IVF PGD in Spain: Choosing the sex of the baby

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Everything you need to know about IVF & choosing the sex of your baby in Spain! What is the average price in Barcelona? Our advice for a successful IVF with sex selection in Spain

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    Price of PGD IVF in Spain with choice of baby’s sex

    The average cost of PGD IVF with sex selection in Spain in Barcelona is 4400 euros. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from 3800 euros to 8200 euros.

    IVF ICSI PGD Egg donation8200 euros
    IVF ICSI PGD Sperm donation6700 euros
    IVF ICSI Egg donation5200 euros
    IVF ICSI PGD6300 euros

    Is it possible to choose the sex of the baby with PGD IVF in Spain?

    Today it is possible to choose the sex of a baby, but is the sex selection 100% accurate?

    Using techniques involving PGD IVF, it is 99.9%. All other methods of influencing sex have not been found to be useful. Fertility clinics in Spain have been using these techniques for a number of years with a very high success rate.

    Couples who have had one or more children of one sex can choose the opposite sex of their next baby.

    Can we choose the embryo with the right chromosome?

    Women undergo IVF ICSI with egg retrieval and fertilisation with their male partner’s sperm. The embryos develop and divide over a period of 3 days. A single cell is then removed and sent for chromosome analysis.

    The embryos of the chosen sex are transferred to the uterus 2 days later. Fertility clinics in Spain use a technique called aCGH, which allows a complete chromosomal analysis.

    This ensures that an embryo with a full complement of chromosomes of the correct sex is transferred into the patient.

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    Complete file: Cyprus is the best destination for PGD IVF with baby sex selection at the best price with a high success rate.


    Patients who have already had 2 or 3 children of the same sex always wonder whether it is still possible to have a child of the opposite sex. 23 patients have recently undergone sex selection. Almost all the couples had an embryo of the appropriate sex transferred into the uterus.

    Only 3 of the 23 couples did not have an embryo of the right sex in women of all ages. 80% of the transfers resulted in the implantation of at least one embryo, with a pregnancy rate of 50%.


    Another surprising fact was the choice of preferred sex. When Spanish clinics started offering this service, most couples would prefer a boy. This is the case in most countries in the world. However, in some patients, among Caucasian couples, over 90% of couples want a female child.

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    Why is this? Well, in Europe, women, who generally have the last word in family matters, want to have a daughter. This has been observed in Europe, where three out of four couples want a girl.

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