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As with traditional hair transplants, eyebrow transplants in Turkey begin with the removal of hair follicles from a healthy growth area of the scalp.

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Price of an eyebrow transplant in Turkey

The average cost of an eyebrow transplant in Turkey in Istanbul is €1,250. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €550 to €1950.

ProcedureCost Turkey
Eyebrow transplant1250 €

What is an eyebrow transplant?

Although too often neglected, our eyebrows play an important role in everyday life. They help us communicate through facial expressions and protect our eyes from water and sweat. In recent years, they have been at the centre of a number of beauty trends.

That’s why men and women who suffer from excessive eyebrow hair loss can lose confidence and experience self-esteem problems. This is why our eyebrow transplants in Turkey are becoming increasingly popular.

Since the 1990s, there has been a trend towards plucking eyebrows in a thin arc, which has led people to pluck their eyebrows too much and damage the follicle. This prevented regrowth.

As the trend has now shifted to embrace fuller, more natural brows, the pressure has increased for men and women to change their appearance accordingly. While make-up can be used to fill in thin or sparse eyebrows, eyebrow transplants in Istanbul have offered a more permanent and long-lasting solution.

Eyebrow transplants performed by clinics in Istanbul, Turkey use the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method to remove hair from the scalp and transplant healthy follicles to the eyebrows to improve density.

With precise placement following the normal growth pattern, patients can see improved density throughout their eyebrows with natural-looking results.

Is an eyebrow transplant right for me?

For patients who are unsure whether an eyebrow transplant is the right solution for thinning eyebrows, it is important to consider the cause of their hair loss.

In some cases, eyebrow hair loss may be a temporary problem or one that can be resolved with the right diet or by treating an underlying problem.

Nutritional deficiencies, for example, can lead to poor overall hair growth, which can result in sparse or damaged eyebrows.

Vitamins A, B-12, C, D, iron and biotin all play a role in healthy growth, and people with deficiencies may experience sparser eyebrows. In these cases, speak to your GP or dietician before your appointment with us.

However, there are a number of permanent causes of hair loss for which an eyebrow transplant may be an ideal solution. These include alopecia areata, persistent hair removal or previous hair removal that has damaged the follicles, certain thyroid problems and ageing.

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Physical trauma can also lead to hair loss, such as burns, scars or accidents. In these cases, an eyebrow transplant in Turkey can help to restore a certain level of confidence in the patient.

Each cause of hair loss or eyebrow thinning will be treated individually during a visit to Istanbul, and the best treatment will be determined according to your case.

In general, patients who have lost their hair due to genetic conditions, excessive hair removal or who have suffered accidents or trauma are the most viable candidates for a transplant. However, we have qualified clinicians for the consultation and expert surgeons for the procedure who can determine the viability of your case for an eyebrow transplant in Istanbul.

What happens during an eyebrow transplant?

As with traditional hair transplants in Istanbul, eyebrow transplantation in Turkey begins with the removal of hair follicles from a healthy growth area of the scalp. This can be done either one by one or by the “strip” method, which will be determined by your surgeon before the operation in Turkey. We generally use the FUE method because of its non-invasive nature and the absence of scarring.

With the FUE method, donor hair can be extracted individually from a healthy growth area of the scalp. At the beginning of the procedure, you will receive a local anaesthetic to avoid any discomfort throughout.

Next, part of your hair will be shaved to allow better access to the follicles, after which the surgeon will make small incisions to remove the follicles from your scalp. These incisions measure only 1 or 2 millimetres, so no stitches are needed and there is no scarring. In some cases, it is possible to harvest the follicles without shaving the head.

After harvesting, the “follicular grafts” are then cut to a size suited to the patient’s eyebrows. Each follicle will be reinserted into the scalp using incisions similar in size to those made for the harvest, carefully positioned and angled to mimic the growth of a natural eyebrow and lie flat against the skin.

An eyebrow transplant in Turkey requires very little downtime and, in most cases, you can return to your normal activities within 24 hours. If you opt for a transplant at one of our clinics, you are advised to stay in Istanbul for up to a week after the operation so that we can monitor the healing process over the first seven days.

During these days, you will be invited to attend a post-operative check-up, after which you can spend the rest of your stay exploring the region and enjoying Turkey’s rich culture. Your eyebrow transplant package will include 4 or 5 star accommodation, so you can choose to relax during your stay as you wish.

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