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MicroSort is a new scientific method of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis designed to increase a couple’s chances of having a child of the desired sex.

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Price of PGD IVF with choice of baby’s sex in Turkey

The average cost of IVF with sex selection in Turkey is €3,200. These costs cover the PGD IVF procedure with the sex selection technique (2900 euros), as well as the cost of medication (300 euros). The treatment in Istanbul lasts around 15 days, with a success rate of 75%.

IVF PGD sex selection3200 €
IVF cycle with medication2100 €
IVF treatment with ICSI2250 €
In vitro fertilisation2200 €

What is IVF with choice of baby’s sex?

MicroSort is a new scientific method of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis designed to increase a couple’s chances of having a child of the desired sex. MicroSort is used before conception to separate spermatozoa into those containing female (X) or male (Y) chromosomes.


Sperm containing chromosomes of the desired sex can be inserted into the uterus by IUI or used in IVF treatment cycles in Turkey.

Many couples who are not affected by infertility use MicroSort to balance the sex of their family or to prevent the transmission of a genetic disease that affects only one sex.

IVF PGD in Turkey offers a new option for couples struggling with infertility due to genetic problems. Ovarian reserve is assessed prior to ovarian stimulation to obtain a sufficient number of mature eggs.

The healthy embryos obtained after in vitro fertilisation undergo pre-implantation diagnosis to detect any genetic anomalies.

The selected embryos are then transferred to the mother’s uterus for intrauterine implantation. The pregnancy rate is encouraging, offering a glimmer of hope for patients seeking to conceive a healthy baby boy or girl.

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Infertility treatment with MicroSort

Patients wishing to use MicroSort to balance the sexes in their family must :

  • Be married
  • Have at least one child
  • Want to use sex selection to help them conceive the least represented sex of children. (Example: parents of four girls could use MicroSort to help them conceive a boy).

Inherited genetic diseases can be linked to sex. MicroSort can help prevent a child from inheriting a sex-linked disease.

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MicroSort treatment process

MicroSort is a preconception sex selection technology. MicroSort does not involve the creation of embryos for testing and selection. The MicroSort process simply sorts sperm according to their sex before the fertilisation process.

The spermatozoa determine the sex of the child. Sperm carrying X produce girls and sperm carrying Y produce boys. Without MicroSort, sperm samples are made up of around 50% X-carrying sperm and 50% Y-carrying sperm.

Depending on the needs of the patient’s family, MicroSort technology can produce a high percentage of X-bearing sperm (girls) or a high percentage of Y-bearing sperm (boys).

Separating sperm by sex requires cell sorting based on the difference in the amount of genetic material between X- and Y-bearing sperm. Fluorescent dyes and ultraviolet lasers are used by the cell sorting machine to identify X and Y spermatozoa.

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Risks, complications and side effects

There may be some rare risks during PGD IVF:

  • Hot flushes ;
  • Feeling depressed or irritable ;
  • Headaches ;
  • ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

That’s why you should trust us to help you choose your doctor in Istanbul, and opt for a reputable and experienced practitioner.

A wheelchair hire service is available to ensure your comfort during your stay if you have reduced mobility.

How successful is MicroSort at sex selection?

Fertility clinics using MicroSort do not guarantee that pregnancies resulting from MicroSort sperm selection will produce a child of the preferred sex.

MicroSort does not completely eliminate chromosomes of the opposite sex from the sperm sample, the genetic composition of the sperm used simply has a higher percentage of chromosomes of the desired sex.

Currently, MicroSort sperm separation for female sex selection (XSort) results in an average of 91% X-carrying sperm in selected specimens. MicroSort sperm separation for male sex selection (YSort) gives an average of 74% Y-carrying sperm in the sorted specimens.

What’s more, if you want to increase the success rate of your PGD IVF, we recommend Cyprus, which is a must for choosing the baby’s sex.

If you’re having trouble making a choice, we can help you make a success of your procedure, and at a reduced rate.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Can I choose the sex of my baby during IVF in Turkey?

If you undergo IVF in Turkey, you will not be able to choose the sex of your baby. Sex determination can only be carried out in the event of medical necessity, to rule out gender-related illnesses for example. However, this requires a genetic diagnosis beforehand.

Oocyte retrieval takes 20 to 30 minutes. You will need 13 to 18 days for your IVF in Istanbul. This includes oocyte retrieval in 3 or 4 days, fertilisation in the laboratory in 5 days, followed by the various tests and implantations.

During your medically assisted procreation in Turkey, you have 4 attempts to have a baby. However, the number of healthy embryos transferred is not regulated in any way. And each time you give birth, you have 4 further attempts.

The success of your in vitro fertilisation in Turkey depends mainly on your age. If you’re still young, you can have around a 40-50% chance, or even a 75% chance at some clinics. For couples over 40, the success rate is 25-30%, with a maximum of 50%.

To benefit from IVF in Turkey, you must first be a married couple. You will also need to have undergone tests to prove that you are infertile. The woman must also be under 46, which is the age limit for IVF in Turkey.

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