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If the volume of bone tissue is insufficient for full dental implantation, dentists at clinics in Turkey are prepared to carry out an operation called bone grafting. provides information about bone grafting in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.


    Price of a bone graft in Turkey

    The average cost of a bone graft in Turkey in Istanbul is €400. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €200 to €600.

    ProcedureCost Turkey
    Bone graft400 €

    What is a bone graft?

    The main prerequisite for safe and lasting dental implantation is the availability of a sufficient volume of bone tissue. If the tooth has been missing for a long time, the bone gradually begins to atrophy.

    This process intensifies after the age of 40. If the volume of bone tissue is insufficient for complete dental implantation, dentists at clinics in Turkey (Antalya, Marmaris, Fethiye, Istanbul) are prepared to perform an operation called bone grafting.

    Indications and contraindications for bone grafting

    In modern dentistry, bone grafting in Turkey is carried out if one of the following cases arises:

    • Preparation for dental implantation if the volume of bone tissue is insufficient (the height of the bone is 10 mm or less);
    • Thinning of the bone due to inflammatory processes or periodontal disease;
    • Jaw deformities caused by trauma;
    • Removal of a tumour from the jaw;
    • Failure of an existing dental implant;
    • If the volume of bone tissue is insufficient to allow proper attachment of the removable dental prosthesis.

    Contraindications include

    • Acute inflammatory diseases of any location (in particular sinusitis, rhinitis and stomatitis);
    • Severe osteoporosis;
    • Oncological diseases, including those related to blood;
    • Blood coagulation disorders;
    • Immune deficiency of any kind;
    • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
    • Serious chronic diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as chronic kidney and liver diseases);
    • Mental disorders.


    In the majority of patients, the volume of bone tissue begins to diminish as early as one month after tooth loss. Timely osteoplasty helps :

    • Securely and qualitatively fix dental implants for future prostheses;
    • Restore the natural appearance and function of the gums;
    • Eliminate discomfort during the chewing process;
    • Recreate regular facial features.

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    Bone grafting techniques

    Dentists use three techniques to restore the necessary volume of bone tissue:

    • Sinus lift;
    • Bone block grafting ;
    • Guided bone regeneration (ROG).

    Sinus lift is performed only in the lateral sections of the upper jaw. This technique is based on increasing the width of the maxillary sinus and involves inserting the bone graft under the membrane that covers the walls of the maxillary sinus from the inside. Once the bone graft has survived, the width of the bone becomes sufficient for implantation.

    Bone grafting takes place in two stages. Firstly, the dentist removes a small fragment of bone from the chin area or from a particular section of the upper jaw. This fragment is then inserted into the area where there is insufficient bone tissue. The bone graft is fixed with screws and sealed with a special membrane. This technique can be used on any part of the jaw and can restore even a considerable deficit of bone tissue.

    Where there is relatively little bone thinning, a GBR is performed. The restorative material is inserted into the implant site and covered with a membrane to prevent its destruction. This operation can be carried out at the same time as dental implantation.

    The choice of bone grafting technique in Turkey is made by the doctor. The dentists who work in our clinics in Turkey always prefer the least traumatic methods of restoring bone tissue, which reduces the rehabilitation period.

    Materials for bone grafts

    The speed of survival of the bone graft depends very much on the material used to eliminate the deficiency in the bone tissue. This may be :

    • Bovine bone (usually from a bull): this material is inexpensive but has a very long rehabilitation period and a higher risk of failure;
    • Donor bone from another human: the risk of failure is lower than in the first case, and survival is faster;
    • The patient’s own bone: one of the most preferred materials, which survives quickly and never fails because the body does not treat it as a foreign body;
    • Artificial bone graft: modern materials can imitate the patient’s own tissue almost perfectly, but they are very expensive.


    Bone grafting for new dental implants is a major surgical operation. Surgeons must use all their skills and patients must strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations. Bone graft surgery in Turkey rarely leads to complications. The most common problems are as follows:

    • Bleeding from the surgical wound ;
    • Wound disruption;
    • Suppuration ;
    • Bone graft failure.

    Possible signs of a failed operation include:

    • Prolonged, intense pain that does not go away even after taking painkillers;
    • Numbness of the face;
    • Significant swelling that prevents you from opening your mouth (moderate swelling is a normal consequence for the first few days after the operation);
    • A high body temperature.

    If you begin to experience at least one of these symptoms, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible. By taking great care with their health, patients can expect a minimal risk of complications.

    Price of bone grafting in clinics in Turkey

    The cost of a single-tooth pre-implantation bone graft depends on the treatment method and the type of bone graft chosen. The exact price of the procedure is determined after the medical examination. Estimated prices are given below.

    We offer our patients the most advanced bone grafting techniques. Each patient receives :

    • A full medical examination, including 3D computer tomography and optical impressions (if necessary);
    • Sanitation of the oral cavity to minimise complications;
    • A high-quality local anaesthetic
    • General anaesthetic or medical sedation (according to the patient’s wishes);
    • Affordable prices on a turnkey basis.

    Bone grafting is the key to successful dental implantation. We believe that no case is too complex to treat. Book your preliminary consultation now and see for yourself!

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