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Everything you need to know about lipo vaser in Turkey! What is the average price in Istanbul? Our advice for successful high-definition laser liposuction in Turkey. provides information about Vaser lipo in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

Price of liposuction vaser in Turkey

The price of Vaser liposuction in Turkey is determined by the number and size of areas of your body to be treated. The average cost is €2,300, with a range from €1,800 to €2,800. Under general anaesthetic, the operation lasts between 1 and 4 hours. The length of stay in Istanbul is 7 days, and the hospital stay is 1 night. Results are visible within 6 months.

Vaser Liposuction 1 zone1800 euros
Vaser Liposuction 2 areas2000 euros
Vaser Liposuction 3 zones2200 euros
Vaser Liposuction 4 zones2400 euros

What is laser liposuction?

Despite a healthy lifestyle and physical exercise, we can often find areas and pockets of fat that are difficult to eliminate. Although it’s perfectly natural and safe, many people seek to eliminate these pockets of fat in favour of a slimmer, more defined figure thanks to vaser lipo.

Since my operation, I’ve never been happier – it was the best decision I ever made. I finally have confidence in myself and I love the way I look. I’m as grateful as ever. I can say that I have breasts again.

Schéma de la canule lors d'une vaser lipo
Diagram of the cannula during vaser lipo

High-definition laser liposuction, also known as liposculpture or vaser liposuction, is an advanced fat removal and reduction technique that can shape and sculpt your body. Laser liposuction enhances your natural features and creates a defined, toned physique.

Laser liposuction uses advanced, minimally invasive ultrasound technology to precisely target and remove unwanted areas of fat. However, even with the highest quality equipment, it is the degree of meticulous body sculpting performed by the surgeon that distinguishes laser liposuction from conventional liposuction surgery.

Video explaining vaser lipo

This cosmetic surgery can be used to create more defined calves, stomach muscles and arms, as well as removing excess fat. It can also be used to tighten loose skin in those small, complex areas, such as under the chin.

Our partner clinics in Turkey always ensure that patients get the procedure that’s right for them, and they understand that laser liposuction is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ procedure. That’s why they offer traditional liposuction, laser liposuction and non-surgical liposuction.

*The results and benefits of laser liposuction vary and are different for each individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

Before and After Photos

The benefits of laser liposuction

Laser liposuction is a state-of-the-artfat removal technique that delivers exceptional results, unlike other forms of liposuction. This procedure is suitable for both men and women.

Surgical and post-operative benefits

  • Minimally invasive and without damage to surrounding tissue, which means that post-operative pain is reduced to a minimum.
  • Minimal scarring, bruising and bleeding
  • Reduced downtime and faster recovery
  • Gentle enough to be performed under local anaesthetic – depending on the number of areas treated, you may not need to stay in hospital overnight.
  • Tailor-made post-operative garments ensure optimal results

The benefits of laser liposuction

  • A pioneering body contouring treatment to sculpt and define muscles
  • Skin firming by stimulating collagen production
  • Immediate results with continuous improvement for up to 6 months after the procedure.
  • Smoother, more predictable results
  • A precise, targeted procedure, suitable for large or small areas (including delicate areas such as the chin and inner thighs)
  • Treated areas should retain their sculpted appearance as long as you maintain the same weight

How is laser liposuction performed?

Laser liposuction, also known as “ultrasound-assisted liposuction” because of the ultrasound energy and technology applied, is a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive fat removal procedure.

Ultrasound energy targets unwanted fat while preserving important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue and collagen to promote rapid healing.

By liquefying superficial and deep fat around muscle groups, it improves the visibility of the underlying toned muscles. The result is a reshaped, more defined and sculpted body, giving you a svelte, toned and shapely appearance.


To achieve the best results, it is essential that your surgeon is specially trained in VASER Hi Def liposculpture.

What areas can be treated by vascular liposculpture?

Laser liposuction is the surgical removal of fat from specific areas of the body. The laser liposuction procedure is so precisely targeted that it can be used on areas that traditional liposuction cannot treat.

The areas most frequently treated are as follows:

  • Chest or bust
  • Upper and lower back
  • Stomach
  • Flanks / waist
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Chin / neck
  • Weapons
  • Inner and outer thighs

Post-operative advice

Although the healing process is different for everyone, laser liposuction involves more follow-up than traditional liposuction. The more you respect the healing process, the better your results will be; the final result will only be clear two or three months after the operation.

The optimal follow-up programme includes the use of tailor-made body compression garments, ultrasound, lymphatic massage, physical exercise and a correct diet after the operation.

Schéma d'une canule aspirant des cellules graisseuse
Diagram of a cannula aspirating fat cells

The treated areas will retain their sculpted appearance as long as you maintain your weight. If you gain weight, you will generally gain more in areas other than those treated.

Post-operative recovery

Incision area

You may experience some fluid leakage from the incision areas during the first day or two after surgery. This is a tumescent liquid that is the product of the local anaesthetic. It may be tinted blood, which is perfectly normal, so don’t worry; however, any pronounced leakage should be brought to the clinic’s attention.

Within 7 days of your operation, depending on the area treated, you will have a wound check to assess your sutures which should dissolve gradually. Avoid getting the incision area wet, as a warm, moist environment harbours bacteria and can lead to wound infection.

Compression girdle

You will return from the clinic with your made-to-measure compression girdle in place. You must wear it at all times until your surgeon tells you that you can remove it. Be aware that if you stop wearing your made-to-measure liposuction garment before you’ve been told, you won’t get optimal results.

Perdre une tour de taille avec une vaser lipo
Losing a waistline with vaser lipo

Bruising / Swelling

You should expect bruising, swelling and pain after the procedure; some swelling may persist for several months. You may also feel a loss of sensation in the treated areas, which is completely normal and nothing to worry about. As your nerves begin to regenerate, sensation should return to normal.


Immediately after your operation, you should expect some mild discomfort that is easily controlled with your medication. This lasts for only a short time, with most patients getting up and moving around comfortably after a day or two; be aware that you may need some assistance in the 24 to 48 hours following the operation.

Painkillers will be prescribed to control any discomfort, but if you begin to experience severe pain, please contact us immediately. We strongly advise you not to take any medicines containing aspirin for a week after the operation.

Short-term precautions

Physical activity

Laser liposuction surgery requires minimal downtime, which means you can resume a gentle daily routine within two days of the procedure – depending on the area treated. We advise you to take at least a week off work to allow yourself to recover fully.

Simulation photo avant et après
Before and after photo simulation

Over the next two or three weeks, the treated areas may remain very sensitive and strenuous physical activity should be limited; during this period, you can gradually resume activities such as light lifting and sex. During your consultation, your surgeon will give you clear advice on the activities you can undertake, depending on your treatment area.

Compression girdle

Immediately after your operation you will have received a bespoke Liposculpture compression garment, this is an important part of the healing process. Your garment should be worn for four to six weeks, as advised by your doctor, to promote healing, reduce swelling and, above all, ensure good contouring of the treated areas.

Long-term precautions

For optimum results, we recommend that your long-term post-operative care also includes a personalised course of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage. We work closely with an MLD specialist if you decide to incorporate this type of massage into your healing process.

Manual lymph drainage massage

For best results, we recommend investing in a course of manual lymph drainage massage which helps speed up the recovery process, removes any swelling or fluid build-up in the body and helps get rid of any remaining toxins.

Femme mesurant son tour de taille
Woman measuring her waistline

The massage technique can be used after laser liposuction, as early as 48 hours after the procedure, to speed up your recovery. It combines ultrasound treatment followed by manual massage.

By manipulating the lymph at the dermal-epidermal junction (1 to 2 mm deep, equivalent to the thickness of 4 to 5 sheets of paper), the technique facilitates the body’s process and eliminates excess fluid from deep layers as well as from shallow and negative spaces.

This massage ensures better retraction of the skin, reduces muscle stiffness, thus improving your immediate mobility after the operation, and has a therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues.

Physical activity

After six weeks, you should be fully recovered and able to undertake more strenuous physical exercise, such as jogging and weight training. If you are still experiencing discomfort or are unsure whether you can resume more strenuous physical activity, please speak to your liposculpting surgeon who will be happy to discuss your concerns with you.

Risks, complications and side effects

There may be some rare risks during vaser lipo:

  • Blood clot in the lungs ;
  • Bleeding under the skin;
  • Skin necrosis;
  • Bad scarring;
  • Scar infections;
  • Fat embolism.
Coordinatrice avec une patiente
Co-ordinator with a patient

That’s why you should trust us to help you choose your surgeon in Istanbul and opt for a reputable and experienced practitioner.

Note that in the Islamic religion, vaser lipo is not haram. It is halal and accepted if it aims to remove a defect affecting the body.

Our establishment is accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) and will make your stay easier. Our team is trained to offer personalised assistance to people with disabilities.

How much does vaser lipo cost in Turkey?

The cost of laser vaser lipo depends on the number of areas you plan to liposculpt. The price is determined by the time needed to reshape the areas you are concerned about. In Turkey, the average cost of vaser lipo is €2,300. The price also depends on the surgeon’s experience.

How long does a Vaser Lipo procedure last?

The time needed to perform laser liposuction depends on the number and size of the areas treated; however, it generally takes between one and two hours to treat up to three areas.

Une femme touche son ventre après une liposuccion
A woman touches her tummy after liposuction

Can men benefit from laser liposuction?

In Turkey, a significant number of vaser liposuction patients are men. The most popular treatment areas for men are the chest, stomach and “love handles”. It should be noted that people with HIV are all accepted.

Will I have a choice between a local anaesthetic and a general anaesthetic?

Laser liposuction can be performed under general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation. This decision will be taken with your surgeon and will depend on your preference and ability.

How much “downtime” will I have to recover from?

As laser liposuction is less intrusive than traditional liposuction, there is less downtime and recovery time*. There will be some bruising and swelling. We therefore recommend that you allow at least 5 to 7 days before returning to work, and 14 days before returning to the gym or engaging in strenuous activity.

Un couple épanoui
A happy couple

Most importantly, for optimum results and minimal discomfort, we advise you to listen to your body and not overwork yourself until you have fully recovered. You will need to wear a discreet support garment for about 4 weeks after the operation.

Will I have to spend a night in hospital?

Laser liposuction can be performed during the day, but in certain circumstances, depending on the number of areas treated and your suitability, the surgeon in Turkey may ask you to stay overnight. This will be discussed with you during your consultation with the surgeon.

How many areas of my body can I have treated during the same operation?

Our highly experienced Turkish and Tunisian surgeons will treat up to four areas in one operation, depending on your skills and needs. Your surgeon will discuss the best treatment for you to achieve optimal results during your consultation.

Analyse du tissu adipeux par radiofréquence
Radiofrequency fat analysis

Will I regain weight in the same area after laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction should not be used as a weight control tool, but rather should be performed when you have reached your optimal weight. If you maintain your weight with a balanced and healthy lifestyle after the procedure, the removal of fat cells allows you to gain up to four kilos before noticing a change in the treated area.

However, no fat removal procedure can remove all the fat cells from the treated area, so you may see some fat return.

Will I have pockets of fat in different places after laser liposuction?

If you maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, you will not have pockets of fat in the treated area or in other parts of the body*. Any weight gain or loss you do experience will tend to be spread proportionately over your whole body.

What does Vaser mean?

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, referring to the energy used to liquefy the fat cells in the treated area.

Analyse par cavitation
Cavitation analysis

Who performs laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction, although minimally invasive, is a surgical procedure that is performed by our highly trained and experienced surgeons at one of our world-class hospitals in Turkey and Tunisia.

Will it tighten the excess skin on my tummy?

Many people find that they have excess skin on their tummy following pregnancy or significant weight loss. Although liposuction of the stomach tightens the skin, it cannot treat large areas. To remove significant excess skin, we recommend a tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty.

If you’re having trouble deciding, we can help you make a success of your vaser lipo, and at a reduced rate.

Enjoy a FREE evaluation!

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How long does a vaser lipo last in Turkey?

The lifespan of vaser liposuction in Turkey, as elsewhere, depends on the patient’s behaviour. If they adopt a healthy lifestyle, watching what they eat and practising a minimum amount of physical activity, the effects of vaser lipo will last indefinitely.

Vaser liposuction causes post-operative discomfort, whether performed in Turkey or elsewhere. However, the pain is perfectly bearable, as you can compare it to muscle soreness. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for the pain to disappear completely.

The success rate for vaser liposuction in Turkey is optimal, thanks to this new technology. In fact, it is possible to easily remove up to 80% of superfluous fat mass, which is far superior to traditional liposuction methods, and without any risk.

Vaser liposuction, or vaser lipo, is the best technique. It removes up to 80% of the fatty mass, while the skin is reattached more easily to the muscles than with other methods. It is also more precise when it comes to targeting unwanted fat.

It all depends on your age, as skin loses its elasticity over time, and the amount of fat to be removed. Specific creams and massages help the skin to tighten. If this is not enough, an operation may be necessary.

The length of stay in Turkey for vaser liposuction depends on the extent of the operation. The nature of the anaesthetic, whether local or general, is the most important factor. On average, you should expect to spend between 5 and 8 days in Turkey, with the possibility of an overnight stay in hospital.

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