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Everything you need to know about breast lifting in Tunisia! What is the average price in Tunis? Our advice for a successful breast lift in Tunisia. provides information on breast lift in Tunisia and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

Price of a breast lift in Tunisia

The average price of a breast lift in Tunisia in Tunis is 2,000 euros, with a minimum price of 1,800 euros and a maximum price of 2,700 euros. On the basis of a fully personalised assessment, the plastic surgeon will examine your needs and the ideal type of treatment. The length of stay is 7 days, and the hospital stay 1 night. The final result is visible within 7 months.

ProcedureCost Tunisia
Breast lift without prosthesis1800 €
Breast lift with breast prosthesis2700 €

Breast lifting is a well-known and recognised form of cosmetic surgery. In Tunisia, a breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to rejuvenate the appearance of the breasts. It firms the breasts and increases their volume to reshape them. Say goodbye to sagging breasts: you’ll be left with firm, rounded breasts.

The quality of cosmetic surgery is renowned in the country, which also offers attractive prices for these operations. Find out everything you need to know about breast lifting.

Definition of a breast lift

Breast lifting is also known as mastopexy or breast lifting. It is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to reshape the breasts. Breast enhancement surgery improves a woman’s image of her breasts. By removing excess skin from the breasts, the operation treats breast ptosis and enhances the breasts.

With age or after pregnancies, the breasts tend to sag and the areolas to point downwards. The breasts lose their elasticity and firmness. A breast lift, with or without prostheses, lifts the breasts and gives women back their full self-confidence.

The operation can be combined with other techniques, in particular breast reduction or augmentation.

Breast lift in Tunisia: for whom?

Breasts are subject to the effects of age, weight loss or gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Over time, they can lose their tone, elasticity and firmness. Yet they remain symbols of femininity. So some women become complexed when their breasts change.

When the breasts droop, the nipples sag or the chest becomes asymmetrical, breast surgery can be a solution to regain a more youthful appearance.

In short, you can benefit from a breast lift if:

  • your breasts are drooping ;
  • your nipples point downwards;
  • your areolas are stretched;
  • your breasts are asymmetrical, with one sinking lower than the other.

Procedure for a breast lift

The mastopexy project begins with an initial appointment with the surgeon. This takes place during the month preceding the operation. At this time, the doctor will carry out a pre-operative check-up. This includes a mammogram and breast ultrasound.

The surgeon will also give you instructions to follow before the operation. In particular, he or she will remind you that you must stop smoking completely one month before the operation and up to two weeks afterwards. To avoid any risk of haemorrhage, you should not take any aspirin-based medication for 10 days before the operation.

The breast lift operation is performed under general anaesthetic. The operation lasts between 1? and 3 hours, depending on the technique used. The choice will depend on the shape and volume of the breasts, the position of the areolas, the appearance of the patient’s skin and the state of breast ptosis. The incisions will take different forms:

  • if breast ptosis is slight, only a circular incision around the areola is made. It is masked by the natural pigmentation of the area;
  • if breast ptosis is moderate, the incisions are made around the areola and vertically up to the fold of the breast;
  • if breast ptosis is significant, a third horizontal incision is made in the submammary fold, forming an inverted T.

If the breast lift is combined with breast reduction or implants, no additional incision is necessary.

In either case, the surgeon replaces the mammary gland and then removes the excess skin to raise the breast. As a result, the nipples are lifted and the breast is straightened.

At the end of the operation, dressings are applied to protect the operated area.

Precautions to take after a breast lift

Breast lifting causes little pain. Simple painkillers are enough to reduce the discomfort that may be felt after the operation. Swelling and bruising normally occur, and the patient will find it difficult to lift her arms for a few days.

She should also avoid carrying heavy loads. She should also avoid sleeping on her stomach. These are not major inconveniences and only last a few days.

After a day or two, the bandage applied at the end of the facelift is removed and replaced by a more flexible bandage. The patient will have to wear a support bra day and night for a month, then only during the day for six months.

Doctors recommend taking 7 to 10 days off work and waiting two months before resuming sporting activities. It is also advisable to wait a year before breast-feeding.

The final result of a breast lift will be visible 6 to 10 months after the operation. You will then be able to enjoy your new breasts to the full.

How much does a breast lift cost in Tunisia?

The average cost of a breast lift in Tunisia is €1,700 to €1,900 for a breast lift without implants, and €2,650 to €2,750 for a breast lift with implants

These prices generally include the stay in the clinic, costs related to the operation, necessary transfers, medication and care provided. Price variations depend on the extent of breast ptosis, the technique used and the clinic chosen for the operation

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