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Otoplasty in Turkey is a surgical operation that consists of modifying the appearance of the ear to make it more in harmony with the face. Its main purpose is to reattach protruding ears.

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How much does otoplasty cost in Turkey?

The average cost of otoplasty in Turkey is €1,600. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €1,300 to €1,900.

ProcedureCost Turkey
Otoplasty1600 €

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty in Istanbul is a surgical operation in Turkey that consists of modifying the appearance of the ear to make it more in harmony with the face. Its main purpose is to reattach protruding ears.

The ear is an organ that affects a person’s outward appearance and has both aesthetic and functional importance. The most common aesthetic disorder of the ear is a compressed ear deformity. Aesthetic ear surgery is the most common type of cosmetic surgery. With prominent ear surgery, the angles of the ear are corrected and brought closer to the head.

Normally, the angle between the ear and the skull is between 30 and 35 degrees. This angle is increased in people with protruding ears.

Today, protruding ears affect more than 5% of the population. Although the physiological effect on the patient is unimportant, it has a serious effect on psychological and aesthetic aspects. Ear deformity consists mainly of an excess of the angle of the auricle with the skull, and the absence of the fold of the external ear.

Before and after photos

What is the ideal age for otoplasty?

The ear is 98% developed by the age of 5-6 years. These operations are ideal for the pre-school period in this age group. The reason for this is to prevent children being socially traumatised by their friends at school, and to avoid a loss of self-confidence on the part of the child, it is recommended that otoplasty be performed in Turkey at an early age.

Although this is not a healthy statistic in our country, the rates are roughly equal for both sexes. However, girls are able to close their ears with their hair at an older age.

They are not able to recover after 5 or 6 years. As the development of the ear cartilage is complete at this age, there is no improvement. A significant ear deformity can place a heavy psychological burden on children.

Children whose friends make fun of them during primary school may also show symptoms linked to psychological trauma, such as loss of self-confidence, inability to go out in public, speak in front of the community, fail lessons and not go to school.

Before prominent ear surgery

The patient’s suitability for surgery and their expectations are assessed during the interview. Detailed information about otoplasty in Turkey is given and the patient must be informed about the procedure before and after the operation.

Patients who cannot benefit from a local anaesthetic may also be operated on under general anaesthetic.

Procedure for otoplasty surgery in Turkey

Prominent ear surgery is usually performed within an hour to an hour and a half under local anaesthetic. It is a painless operation that does not require hospitalisation. Incisions are made behind the ear using surgical cords to shape the ear cartilage and bring it closer to the skull.

After the operation

After otoplasty in Istanbul, patients can go home after the operation under local anaesthetic. All that is required is to use a painkiller for a few days. Your doctor’s advice on this is extremely important. After a few days, the patient can return to work.

The newly formed cartilage is held in place by cords, and sports bandanas are used until the ear adheres to the tissue. This period lasts approximately 6 weeks.

During the recovery period, it is necessary to wear a headband at night

How is the price determined?

  • Difficulty of the operation
  • Type of anaesthetic,
  • Type of methods to be used,
  • Whether otoplasty will be performed on one or both ears,
  • Problems other than prominent ears,
  • Type of hospital (public or private),
  • Length of stay in hospital,

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