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IVF Spain specialises in MAP / IVF. Founded in 2009, this certified clinic is located in Alicante, Spain. See customer reviews, before/after photos and ask for the price of surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

IVF Spain, Alicante, Spain

At IVF Spain we are committed to being at the forefront of research into assisted reproduction, constantly evaluating and using innovation and technology to guarantee our patients the best possible treatment. This commitment also allows us to specialise and achieve positive results in often complex cases such as patients whose implantation has failed, immunological and genetic problems that affect conception or repeated miscarriages, as well as in the case of anonymous egg donations.

IVF Spain was officially visited and accredited by the RAG team in March 2017 and demonstrated the high level of expertise, services, facilities and examination score than any other RAG fertility clinic in 2016. The team continues to work hard to provide ‘world class’ fertility treatment to mostly international and cross border patients.

IVF Spain is located in a very quiet and peaceful area, with easy access by public transport. The building is very modern, surrounded by beautiful palm trees, tropical plants and birdsong. The clinic has its own terrace, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. The reception area is very well designed, allowing patients to feel the harmony of the place.

The clinic’s environment is very clean and sterile. Everything is friendly and welcoming. The clinic has 4 laboratories on its premises and is equipped with the latest technology. IVF Spain’s philosophy is based on personalised treatment of the patient, offering a comprehensive service in the patient’s preferred language, which promotes clear communication and understanding. Patients receive a welcome pack and, after treatment, they can benefit from acupuncture or massage services. They are committed to being at the forefront of AHR research, constantly evaluating and using innovation and technology to ensure their patients receive the best possible treatment.

This clinic has formally demonstrated a level of expertise, facilities, service and patient response well above current international clinic standards.

Clinic speciality :

Anti-sperm antibody test
Artificial insemination
Assisted PMA hatching
Embryo transfer
Oocyte freezing
Oocyte retrieval
Embryo freezing
Embryo transfer
Embryo transfer cannula
Fertility tests for women
Fertility assessment
Follicular ultrasound
Hormone test
IVF – In vitro fertilisation
ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
IVF consultation
MACS – Immunomagnetic Cell Selection
Ovarian stimulation
PCT – Post-Coital Test
PGD – Pre-implantation diagnosis
Treatment of retrograde ejaculation
Sperm DNA fragmentation test
Sperm freezing
Tubal catheterisation

Services offered

Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel reservations
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Internet consultation
Car park
In-room telephone
Private rooms
TV in room

City: Alicante – Country: Spain – Founded in 2009
Accreditation: No information – Languages spoken: Spanish, English, French

Reviews of IVF-Spain Alicante

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Eszter Salamon
Eszter Salamon
13:37 17 Sep 23
Words can not describe how grateful we are to IVF Spain Alicante for making our dream come true. A massive thank you to Dr Izguierdo and his team for the truly professional and high level service provided. Compared to so many other fertility clinics, it's amazing how advanced IVF Spain is. Thank you Melissa for the most amazing and kind client service. And of course, thank you to everyone at the clinic who contributed to the success of making our dream come true and for always making us feel so comfortable throughout our journey. Our beautiful baby daughter was born 3 weeks ago, and she is our everything. We could not be happier.We would 100% recommend IVF Spain to anyone needing fertility support. We were made at ease from the moment we contacted the clinic for the first time. The clinic's pricing is also very clear and straightforward which made the journey even less stressful.Thank you IVF Spain and we look forward to visiting you in the next couple of years to say hello.
13:20 04 Sep 23
This clinic was brilliant and am now 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl. I had a previous bad experience in Prague with one failed attempt where I waited 2 weeks after it didn’t work for any communication of what went wrong and they’re only answer was ‘just try again’. I did not want to try Ireland where I live because it is expensive and does not have the advancements Spain has.As soon as I met the team at IVF Spain Alicante I was really impressed with them. Carmen responded to my enquiry straight away and I was only in Alicante for 2 days on the way to menorca and she accomadated me. I felt that they cared and were really on the ball and I really felt Dr Herrerer would do her absolute best for us and that she did. She is what I would ask for from an IVF doctor honest, and compassionate. Sarah was very intelligent and quick as our Nurse. Claudia and Hector always a pleasant welcome when arriving at the clean and attractive clinic.The whole procedure took a little more time than other clinics with a biopsy and IM-Map before implanting the embryo but the method is really smart because it protects you from the emotional upset from loss of embryos unnecessarily. They make sure conditions are perfect for implantation and do they’re absolute best to make it work. It was found my immunity was not supporting implantation and the timing of receptivity was different so I’m glad I tested. We did a round of IVF and then another for embryo banking and we were left with 3 genetically tested good quality frozen embryos. With the first implantation success!Me and my husband always enjoyed our trips to Alicante tho it sounds surprising because IVF can be very hard, but we enjoyed the sun and the food and the people this made an overall difference to my well being during treatment. It was always a pleasure to see the staff at the clinic and responses we’re always quick which made a huge difference to my emotional wellbeing. I would actually say it did not find the process difficult once I switched to this clinic. Me and my husband also asked if we could not receive emails after retrieval until the embryo’s had reached blastocyst to avoid the rollercoaster while the embryo’s cultivated. The clinic supported our decision. They were also very supportive of genetic testing which I did not find in other countries.I recommend this clinic so much and will think of them positively and will return for our 2 frozen embryos! I have great fondness for all the staff because they made life better when feeling the difficulties from other clinics. Even if it had not worked I saw a nurse hugging a patient who was upset supporting her, that compassion means a lot
Djurdja Milutinovic
Djurdja Milutinovic
10:49 17 Oct 23
I have done an extensive research of the clinics around Europe, and I concluded that this is the one of the best clinics. Our journey lasted about a year, with multiple visits and many studies. We have always been treated well, with patience, with attention. We always felt that IVF team is taking care of us, our process, and that they are doing their best with their expertise to achieve the result. Patient care and support is excelente., at any time. They are always available and always willing to support.And, nothing more to add, but that I highly highly recommend this clinic.Big thank you to Iuliia and Dr Rogel.
Judith P
Judith P
14:49 11 Sep 23
Pregnant with our second miracle baby! We were told at our own hospital that we would probably never conceive with my own eggs. However, at IVF Spain the approach was very different. A personalized treatment, a lot of testing and tweaking the treatment plan until we found the right approach for us.Dr. Pack and the rest of the team are very professional but also very approachable. And the results speak for themselves. Thank you once again!Would definitely recommend!
rafaella elias
rafaella elias
18:21 10 Jul 23
We are incredible thankful for being pregnant with our second child. We trust that IVF-Spain has the expertise to make you parents - even the most difficult cases and the staff is also very friendly. We definitely recommend this clinic to support you with your journey. Good luck & believe 🙂
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