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Forme Clinic specialises in cosmetic surgery. Founded in 2013, this certified clinic is located in Prague, Czech Republic. See customer reviews, before/after photos and request prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Forme Clinic, Prague, Czech Republic

Forme Clinic was established in 2013 and is a plastic surgery clinic. It specialises in the most comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and is proud to say that it offers access to the best treatments, standards and practices.

The clinic is a popular choice with international patients seeking affordable and high quality cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast surgeries, calf implants, tummy tucks, liposuction, Botox, buttock implants, baldness remedies and chin and cheek surgeries.

As the number of places is limited, each visitor receives optimum care from their surgeon and nurse throughout their treatment.

Clinic speciality :

Aesthetic Surgery
Wrinkle treatment
Lip augmentation
Nipple reduction
Areola reduction
Nipple correction
Removal of breast implants
Neck lift
Fat transfer
Hollow cheeks – Bichectomy
Cervico-facial lift
Buttock lift
Breast reduction
Breast augmentation
Calf implants
Buttock implants
Thigh lift


Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel reservations
International newspapers
Interpreting services
Private rooms
Translation services
In-room TV

City: Prague – Country: Czech Republic – Founded: 2013
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: Czech, English, German, Russian

Opinion of Formé Clinic

Esmeralda Cañas Espino
Esmeralda Cañas Espino
12:03 14 May 21
3 months ago I had a medical review with Dr. Baran, I requested a miniabdominoplastia. Dr Baran review my body and insisted in just make a Liposuction, in which I was skeptical 🧐.The surgery day at morning review I tried again to convince him about what I wanted and he insisted in liposuction, so we finished with the liposucción.Now I can tell that I have great results on my body just what I was expecting, I am really happy with the results about doctor's work.😁 I want to mention that the Dr. Anesthetist gave me a lot of confidence, he was very sympathetic and he definitely does his work great, in my talk with him before surgery he explained all procedure perfectly. I want to thank him please (I don't remember his name) but he is great, his work is as important as the surgeon. ❤️Additional I have to say that my experience at clinic was great, the nurses all tooked care about me, they where all kind, and they where taking care even at night, the food was amazing, the room very cleaned and pretty. In general service was better that I was expecting. I would do it again in this place.👍
Beatrice 91
Beatrice 91
09:11 17 Aug 23
I have had a great experience with DR LHOTSKY and the entire clinic team. The result after breast augmentation surgery is great. I had a good and smooth recovery. I like the result very much.
Olivia Murray
Olivia Murray
15:11 31 Jul 23
Had a rhinoplasty done by Dr Vasek last month, it was an absolutely amazing experience. I was very nervous as I’d never had any type of surgery before but as soon as I spoke with Dr Vasek I knew that I was in great hands. All the staff at the clinic were amazing, so nice and super professional which made me feel very safe, having travelled alone from abroad. Rhinoplasty recovery is a long process but I was so surprised by how instantly great my result looked as soon as the cast came off, it’s looking even better now a month in and will continue to heal over the coming months. The aftercare was also really good, the clinic was super responsive to a query I had a few days after surgery. Definitely recommend!
Clair Burke
Clair Burke
20:03 13 Sep 23
I had a facelift in April last year and I am so happy with the results. The clinic is wonderful - clean and calm. Food was great and the doctors, nurses and all other staff were all amazing. Definitely recommend.
Inna Artiushenko
Inna Artiushenko
08:39 23 Jan 24
My mother and I had a disappointing experience at the Forme clinic. We scheduled an operation, but the pre-operative examination that cost 4 500 Kč was questionable. The EKG machine malfunctioned, incorrectly indicating that my mother had a heart attack. This caused us great distress, but an external cardiologist later confirmed her heart was fine (additional money and time spent).The operation was postponed to the next day. However, they proceeded without her blood test results, which later revealed elevated liver enzymes. The anesthesiologist deemed this a contraindication for anesthesia, leading to the operation’s cancellation.Despite not performing the operation, the clinic charged us for it. Via email they promised a refund within 60 days, sending their terms and conditions where it says only 30 days, but delayed it even further. Initially, they agreed to refund the full cost, including the examination, but later only refunded the operation’s cost. They insisted the examination was faultless, despite the incorrect heart attack diagnosis, delayed test results, and overall disregard for our time and commitmentsLater we did the operation elsewhere without any issues.
Tjasa Saje
Tjasa Saje
06:47 22 Jun 24
Don’t go here. The clinic staff comes across as nice, but they’re not looking out for patients. The consultations felt rushed and the surgeon completely disregarded my wishes. I went for a breast reduction, but I could not be more disappointed with the result. It’s nothing like I asked for, it feels like the surgeon just decided what he wanted to do. I’m almost 3 months post op where final results show and after paying almost 10k eur together with travel and accommodation, I ended up with breasts that look saggier than before. I wish I had never picked this clinic. Post-op care is minimal and all communication goes through the reception. If you can, pick another clinic with a more personal approach and avoid this one.
Raoof Zarka
Raoof Zarka
10:25 12 Dec 23
I visited this clinic five years ago for a nose rhinoplasty and, regrettably, it turned out to be a highly disappointing experience. Initially, there was an agreement on the cost, but after the surgery, I was unexpectedly charged an additional 200 euros. Two days post-surgery, I developed a throat infection and was very ill. When I contacted the clinic for assistance, they merely advised me to get treatment from a pharmacy.A month later, upon removing the nose protection, I discovered that my nose was unevenly shaped, with one side larger than the other and a noticeable slope. After discussing this issue with the clinic and sending them pictures, they informed me that one of the nasal stitches had opened, which they did not consider to be their fault. They eventually offered a corrective operation, but required me to pay an additional fee and wait at least a year before undergoing the surgery.Recently, I contacted them to schedule the corrective surgery but received no response. Despite multiple attempts to reach out, they have not replied to me. To add to the disappointment, my nose shape is now worse than it was before the procedure. In summary, this was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a clinic in terms of both service and professional care.Response to your response :Hello,I appreciate your response, but I must clarify some points. You mentioned not receiving any communication from me or the agency, but I believe you may need to revisit the last email I sent, in which I requested clear clarification about the next steps. Unfortunately, there was no response. Additionally, I have records of WhatsApp messages sent to the agency that also went unanswered.Moreover, I was under the impression that the clinic would initiate contact post-procedure to ensure everything was progressing well, yet I never received any follow-up from your team. It's quite disheartening to observe the prompt attention given to a public review, in stark contrast to the lack of response when I directly reached out via email or through your agency.It's truly disappointing how my attempts at communication were overlooked until this matter was brought to a public platform. This experience reflects poorly on the clinic's commitment to patient care and follow-up.
09:19 03 Apr 24
You've done enough. I'd to undergo 3 operations to fix what your butcher of a surgeon did to me. I still have deep scars. Every surgeon who did corrective surgery on me later had been shocked by his work. That was an awful experience. I deeply regret putting my trust in your clinic every single day. You are lucky that I just want to leave this all behind. Be extra careful with this place and their blepharoplasty operation
julie ambrose
julie ambrose
06:39 01 Oct 23
October 2023.Deep plain facelift done June 22 has now prolapsed and I look like a bulldog, they just say please visit and fly over. They say surgeon don’t see issues. Expected to pay £600 for top lids and charged £1,250 because I would be under anaesthetic as had a facelift deep planet and neck.Dr Radek did my face and I have to start all over again. Face fantastic for 4 months approx. All year I got concerned after swelling came down as that snatched jaw line under chin became very lax I repeat my face has now prolapsed significantly 14 months on.As we know there is no follow up after discharge. Iv emailed him personally to be told il never be happy and blocked me on Instagram. Asked for 4k to do an extra special necklift.I personally should of asked more questions and he showed me only a face of one lady. I don’t know how many he had performed.In the clinic at 7am my surgery wasn’t until 4pm, I was just sitting there thinking about legging it home. The surgeon has now offended me.The apartments are stunning. Receptionist called Pavla is lovely.But no offer as I’m apparently a fussy client. Bloody rude. Julie Manchester.
Veronica Villanueva
Veronica Villanueva
14:20 21 Jul 23
Upon my arrival in Prague on July 21, I began to feel unwell and reached out to a local clinic with the hope of obtaining IV nutrient therapy. I explained my needs to the individual who answered my call, but it was apparent she was not familiar with the concept. After clarifying that this involved the administration of substances such as Vitamin C and B, the individual expressed skepticism about the possibility of arranging this treatment given my limited stay of four days in the city.Despite my assurances that even a single treatment on one of the available days (Friday, Monday, or Tuesday) would be beneficial, the individual was discouraging in her response. In my opinion, her approach did not serve the clinic well in terms of customer service or in promoting their offerings effectively.
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