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Focus on HIV hair transplants in Turkey! How much does it cost in Istanbul? Tips for a successful HIV hair transplant in Turkey. provides information on HIV positive hair transplants in Istanbul, Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

Price of an HIV hair transplant in Turkey

The average cost of an HIV hair transplant in Turkey in Istanbul is €2,900, with a minimum price of €2,700 and a maximum price of €3,100.

ProcedureCost Turkey
HIV hair transplant2900 €

What is HIV hair transplantation?

Many people suffer from hair loss due to ageing, hormonal imbalances or the side effects of certain medications. HIV-positive people can suffer from a viral infection that attacks the immune system and interferes with its functions. This can lead to various side effects and complications. Although not proven to be related, HIV-positive people may also experience hair loss as a symptom.

Being HIV positive does not prevent you from having a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. You can have a hair transplant in the sterile operating theatres, which are designed only for hair transplant operations in HIV-positive people.

Can an HIV-positive person have a hair transplant?

Because of the complexity of the situation and the risks involved, hair transplants have long been refused to HIV-positive people. However, it is now possible for HIV-positive people to undergo a successful hair transplant, subject to certain precautions. These precautions are taken to ensure your safety and that of the medical team, as well as to guarantee the success of the operation and the results. As an HIV-positive person, your immune system must be strong enough and you must be in good general health to benefit from a hair transplant.

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How does an HIV-positive hair transplant work?

Hair transplants for HIV-positive people are essentially a fairly similar procedure to any other hair transplant operation. It involves extracting healthy hair follicles and transplanting them into thinning or bald areas to create a fuller look that will satisfy the patient. The two most popular methods of hair transplantation can also be used for hair transplants in HIV-positive people. These methods are the well-known DHI and FUE hair transplant techniques.

However, hair transplantation in Turkey for HIV-positive patients has a few additional requirements to ensure the safety of the patient and the medical team. The operation is carried out in a special environment reserved for HIV-positive people. This operating theatre will be strictly controlled and sterilised before and after the operation. In addition, the medical team in Istanbul must also be specialised in HIV-positive hair transplant operations.

FUE method

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the most popular hair transplant methods. This method is an improved version of the traditional method (strip or FUT) of hair transplantation.

In the FUE technique in Istanbul, hair grafts containing a few hair follicles are extracted individually using a perforation tool or a manual perforation technique.

The hair grafts are then collected in a protective environment before being planted in small incisions created in the target area. The FUE technique gives a more natural-looking result and allows more hair grafts to be transplanted at once.

DHI method

The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method is a step up from the FUE technique. In this method, the hair grafts are extracted individually using a tool called a Choi pen.

The difference with the FUE method is that the hair grafts are also loaded into the Choi pen, avoiding the need to collect the hair follicles in a different environment prior to the planting process.

Hair grafts loaded into the Choi pen can be planted directly into the target area. The DHI method is much quicker and provides a better method of hair transplantation.

Do I have to say I’m HIV-positive before the operation?

If you are seeking a hair transplant as an HIV-positive person, there is no need to hide this information from your medical team. You should say that you are HIV-positive because you will be tested before the operation anyway. So you can start planning your hair transplant operation now.

How much does an HIV hair transplant in Istanbul cost?

As with many other cosmetic operations, Turkey is one of the best places you can choose for your HIV hair transplant.

The surgeons, who are particularly experienced and highly qualified, are ready to accompany you on your hair transplant journey. In addition, the cost of HIV positive hair transplantation in Istanbul can be much lower than in other countries.

The cost of HIV-positive hair transplants is generally higher than that of ordinary hair transplant operations. This is because HIV-positive hair transplants require the use of a special surgical environment reserved for such operations and the use of special sterilisers. In addition, an HIV-positive hair transplant is much more complex because of the risks involved.

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