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Everything you need to know about MAP & IVF in Spain! What is the average price in Barcelona? Our advice for successful MAP & IVF in Spain.

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How much does IVF cost in Spain?

The cost of an IVF cycle with a single egg in Spain varies between €3800 and €5500, while a cycle with egg donation can cost between €4100 and €7500. The average cost of IVF in Spain is around €5,000, while the average cost of egg donation in Spain is €7,000.

IVF ICSI3100 €
IVF ICSI Egg donation3800 €
IVF ICSI Double egg donation4100 €
IVF ICSI Sperm donation3900 €
Sperm donation800 €
Egg vitrification2600 €
Artificial insemination1000 €
White ethnicity embryo donation3150 €
Donation of a black ethnic embryo3490 €
ROPA technique (shared maternity)5000 €
Pregnancy guarantee15000 €

Although the desire to have a child is often the strongest, Mother Nature is not always merciful. Sometimes she can be capricious, delaying the natural process that allows some couples to procreate and experience the joy of becoming parents.

For reasons of infertility or difficulty in conceiving, many couples resort to in vitro fertilisation. Also known as Medically Assisted Procreation or MAP, this practice uses advanced technology and science to create a child.

Practised in many countries around the world, IVF is increasingly in demand. In some places, however, the cost of IVF is not accessible to everyone, and the procedure is not fully authorised.

In Europe, for example, IVF often involves complex procedures and access is limited. On the other hand, there is one country where IVF is virtually unrestricted: Spain. In Catalonia, Barcelona and Madrid, the practice of MAP is simplified. The procedures, prices and treatments are within everyone’s reach. Find out all you need to know about IVF in Spain here.

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Spain: the most popular destination for in vitro fertilisation

If Spain is the number one choice in Europe for couples desperate to have a child, it’s because the country offers much easier access to the procedure and, above all, a high success rate.


In vitro fertilisation in Spain is accessible to anyone who wants it. Whether you are in a couple, single, heterosexual, homosexual, a woman who has difficulty getting pregnant or a man with male infertility, IVF in Spain does not require any particular conditions regarding the marital status of patients.

Drapeau de l'Espagne
Flag of Spain

Age limit

In Spain, the age limit for undergoing IVF is 50. In some European countries, the age limit is 40. As access to the procedure is simplified, IVF applications are processed very quickly.

Waiting times

Egg and sperm donation is very common in Spain. Donors are paid up to 900 euros. Couples wishing to have children by artificial insemination will therefore not have to wait long for oocytes.

Success rates

Spain has developed innovative techniques enabling up to 75% of artificial inseminations to be successful. Reproductive medicine is breaking new ground, offering patients a wide choice of methods and procedures for IVF in Spain.

Reception infrastructure

With the increase in the number of laboratories, a number of hotels and medical tourism options for MAP have been developed in Spain, at affordable prices.

Safety of Spanish clinics

Regional governments must regularly inspect all PMA centres to ensure that they comply with current quality and safety regulations. One of the most popular accreditation systems used by Spanish clinics is the ISO standard.

What are the different in vitro fertilisation procedures in Spain?

IVF in Spain, and particularly in Barcelona, offers a number of treatment procedures forhaving a child. The term “test-tube baby” will be used. The choice of method is then determined according to the problems of each patient:

Artificial insemination using the patient’s own gametes

This option is ideal for couples (male and female) who are unable to procreate naturally. This may be due to poor quality ovaries or sperm, or infertility.

The method involves hormone treatment and controlled, personalised ovarian stimulation to obtain a quality oocyte and guarantee a better pregnancy rate. At the same time, the partner must also provide a quality and quantity of sperm for fertilisation.

Next, the woman undergoes a follicular puncture (oocyte aspiration) to extract the oocytes and fertilise them with the partner’s sperm. Once the embryo has been fertilised, it is inseminated into the woman.

Vérification du résultat de la fécondation in vitro
Checking the result of in vitro fertilisation

IVF using egg donation

This option is ideal for couples over the age of 40. At this age, the quality of the egg may deteriorate, but there is also a risk of malformation. This procedure is also recommended for couples at risk of developing genetic diseases.

The method involves egg donation and pre-implantation genetic testing to ensure the viability and success of the embryos.


The ICSI procedure involves inseminating an egg by micro-injecting a sperm into it. This procedure is recommended in cases where the quantity of sperm or their mobility is unreliable.

IVF by sperm donation

This method of reproductive medicine is designed for single women or couples who wish to have a child. If the oocytes are of good quality, egg donation will not be necessary. For these two profiles, there are two other methods that may be relevant.

The ROPA method

This method is only available to same-sex couples. It involves transferring oocytes from one partner to the other, so that both can participate in medically assisted procreation.

The test-tube baby resulting from this conception therefore has two biological mothers. One of the two women undergoes ovarian stimulation and a puncture. The embryos are then cultured and transferred to the woman who will carry the child.

Other procedures for successful IVF in Spain

These are :

  • Oocyte vitrification: this consists of preserving the oocytes. It is particularly recommended for young, single women who do not yet wish to have children, but who may experience a deterioration in the quality of their oocytes at a later date.
  • Cryopreservation: this procedure allows untransferred embryos to be preserved for further tests if the first transfers have failed.
une femme enceinte
a pregnant woman

In addition, we offer formulas entirely dedicated to African patients (black ethnic group)

IVF for black women (African ethnicity)

Studies suggest that black women are twice as likely as white women to have fertility problems, but are much less likely to seek or receive infertility treatment.

Many black women facing infertility say they face an uphill battle to get care. Among the difficulties is a lack of black sperm and egg donors. Here are our formulas:

IVF and egg donation4600 €
IVF and donation of 4 oocytes4250 €
Egg donation200 €
IVF and embryo donation3490 €

How is IVF carried out in Spain?

There are two stages to IVF in Spain:

Firstly, once you have made your choice and consulted your doctor, you must travel to Spain to obtain a personalised egg stimulation treatment. This is obtained after undergoing a number of medical tests. This initial stay lasts 2 to 3 days.

Once back in Europe, you begin your hormone treatment, which will last around 15 to 20 days.

After that, you must return to Barcelona for the puncture. The oocytes will be fertilised in vitro by the sperm and the embryo will develop in the laboratory. The embryos are cultured and transferred after a few days. For this second stay, allow 10 to 15 days.

During the process, an endometrial ultrasound scan will be carried out. After the transfer, hormone treatment may be prescribed.

In thecase of egg donation, IVF in Spain can also be carried out over two stays. The only difference is the duration. First, you need to go to the clinic to organise the cycle and freeze the sperm. This lasts 2 to 3 days. Secondly, the embryo transfer must be carried out. This procedure will take 3 to 5 days.

What is the success rate for IVF in Spain?

The success rate for IVF in Spain is between 70 and 95%. This depends mainly on the woman’s age and physical condition. For a woman aged between 30 and 40, the probability of pregnancy is 50%. Over the age of 40, the chances of pregnancy are 30 to 40%

How many IVF attempts are possible in Spain?

There are no limits on IVF attempts in Barcelona. You can go ahead as long as your physical and medical health allows. However, IVF in Spain limits the number of embryos inseminated each time to 3. Generally speaking, however, the number of transfers carried out does not exceed two.

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How much does IVF cost in Spain?

In Spain, for IVF using your own eggs, costs vary between €3,100 and €3,500. For IVF using donated eggs, costs vary between €3,500 and €4,000. For IVF with embryo donation, costs vary between €3000 and €3200. For IVF using egg freezing, costs vary between €3,500 and €4,700.

Here is a video report on MAP in Spain

Is it possible to choose the sex of the baby during IVF?

As in almost all European countries, choosing the sex of the baby is not permitted in Spain. However, Spain is authorised to carry out pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for medical reasons.

Do you want to choose the sex of your future baby? You can choose the sex of your baby in Cyprus. It is one of the only countries to allow this practice. Are you interested? Do not hesitate to contact us.

rendez vous à la clinique de fertilité
visit the fertility clinic

How do I apply for MAP in Spain?

There are many fertility clinics in Spain, the vast majority of which are private. They are located all over Spain, more specifically in Barcelona, and it is very easy to get to them, as many low-cost airlines fly to these destinations.

To open a MAP file in Spain, our co-ordinator will help you free of charge to ensure your IVF is a success. Contact us and we’ll take care of everything.

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