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All you need to know about macrolane & hyacorp injections in Turkey! What is the average price in Istanbul? Our advice for a successful operation in Turkey.

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What is the price of a HYAcorp Macrolane Injection in Turkey?

The average cost of a Macrolane or HYAcorp injection in Istanbul, Turkey is โ‚ฌ2,700. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from 2,000 euros to 3,500 euros.

ProcedureCost Turkey
HYAcorp Macrolane injection2700 โ‚ฌ

What is Macrolane and HYAcorp?

Macrolane, also known as the “30-minute breast operation”, is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that was used to shape the body, particularly the breasts and buttocks. Its use has never been approved by the FDA in the United States, but Europe has temporarily adopted the product.

This breast-enhancing injection was presented as a quick, non-surgical alternative to breast implants. Macrolane was withdrawn from the breast augmentation market in 2012 due to safety concerns about its interference with breast cancer screening.

Macrolane was injected into the breast to increase its volume (by one cup size). The procedure was carried out under local anaesthetic, and patients generally experienced swelling, bruising and discomfort in the days following treatment.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of Macrolane injection?


  • The procedure was so quick (only 30 to 45 minutes) that it could be carried out during a lunch break.
  • The results were instantaneous.
  • It was a less invasive and less expensive alternative to breast augmentation surgery.


Studies show that Macrolane injection is not a recommended substance for breast augmentation, due to its interference with mammography and breast cancer screening. For this reason, it has not been marketed since 2012.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said that in a survey of its members, one in four surgeons reported patient complications, such as lump formation and nipple contracture, after Macrolane injection.

This procedure has never been approved by the FDA.

Some patients reported that it did not last long enough to justify the cost (some reported that the effects lasted only a few months).

Some patients reported inconsistent results, particularly when the filler began to break down.

What are the alternatives to Macrolane?

Macrolane was replaced in 2017 by a product called HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF1/2. It contains a highly purified hyaluronic acid gel and can be used to reshape the buttocks and calves and as part of corrective procedures. HYAcorp dermal fillers are not currently approved in the United States but are approved in Europe.

Breast fat transfer (also known as breast lipofilling) is an increasingly popular procedure in which fat is harvested by liposuction and then injected into the breasts.

It is designed to restore or add volume up to two cup sizes, without the risks and potential side effects of breast implants.

Unfortunately, it does not help to alleviate sagging or lax skin, but you can have a breast lift at the same time. The average cost of a breast fat transfer procedure is around โ‚ฌ3,200.

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