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In Tunisia, some surgeons perform a forehead reduction to create a more proportional hairline and forehead. Find out more about hairline reduction.

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Price of a lowering of the hairline in Tunisia

The average cost of lowering the hairline in Tunisia in Tunis is €1,400. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €1,200 to €1,600.

ProceduresCost Tunisia
Lowering of the hairline1400 €

What is a lowering of the hairline?

Hairline lowering is a surgical procedure lasting about two hours that brings the hairline lower down on the forehead, reducing its size. This procedure is most often requested by women who are unhappy with the length of their forehead and who would benefit aesthetically from a lower hairline.

Women who request a lower hairline almost always have the same problem: they have a complex about the size of their forehead. In general, this type of problem has been a persistent source of personal frustration and embarrassment for most of their lives. It is a very personal issue that can cause embarrassment and affect self-esteem.

In many cases, women with a high hairline may try to conceal their forehead with various hairstyles, scarves or hats. Fortunately, forehead lowering is an effective surgical procedure designed to help women who wish to lower the position of their hairline to achieve more balanced facial proportions.

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What are the benefits of hairline lowering?

Our hairline lowering procedure offers many benefits to women who wish to reposition their hairline lower on the forehead. For the majority of patients, lowering the hairline :

  • Can reduce the size of the forehead by ¾ of an inch or more.
  • Usually takes about 2 hours to complete
  • Improves facial proportions
  • Incision is well concealed
  • Recovery time is short and results are fast.
  • Can improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

For the best cosmetic result, Dr. Houssock may recommend natural-looking hair transplants to advance the hairline or camouflage any visible residual scar tissue.

Who is a candidate for hairline lowering?

Most women with a high hairline and good skin elasticity can potentially be candidates for the hairline lowering procedure. As a general anaesthetic is required to perform this procedure, patients must be in good general health to avoid complications.

People who have difficulties with abnormal scarring and wound healing may be encouraged to consider other options. The only way to know if you are a candidate for forehead reduction surgery is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Houssock.

At your appointment, your surgeon will perform a full medical evaluation, examine your hairline, discuss your concerns and determine if hairline reduction is the best option for you.

Is a forehead reduction without surgery possible?

Unfortunately, there are no non-surgical options for forehead reduction. Patients’ choices are limited to hair transplants, hairline reduction surgery, or a combination of hairline reduction and hair transplants.

Hair transplants are the least surgically burdensome option; however, patients who want the hairline to advance ¾ of an inch or more are generally better served by hairline-lowering surgery.

What can I expect during hairline lowering surgery?

Hairline reduction surgery is an excellent way for well-selected patients to achieve a lower hairline in as little as two hours. The operation is performed under sedation in our certified surgical centre by our specialist anaesthetist.

The scalp is brought forward through an incision at the hairline and excess forehead skin is removed. The hairline is then positioned lower on the forehead, usually ¾ of an inch lower, or possibly more, depending on your needs. The incision for the procedure can usually be hidden along the hairline for a natural appearance.

After the procedure, many of our patients enjoy the appearance of their new hairline and express renewed confidence.

What is the recovery process like after lowering the hairline?

Slight swelling and numbness of the forehead are common in the first few days of recovery after the operation. Before the operation, our surgeon provides full post-surgical instructions, which should be followed closely to facilitate good healing.

Most patients are able to wash their hair the day after the operation and many return to work a few days later. After about a week, the stitches are usually removed.

Although healing time may vary from patient to patient, recovery generally takes two to three weeks. It is important to avoid heavy lifting and other strenuous activities until your surgeon says you can resume them. For some patients, a follow-up hair transplant procedure may allow the hairline to be lowered further, if necessary.

Once you have fully recovered and the incision has healed, you can enjoy your new look. The appearance of any scar should continue to improve over time.

For the majority of patients, hairline adjustment beautifully accentuates their facial features and gives them renewed confidence. They can also enjoy a wide variety of new hairstyles and no longer have to try to hide their foreheads with scarves and hats.

Will I have a visible forehead reduction scar?

For the majority of patients, the incision for the forehead reduction procedure can be hidden in the hairline for a natural-looking result. At the beginning of the procedure and during the early stages of healing, the incision may be visible.

However, once the incision has completely healed and the scar tissue has matured, any residual scarring is usually difficult to detect. If the patient wants more coverage of the scar, natural-looking hair grafts can be performed for additional camouflage.

How is the price of this operation calculated?

Hairline reduction surgery is highly personalised to meet the needs of the patient and a variety of factors need to be assessed before a precise cost can be determined. Price estimates are generally dictated by the following criteria:

  • The distance to which the hairline will be advanced
  • the complexity of the procedure
  • The possible costs of the hair transplant (during and/or after the operation)
  • Anaesthetic costs
  • Clinic and surgeon fees
  • Post-operative medication

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