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Hisar Intercontinental Hospital specialises in dental care, cosmetic surgery and MAP / IVF. Founded in 2007, this JCI Accredited clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital is one of Turkey’s leading hospitals offering the most comprehensive range of treatments. The hospital offers its patients the highest quality of diagnosis and treatment in a safe, comfortable and patient-centred environment.

Providing all types of medical care needed at every stage of a person’s life through a multidisciplinary treatment approach, the hospital is staffed by specialists and health professionals who have been trained in many medical centres around the world.

They also possess the highest quality medical equipment and objective data, enabling them to provide their patients with reliable diagnostic and treatment techniques.

The hospital has 170 patient beds and seven operating theatres for all types of specialist operations, including cardiovascular surgery.

Thanks to its modern infrastructure, regularly upgraded medical technology and commitment to comfort and quality without compromising ethical principles, the hospital has earned the trust and friendship of its patients over the years. Hisar Intercontinental Hospital offers an environment of excellence, comfort, tranquillity and spiritual calm.

It also combines the latest skills, science and technology with the ancient concepts of holistic wellness, healing, hospitality and comfort. Their patients are treated as honoured guests and the hospital strives to make its patients feel at home so they can recover quickly and comfortably.

Clinic speciality :

Dental care
Dental check-up
Dental consultation
Dental veneers
Dental crown
Dental implant

Cosmetic surgery
Scar treatment
Lip augmentation
Fat transfer
Eyebrow lift
Breast implants
Clitoral bonnet reduction
Neck lift
Thigh lift
Cervico-facial lift
Breast lift
Buttock lift
Lipofilling of the face
Laser liposuction
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric band
Gastric Botox
Gastric bypass
Secondary rhinoplasty
Breast reduction
Plastic surgery consultation
Post-delivery surgery
Penis enlargement
Jaw reconstruction

IVF – In vitro fertilisation

Hair transplants
DHI, FUE, FUT transplants


Airport transfer
Family accommodation
Flight booking
Free Wifi
Hotel reservations
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Travel medical insurance
PRM-accessible rooms
Internet consultation
Private rooms
Food precautions
Translation services
TV in room

City: Istanbul – Country: Turkey – Founded in 2007
Accreditation: JCI Accredited – Languages spoken: Arabic, French, English, Russian

Reviews of Hisar Intercontinental Hastanesi

Memunatu Jalloh
Memunatu Jalloh
15:30 18 Feb 24
All praises and thanks be to Allah for making this journey a success. I have been trying to conceive several years. It was a journey that can't be described but it has been such an incredible experience ✨️. Iam extremely thankful to Dr meryam, nurse Feliz, nurse Sena , my translator Israa and the entire Hisar intercontinental IVF team 💖 May Allah continue to bless your carriers. Thank you for helping us achieving our goal of starting our own family smile ❤️ 💙 💜 💖 💗 💘 😊 🫂 🤗 😊
Erza Nila
Erza Nila
23:40 26 Feb 24
My father underwent ear surgery due to a perforated eardrum, and after extensive research, we selected Turkey for the procedure. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yildirim played a pivotal role in our decision, supported by commendable reviews for both him and the hospital. We are exceptionally pleased with our choice; Dr. Yavuz's professionalism and kindness make him highly recommended for those seeking an excellent ENT doctor. Additionally, the hospital staff displayed exceptional care and respect from initial communication to our departure, with the nurses demonstrating high levels of professionalism. The patient room and overall hospital environment were meticulously maintained. I trust this information aids in your decision-making process for you and/or your loved ones.
Mikhail Sidorov
Mikhail Sidorov
17:20 07 Dec 23
Выше всяких похвал.We had a family emergency. My grandfather had a health complication that required urgent ICU unit hospitalization. We had travelers insurance (Альфа-Страхование) Aplha-Insuranse from Russia. Their representatives in Istanbul arranged Ambulance that delivered my grandfather to HISAR.In HISAR there was a person(assistant) assigned to our situation. His name Sadik. He helped us during entire process while being patient with our stressed behavior. He was our liaison between our family and hospital’s personnel. He did his job very good!Dr.Hasan was also very helpful, because we gave him hard time with all questions and requests.Also, I can not say enough about nurses there. They are extremely knowledgeable, sensitive and proactive with our grandfather. He can not speak at all due to his healt condition. But nurses understood his self-made sign language better than we (his family) did.
Mrs Milner
Mrs Milner
11:07 10 Aug 23
I have just returned from Hisar Intercontinental Hospital following treatment from Dr Burcin Batman for a Sleeve Gastrectomy. I cannot fault the Drs and nurses, the care and treatment received.The hospital is spotlessly clean, calm and professional, the pre op tests ( Dietician, Blood tests, ECG, Xray, Cardio Ultrasound, Endoscopy) were all undertaken swiftly and with no delays. The operation itself went very smoothly and I was well cared for by all the nurses on the 4th floor in an incredible private suite, making sure that I was in no pain and continually checked. I would not hesitate to recommend the team from start to finish, my coordinator Rumeysa has been incredible, with me at every step and answered all my many concerns. She is still checking in with me now to make sure the healing is going well. I will now have a years aftercare with the team and can message them with any concerns. Thank you so much everyone I’m so pleased I did my research and chose you, the hospitals JCI accreditation gave me peace of mind and I knew Dr Batman would look after me, you are literally my hero! Tesekkurler 😊
17:12 13 Dec 23
I recently traveled to Turkey - Hisar Hospital to have a gastric sleeve surgery and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The online consultation, admission and procedure was successful and the recovery process went smoothly. The medical staff provided excellent care and support throughout the entire journey as I traveled from North America . I am already noticing significant positive changes not only in my weight but also in overall health. I highly recommend gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Burcin to anyone considering it as a weight loss solution.
Huseynova Kamina
Huseynova Kamina
03:35 14 Jun 23
Don't like check ups and doctors, this is always very stressful. But visiting Hisar never gives these feelings. Hospitality, service, attention, professionalism not only Doctors but all working personal is on high level. I have regular visits to this clinic since 2015 and each time i feel myself so much comfortable like in home country. Special thank i would leave here for our translator Mehri, she is such a nice person, attentive, polite, all day was around since moment i entered the door till late evening for several days. I wish her all the best in her carrier and i wish Hisar to have more people like Mehri on board to cover all international visitors.Love this place, highly recommend if clinics in Turkey are being searched.
Andra Cretu-Moldovan
Andra Cretu-Moldovan
16:40 30 May 24
We had the best experience at Hisar Intercontinental Hospital. They have the most experienced team of doctors, that truly care about the patients and don't stop until they find a suitable treatment, no matter the hardships they encounter from all the illneses the patients have. All the staff is very professional, friendly and caring. In our case, we are foreign, so the hospital provided us transfer to and from the hospital and a translator who was by our side each day, throughout all the doctor visits, investigations and ensuring a clear communication with everyone. Thank you Mihaela for everything you have done and continue to do for us!The most important thing for us was the fact that all the doctors communicate with each other. This is very important when a patient has multiple illnesses and the doctors need to take in account all of them, each with it's own treatment plan. Special thanks to Prof Orhan Dalkilic for looking after me and for collaborating with all the other doctors to find a solution for each of my particular problems, you are the best! I would also like to thank Prof Ibrahim Halil Tanboga, Prof Ramazan Gozukucuk and Dr Gulumser Kiziltas Tokmak for the expertise, patients and compassionate care offered to us.I know the journey is not over, but I trust that we are in good hands!
Emma Prenderville
Emma Prenderville
10:49 29 Apr 24
Dr. Hasan Sahins work is exceptional. I flew from Ireland to have a tummy tuck and breast implants and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. When I arrived I was nervous about surgery however after my consultation with Dr Hasan I was at ease, he is very professional and friendly which made me feel very comfortable. The entire team took such good care of me which enabled a speedy recovery.
Deanna Mims
Deanna Mims
13:30 11 May 24
Dr. Hasan Sahin performed a facelift, neck lift, eyebrow lift, and eyelid lift on my mother and she was extremely happy with her results. She booked everything in the US and then flew over to Istanbul and was greeted with great kindness. The whole process was very smooth with several appointments with Dr. Sahin throughout her stay. And if very pleased with her results. Thank you Dr. Sahin!
Gazoo X
Gazoo X
08:58 27 Mar 24
I recommend thatExcellent and well-experienced staff. A translator is available in all departments. My experience was good with them, from reception, transportation, and treatment. My experience was with the IVF clinic. All the staff were cooperative and kind in everything, especially Dr. Maryam. Just note that treatment costs are expensive
14:12 06 Mar 24
I want to thank the infant intensive care unit. After giving birth, my baby had a small infection. Doctors immediately took action and began treatment. My baby spent a week in intensive care. First and most importantly, you can visit your baby twice a day, hold him and feed him. Second, you can express milk and nurses will feed your baby milk. third and even more important is the wonderful medical staff, the girls all treat the children with love and care. They are very attentive and surround your child and you with care and support. Many thanks to the nurses who were with my son around the clock and the doctors who provided the best treatment.
Ebrima Njie
Ebrima Njie
08:05 11 Mar 24
Hisar Intercontinental Hastanesi is a good hospital .ExcellentHisar Intercontinental Hastanesi expertise in health care is unmatched. there compassionate care and thorough evaluation have been instrumental in managing my health condition. Hisar Intercontinental Hastanesi personalized treatment approach and attention to detail have instilled confidence in me throughout my journey to better health. I am grateful for there dedication and highly recommend them to anyone in need of excellent health care.
17:28 06 Apr 22
Outstanding hospital with very capable doctors and staff. Service is top notch where you will feel like a VIP in every department. Patient rooms are very clean and well equipped. Nurses are always ready to help should you need anything while you stay there. Clerical staff are very professional and courteous. We are especially delighted with the care and attention of Dr. Tayfun Apuhan who treated us with outmost kindness as if it was his own family. Hospital building and grounds are modern, furnished with latest technology of medical science. I would easily prefer this place over the best hospital in US or Europe. Highly recommended. Not to mention the cost of care you will receive would be a fraction of those in most western countries.
Alex Ros (Aremidze)
Alex Ros (Aremidze)
17:13 07 Sep 23
The service in this hospital is at the highest level. if you are from another country and do not know Turkish, you will be provided with a translator. Your medical examination will take place in the most comfortable conditions. Believe me, you will want to be examined here again. I would especially like to mention the girl who helped me, Ilvira. A kind, sweet, smiling girl who was more worried about my problems than her own. At some point it even seemed to me that this was my loved one. She is very caring.
Hasan El hajj
Hasan El hajj
09:15 24 Sep 23
It was a bad experience i took my wife at 8 o'clock of the evening as an emergency case, but her health was stable but need specialist doctor to examine her they didn't even take her temperature they only make ct scan, first thing ask about 6800tl for ct scan, and no one told us to wait in a room we wait in the waiting hall. And even there is no translator, the nurses are good, no hate but i think they only care for money and forget to look after us.
hs kns
hs kns
12:56 28 Aug 23
I have seen some unprofessionalism at some hospitals in my life, but now I am pretty sure this one is the WORST. On Saturday August 26 2023 at around 19:20, we went to the emergency room. Our patient's blood pressure was the only thing checked, and the rest of the vital signs, along with lung sounds + heart rhythm + abdominal examination, were written in the examination report without being checked. "Ateş" which means temperature was translated to "fire" in the examination report. They asked us if our patient had nausea, vomiting or diarrhea; we said "NO" but still they wrote the opposite thing in the examination report. The hospital was not crowded and almost empty. They made us wait for an hour and a half just to send the required documents to the insurance company for our international insurance to cover the admission and hospitalization expenses. Meanwhile, they lied and insisted that the insurance company must have received all required documents 30 minutes after we asked the hospital to send the files via email. When I asked the hospital to forward to me the email they "claimed" they sent to the insurance company "within 30 minutes", obviously they did not. 5 minutes after my request, the insurance company called me, and they said that they received some documents from the hospital, but those documents were missing a quote estimation that was already requested from the beginning from the hospital. After a total of 3 hours waiting at the emergency (30 minutes of which the insurance company was responsible for in order to send an approval which is a very normal procedure that the insurance did in a very fast way), those guys at the emergency had the udacity to shamelessly say "oh your insurance company's procedures are very complicated". At the end of this silliness, and when it was time to sign the documents to get admitted, they brought us documents that an international patient logically has nothing to do with. They wanted us to sign something related to "a chronic illness & the government's general health insurance" though our patient was a tourist not a resident & he neither had a confirmed chronic illness nor a government's health insurance (I wanted to make sure I correctly understood the form by asking the guy to provide me with the Turkish version; but he refused due to patient's privacy though this has nothing to do with a patient's privacy and the patient himself asked for it as well). They also wanted us to sign a "treatment approval form" though the planned treatment/tests sections were not even filled out. Our patient got really stressed & angry; he felt so unsafe which is totally his right after all the mess we have seen from this hospital. He tore up the admission documents since nothing was correctly mentioned/filled out, and we left the hospital.At the end of this review, I ask everyone to learn a lesson from what we faced and act accordingly...I also want the hospital to know that this disgusting experience is going to be forwarded to the ministry of health and all concerned government authorities because it is time for everyone to know that A PATIENT'S TIME IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING & PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID.
Angel Güell
Angel Güell
07:13 22 Jun 24
In January 2024 I had surgery on the hospital for Dr.Hasan Sahin. Correct operation and treatment. They had to give me a Spanish translator and I didn't arrive before I was in the room, I only did the process in English (my English is not good). Operation good, post operation very bad. I lost the results after a month or 2 months, I wrote, sent a photo and they kept telling me, they don't want to take charge. I don't understand, I didn't claim the money, I just propose to go again and have the fat loss fixed. It was a very simple and safely effective intervention. Lie and proven on my body. I do not recommend at all. Even the intermediary has blocked me from WhatsApp so as not to give explanations...
Fadi Mendo
Fadi Mendo
10:46 06 Mar 24
I had a very bad experience, I called them and I took an appointment to do PET-CT, and they said it is for free under SGK, when I went to the hospital they said no it is not free, SGK cannot cover it but we can give you discount.while on their website said SGK can cover it and I asked them by telephone and they took my TC number and they said yes for you it is free under SGK, but they lied to bring me to hospital and then give me discount.
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