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Are you suffering from hair loss? Do you have a lot of hollows in your head? Are you struggling with alopecia? Well, the solution is hair surgery. And we’ll organise your female hair transplant in Spain at a competitive rate!

BestClinic.co.uk provides information on women’s hair transplants in Spain and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does a female hair transplant cost in Spain?

Spanish hair clinics specialise in hair transplants for women. They adopt conservative, high-performance protocols that produce excellent results! What’s more, the prices they charge are very affordable by European standards.

The price of a female hair transplant in Spain is €3,000. Depending on your needs, the all-inclusive package can vary from 2400 to 3200 euros.

Type of procedureCost in euros
Hair transplant for women in Spain3000 €

All you need to know about women’s hair transplants in Spain

Hair transplantation involves extracting and transplanting the patient’s own hair. The advantages are numerous and, above all, permanent. They include

  • Creating volume ;
  • Increased density;
  • Having a full fringe and hairline again, among other things.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss in women is represented by a hollow on the forehead and vertex. In addition, a host of factors can be at the root of hair problems, including:

  • Hormonal imbalance ;
  • Hereditary origin (androgenetic alopecia);
  • Trichotillomania ;
  • Stress ;
  • Unbalanced diet, etc.

To discover the reasons for hair loss, it is important to carry out a hair analysis. Once the causes have been detected, a diagnosis is made so that the hair transplant process can begin.

Can any woman have a hair transplant in Spain?

Any woman over the age of 18 can have a hair transplant. Provided they suffer from alopecia.

Advantages of hair transplantation for women in Spain :

Hair clinics are located in Spain’s major cities: Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, etc. Whichever clinic you choose, you’ll have the chance to wander around the tourist towns before the operation and/or during your convalescence.

Not only are Spanish clinics well located and reputable, their doctors are meticulous and use effective and efficient techniques. They operate using the best methods and adapt to the needs of their patients. And they strive to offer satisfactory, aesthetic and natural-looking results.

Hair transplants are also very popular among the stars.

How much does a female hair transplant cost in Spain?

It’s the question that can’t be ignored! And the one that drives hundreds of thousands of patients to choose hair transplant surgery in Spain is the cost. The cost of hair surgery in Barcelona or Madrid can be up to 40% cheaper than in Europe. Expect to pay between €2,400 and €3,200 for a woman’s hair transplant in Spain. However, this price varies according to the techniques used, the complexity of the modification and the surgeon’s reputation. For a precise price and an opinion from the best Spanish hair surgeon, ask for a personalised quote.

The price of a female hair transplant in Spain is calculated according to the :

  • How advanced the alopecia is;
  • The cause of the hair loss
  • The difficulty of the case;
  • The number of grafts implanted;
  • The characteristics of the donor hair (size, texture, colour, etc.)
  • Medical costs ;
  • Care staff fees;
  • Post-operative visits.

Procedures for hair transplants in Spain

To determine the areas to be transplanted, it is important to assess the stage of baldness. To save you having to travel to Spain for a clinical consultation.

We can contact a surgeon to carry out a remote hair analysis. So that we can offer you the right medical treatment.

To benefit from our services, please fill in the form provided. Our co-ordinator will ask you for documents that will enable the specialist to assess your baldness and give you a quote. For example: photos of your head and any blood tests.

How does a hair transplant work in Spain?

We cover everything concerning your hair transplant. What you need to know:

  • Your return tickets;
  • Your accommodation;
  • Making appointments for pre- and post-operative consultations, etc.

Before a woman’s hair transplant

Patients wishing to undergo female hair transplant surgery in Spain will have to undergo a period of medical preparation during which they will be put on a treatment to encourage regrowth, such as Finasteride or Minoxidil.

Moreover, this hair surgery can be carried out in a single session or in several sessions. The number of sessions depends, of course, on the stage of female baldness and the number of grafts. The frequency will be spaced out over a few months or even a year.

The female hair transplant process in Spain

We recommend that you come to the clinic wearing a shirt or jumper with buttons. This makes it easy to remove after the operation.

Hair transplants are carried out under local anaesthetic, starting with preparation of the donor area. The surgeon will then proceed with the grafting method best suited to the patient’s case. The techniques used include: FUL-FUE without shaving, and FUL-FUE with shaving.

Generally speaking, women’s hair transplants in Spain follow the zero-trimming process. And, therefore, it will certainly involve the transplantation of FUL follicular units (long hair FUT).

To this end, patients must come the day before the operation. The medical staff will take the necessary number of follicular units.

The number of sessions and the number of grafts depend on how advanced the alopecia is. Some patients will need 100 follicles, while others will need 3,000 grafts. These details are communicated to the patient in advance, during the initial consultation.

For information, if the level of alopecia is advanced, it is possible to carry out partial or complete clipping on the same day as the transplant. The former involves shearing the donor area only, and the latter involves shearing both the donor and recipient areas.

In any case, the hair will start to grow 2 months after the hair transplant, and then gain 1 cm monthly. The results obtained will be natural and permanent.

After a woman’s hair transplant in Spain

You will be discharged on the same day as the hair transplant. However, you will need to be vigilant afterwards.

Precautions to take after a woman’s hair transplant in Spain

It is best to take a taxi home and not to drive immediately after the operation. Also, make sure that your head does not rub against the sides of the car when getting in or out.

In some cases, scabs may form on the recipient area. Don’t worry, simply spray this area with a disinfectant, especially for the first 2 days.

In addition, it’ s best to sleep either on your side or on your back, but raise your head off the pillow. Wear clothes that are easy to put on and take off. You should also avoid wearing a cap, practising sport, using a hairdryer, and anything else that causes perspiration… For 15 days.


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If the surgeon is able to meet your objectives and gives us the go-ahead for your hair transplant, we’ll send you a free, no-obligation personalised quote.

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