of hydrogen peroxide in gel form.

Blanchiment des dents
Teeth whitening

A removable, custom-made mouthpiece enables the solution to work effectively on the teeth. Depending on the degree of enamel degradation, you should allow between 20 minutes and an hour and a half.

Veneers for like-new teeth

Veneers also provide a new coating for teeth that are yellowed, discoloured or broken. They are also used to correct enamel decay and to correct diastemas.

To do this, the dental surgeon applies a light layer of white film to the front of the tooth. The 2 best brands of dental veneers in Turkey are Emax and Lumineers.

Dental crowns for a renewed smile

While veneers have a purely aesthetic purpose, crowns provide better protection for the teeth. The principle remains the same, except that crowns cover the entire tooth. The choice between these two techniques depends on the degree of enamel damage. As far as cosmetic dentistry is concerned, the result from the outside is the same: a radiant, harmonious smile.

Illustration d'une dentition avant et après un hollywood smile
Illustration of teeth before and after a Hollywood Smile

Implants to replace missing teeth

Hollywood Smile in Turkey takes care of all dental problems. A missing tooth can cause digestive problems or speech impediments.

The operation is performed under local anaesthetic. The surgeon then inserts the implant into the bone inside the gum using a special screw. If the bone volume is insufficient, a graft may be necessary before the dental implant is inserted. After the operation, the implant appears like a real tooth.

How does Hollywood Smile work?

The Hollywood Smile in Turkey follows specific procedures. This is necessary to guarantee the success of the operation and the longevity of the restored teeth.

The consultation phase

The first step is to analyse the patient’s oral health on the basis of an X-ray. This helps the professional to get a better idea of the configuration of the jaw and the condition of the patient’s teeth. An X-ray shows the crowns, roots and gums.

Un sourire parfait
A perfect smile

The type of dental veneers to be applied is decided at this point. The expert and patient agree on the colour of the crowns, the material and the shape.

The preparation phase

This phase is crucial for treating cavities. Professional brushing and scaling are necessary, depending on the situation. Gingivitis and other infections can be treated before the operation.

Dental veneers in Turkey are made to measure. They are designed from a mould of the teeth, which is why they need to be designed in advance.

A mould placed directly in the mouth gives the exact size of the teeth and jaw. The veneers, crowns or prostheses are then reproduced in the laboratory to the same dimensions.

Platre d'une dentition d'un patient
Plaster cast of a patient’s teeth

New teeth can be made from a variety of materials. Ceramic and zirconium are strong. Porcelain veneers, with their whiteness and brilliance, are similar to authentic teeth.

Emax, made from lithium, is more transparent than zirconia and is also very strong. However, it is not recommended for brown teeth.

It may take a few days for the products to be created in the laboratory from the mould of the teeth. The specialist can then proceed with the fixing.

The day of fitting

A Hollywood Smile operation takes about half an hour to two hours, depending on the techniques and precautions required. It is customary to carry out operations under local anaesthetic to prevent pain. The surgeon begins by lightly filing the teeth.

The condition of the enamel is not the only criterion affecting the duration of the operation. While the fitting of veneers is relatively simple for a specialist, the fitting of a prosthesis requires more time. In addition, some operations require the removal of a nerve or the reinforcement of the bone structure.

Dentiste en plein traitement dentaire
Dentist in the middle of dental treatment

The recovery period

The high success rate of the Hollywood Smile testifies to the safety of the operation in Turkey. No convalescence period is necessary after an operation. You can return to your daily routine the very next day, although you must remain cautious. However, you should wait a week before returning to work or playing sport.

Dentists also recommend avoiding coloured foods for the first few days after veneers have been fitted. This includes coffee, black tea, beetroot, curry and red wine. These pigments run the risk of leaving unsightly stains on dental veneers.

Risks, complications and side effects

There are some rare risks associated with a Hollywood Smile:

  • Tooth sensitivity ;
  • General discomfort ;
  • Bad breath;
  • Inflamed gums ;
  • Risk of damage to the dental pulp;
  • Incorrect positioning of veneers.

That’s why you should trust us to help you choose the right surgeon in Istanbul, and opt for a reputable and experienced practitioner.

In Islam, the Hollywood Smile is considered halal and acceptable as long as it aims to correct a defect. It is therefore not haram.

Un magnifique sourire hollywoodien
A magnificent Hollywood smile

To make it easier for people with reduced mobility (PRMs) to come to the Hollywood Smile, we have designed a facility that is accessible to wheelchair users. Like the able-bodied, you will be picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel and clinic.

What determines the price of a Hollywood Smile?

The price is generally determined by :

  • The type of service required;
  • The estimated duration of the operation;
  • The materials to be used;
  • The steps involved in the procedure;
  • The choice of clinic;
  • Quality control;
  • Etc.

How long does a Hollywood Smile last?

The longevity of Hollywood Smile solutions depends essentially on the patient’s lifestyle after the operation. This means good dental hygiene and daily maintenance, as if they were real teeth.

A prosthesis has a lifespan of 30 years. This includes brushing after meals without abrasives, flossing and regular visits to the dentist.

A ceramic veneer has a lifespan of 15 years. With proper dental care, neither the colour nor the shape of the teeth will change. A composite veneer, on the other hand, deteriorates after five years.

Choix de la teinte d'un hollywood smile
Choosing the shade of a Hollywood Smile

Why have a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Turkey is a benchmark for dental surgery. This type of operation is more affordable here than elsewhere. So you don’t need to invest all your savings to have a flawless smile if you choose Turkey. People with HIV are eligible for this surgery.

Most clinics in Turkey guarantee optimal results. Turkey is also renowned in the field of dentistry. It has the best technology and a wealth of dental specialists.

Turkish dentists are reputed to be true experts. What’s more, the quality of hospitals and other medical facilities is of paramount importance to the Turkish government.

Florilège de sourire
An array of smiles

Medical tourism is booming in Turkey. What’s more, the country’s culture, history and gastronomy are particularly appealing to visitors. The local infrastructure is designed to welcome tourists. A stay in Turkey promises a wonderful holiday.

How long is the stay in Istanbul for a Hollywood Smile?

To have a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, you need to be present for the entire procedure. This includes the first appointment right through to the post-operative phase.

A stay of around a week is sufficient for prosthetic treatment or veneers. For implants, you need to allow a few extra days or come back after a few months.

Vue panoramique de Istanbul
Panoramic view of Istanbul

A medical tourism agency offers assistance in organising the trip and the Hollywood Smile procedures. The meeting with the attending physician takes place on the day of your arrival or the following day, depending on the organisation.

What do I need to know before embarking on a Hollywood Smile?

There is no minimum or maximum age for a Hollywood Smile. However, it is recommended for people aged 21 and over. This type of procedure is also not recommended during pregnancy.

The application of veneers needs to be carefully considered, as it involves slightly modifying the shape of the teeth concerned on the front and sides.

The post-operative phase is sometimes accompanied by undesirable effects such as headaches, pain or bleeding. However, these consequences can be avoided by going to an approved medical clinic. An experienced surgeon will limit or prevent any adverse effects on patients.

La coordinatrice médicale
The medical coordinator

If you’re having trouble making a choice, we can help you make a success of your operation, and at a reduced rate.

Enjoy a FREE evaluation!

On request and
with no obligation on your part.

100% free consultation. We analyse your situation, your needs and your expectations. And we estimate the budget required for : Flight + Hotel + Taxi + Treatment.

At all times, you retain complete control over the process. Total peace of mind.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How long does a Hollywood Smile last in Turkey?

If you enlist the services of a competent surgeon who does a good job, Hollywood smile veneers can last for more than 10 years. However, this requires the teeth to be properly treated.

The Hollywood smile operation is performed under local anaesthetic. It is therefore painless. It is possible, however, to experience slight temporary pain after the operation, although this is rare.

The Hollywood Smile is a well-established operation, particularly in Turkey. The success rate in Turkey is estimated at 100%. In other words, it is virtually impossible for an operation of this type to fail.

Dental veneers and crowns are not the same thing. A dental veneer, as the name suggests, covers only the front of the tooth. The dental crown, on the other hand, covers the entire tooth.

There is no age limit for undergoing Hollywood smile surgery in Turkey. In other words, you can do it as soon as you reach the age of majority. However, doctors generally advise waiting until after the age of 21.

The estimated time between the first appointment with your doctor, which is simply an initial contact to clarify how the operation will be carried out, and its completion is 7 days. You will therefore need to spend a week in Turkey.

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