Breast lift with prostheses in Turkey

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How much does a breast lift with prostheses cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a breast lift with prostheses in Istanbul, Turkey is €2,500. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €2,100 to €2,900.

ProcedureCost Turkey
Breast lift with prostheses2500 €

What is a breast lift with prostheses?

A breast lift with prostheses in Turkey is a procedure used to reshape and lift the breasts. With this technique, we implant a round or anatomical prosthesis to recover the volume or shape, obtaining a better result. This is an ideal solution for women who want to restore the appearance of their breasts. They will appear higher and firmer.

Why do breasts sag?

The size of the mammary gland, the amount of fat and above all the quality of the skin are the main factors influencing the sagging or drooping of the breasts. If a woman has thin, fragile skin, it is more likely to sag and the breast will droop over time. Stretch marks are also common in this type of patient if she experiences significant weight gain and loss.

Lifestyle and major weight changes can accelerate the need for a breast lift. Women with bad habits or an unhealthy diet can gain weight or alter the quality of their tissues.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding is a period when the size and weight of the mammary glands increase, and once this is over, the breasts can become deflated and sagging.

Breast lift with prosthesesin Istanbul

Breast lifting with prostheses in Turkey, otherwise known as mastopexy, is one of the most difficult aesthetic breast surgeries, so it is essential to choose a good plastic surgeon. Its complexity lies in the diagnosis, the choice of breast prostheses and the surgical technique itself.

The diagnosis of breast ptosis is very important. During the consultation in Istanbul, aspects such as the degree of sagging and the quality of the tissue are assessed. A correct assessment is essential for planning surgery and choosing the right breast prosthesis. An incorrect diagnosis can lead to an unsatisfactory result for the patient and may even force her to undergo a second operation.

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With this surgical technique in Turkey, we can change the position and size of the mammary gland, the areolas and the amount of fat. We will also fill the upper pole with a prosthesis and may have to remove some skin, which may help to remove some stretch marks. However, the less skin we have to remove, the smaller the scar will be.

This is a complex procedure, but one that can give you more beautiful breasts where they belong. In the hands of a good plastic surgeon, it’s a highly effective and safe procedure that will keep you looking your best for years to come.

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