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Everything you need to know about ethnic rhinoplasty in Spain! What is the average price in Madrid or Barcelona? Our advice for a successful ethnic rhinoplasty. provides information about ethnic rhinoplasty in Spain and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

Price of Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Spain

The price of an ethnic rhinoplasty in Spain is 4800 euros. Depending on your needs, the all-inclusive package can vary from 3,500 to 5,400 euros. The procedure involves an overnight stay in hospital, under general anaesthetic, and will require 6 nights’ hotel accommodation in Barcelona or Madrid. This price varies according to the surgeon’s reputation and the reputation of the clinic.

Rhinoplasty4000 €
Secondary rhinoplasty4300 €
Ultrasonic rhinoplasty4600 €
Ethnic rhinoplasty4800 €

Are you considering ethnic rhinoplasty in Spain? This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know about getting rid of an unsightly nose: the price, theoperation itself and the precautions to take. Get a quote to find out the best rates for a perfect nose job in Spain.

What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty is one of several types of rhinoplasty. This procedure involves modifying the nose while respecting the patient’s ethnic race. This is one of the advances in the field, because in the past, doctors would just give the nose a universal shape, regardless of the patient’s facial morphology.

After extensive studies, professionals in this field have found that every ethnic group has a decent nose shape. A Caucasian nose, for example, is not suitable for an African-American or an Asian. A facelift is better suited to them.

What’s more, cosmetic surgery is not prohibited in Islam. Muslims can have a racial rhinoplasty if it is to remove a problem that affects breathing.

What is the profile of the ideal candidate for this operation?

Anyone can apply for ethnic rhinoplasty. All you need is the desire to restructure your nose. However, some candidates are more suitable than others. The condition of the skin and cartilage also determine the feasibility of the operation.

The right age range

Rhinoplasty is a very delicate operation. However, it is possible to operate on a minor who is still growing. As long as growth is complete, the operation can go ahead without a hitch. In general, the minimum age required is 17 for a girl and 18 for a boy.

Enough skin and cartilage

Even if there is an age that defines the maturity of the patient, it is still necessary to check whether there is enough material to remake the nose. If this is not the case, the plastic surgeon removes the missing material from certain parts of the body. This is known as implant surgery. Smokers are not eligible for rhinoplasty unless they have given up smoking at least one month before and one month after the operation.

Having a malformation of the nose

The most suitable candidates are those who were born with a malformation of the nose. Those with a collapsed septum can also apply. They are strongly encouraged, as everyone has the right to have a normal nose.

How does the operation work?

Rhinoplasty is not a major operation, lasting between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on what needs to be done. If it is an ethnic rhinoplasty, the patient will be under general anaesthetic. But as with all surgical operations, it begins with a diagnosis. It is only after this that the doctor performs the reconstructive surgery, and after that there is a rest period to observe.

The steps before the operation

Before starting rhinoplasty, the surgeon will make sure that you meet all the requirements, which are:

  • The right amount of material,
  • That you have not smoked for at least three weeks,
  • That you have parental permission (for a minor),
  • And that you are in good health.

This list of conditions is not exhaustive, and other criteria may be added. Sometimes it is even necessary to have a scan to check the current state of your nose.

The practitioner will then show the possible changes and a representation of the nose after the operation. When all the lights are green, the operation will be performed.

The operation itself

Rhinoplasty begins with the patient being prepared. An anaesthetist injects products to put the patient to sleep. Once the patient no longer feels anything, the surgeon in turn injects a substance to limit bleeding and pain. The substance is left to act for a few minutes before the nose is opened with a scalpel.

The incision begins at the nostrils, inside the skin, and ends at the eyelids. Once the nose is open, the surgeon sands and reshapes the cartilage inside. He may also replace the bones to obtain an attractive nose. He then adds the skin and sews it back on with thread. He dresses the wound and adds splints to prevent the nose from moving.

What happens after the operation

When the operation is over, the doctor makes sure that the patient wakes up properly. When they wake up, they are shown all the precautions that need to be taken to ensure that the rhinoplasty is a success. Seven days after the operation, the splints and threads are removed. After a few weeks, flaps of scabs gradually fall away, leaving a slight scar. This will fade and disappear completely.

In some cases, the patient may notice a tiny ablation on the nose. This is benign in nature and there is nothing to worry about. However, rhinoplasty must not obstruct breathing. A bypass and post-operative monitoring will be carried out to ensure the patient’s health.

Precautions to take after the operation

Once the operation is over, it is essential to rest completely for at least a week. The patient should not make any physical effort while in hospital. When the splint is removed, the new nose should not be exposed to the sun. UV rays accentuate scarring. Apply a hyaluronic acid solution to restore the skin’s radiance.

It is also important to avoid shocks. It is therefore advisable to avoid sports such as swimming, football, basketball and anything else that involves physical contact. It is normal for a bruise to appear and for you to feel pain. Just take painkillers for relief. Above all, don’t smoke, as it impedes healing and makes the pain worse.

How much does an ethnic rhinoplasty cost in Spain?

In Spain, ethnic rhinoplasty costs between €3,500 and €5,400. This price takes into account the pre-operative consultation, the translator, the hotel, the airport transfer, the operation and the post-operative follow-up.

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