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Everything you need to know about IVF & egg donation in Spain! What is the average price in Barcelona? Our advice for a successful IVF & egg donation in Spain.

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Cost of IVF with egg donation in Spain

The average cost of IVF with egg donation in Spain in Barcelona is 3800 euros. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from 3500 euros to 4200 euros.

MAPCost in Euros
IVF ICSI3100 euros
IVF ICSI Egg donation3800 euros
IVF ICSI Double egg donation4100 euros
IVF ICSI Sperm donation3200 euros
Sperm donation800 euros
Egg vitrification2600 euros
Artificial insemination1000 euros
Embryo donation3150 euros
ROPA technique (shared maternity)5,000 euros
Guaranteed or reimbursedpregnancy 15,000 euros

What is egg donation?

Egg donation in Spain in Barcelona is the process whereby a woman, usually a younger woman, provides eggs (ova, oocytes) to another person and/or her partner for the purpose of assisted reproduction, so that the recipient of the eggs can have a child with her partner or using a donor’s sperm.

What is the egg donation process?

The fertility egg donation process involves removing eggs from a woman whose ovaries are functioning normally. After retrieval, the eggs are fertilised in the in vitro fertilisation (IVF) laboratory with the sperm of the recipient couple’s partner or, in some cases, with sperm from a donor.

After fertilisation in the laboratory and growth of the embryos for 3 or 5 days, the resulting embryos are transferred to the uterus of the woman who wishes to carry the baby. If a pregnancy is established, the recipient woman becomes the mother who carries the developing baby for the duration of the pregnancy and birth – with all the joy of the experience.

Thanks to egg donation as a treatment for infertility, thousands of couples have been able to become parents with the help of the Institute. A couple can choose to know the identity of the woman who donates the eggs, and vice versa, or the parties can choose to remain anonymous. Sometimes a woman will ask a sister, niece or younger friend to donate eggs for her to use.

TreatmentsCost in Spain
IVF with own eggs4,100 euros
IVF with egg donation5900 euros
Medical consultation130 euros
Donor sperm400 euros
Frozen embryo transfer1300 euros

What is egg donation treatment?

An egg donation treatment offers the patient the opportunity to use the donated eggs during an in vitro fertilisation cycle. Most clinics have treatments designed to work with an egg donor or to use frozen donor eggs from an egg bank.

These packages vary in terms of services and price depending on the type of donor (known or unknown, proven or unproven) and whether or not patients are using frozen eggs from an egg bank. When using a donor egg bank, the cost of the egg batch (including donor compensation and retrieval) is not usually included in the treatment package.

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