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Hopital Prive Marrakech specialises in cosmetic surgery. Founded in 1980, this certified clinic is located in Marrakech, Morocco. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Hopital Prive Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco

Hopital Prive Marrakech is a multidisciplinary hospital offering services in endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, urology, general medicine, surgery, rheumatology and many others. With 171 beds, the hospital is fully equipped with several imaging centres, 10 operating theatres, a physical rehabilitation centre, a detoxification centre, treatment centres for cardiology, ophthalmology, endoscopy and other popular areas of medicine.

They are committed to providing their patients with the safest and highest quality care. The hospital has a renowned team of dedicated medical specialists, who welcome local and international patients.

Clinic speciality :

Aesthetic Surgery
Body lift
Brazilian facelift
Breast implants
Breast lift
Breast reconstruction
Breast reduction
Eyebrow lift
Buttock implants
Skin filling
Cervico-facial lift
Scar treatment
Thigh lift
Treatment of varicose veins

Hopital Prive Marrakech offers you :

Airport transfer
Flight booking
Free Wifi
Health insurance
Hotel reservations
Interpretation services
Taxi booking
Transfer of medical files
PRM-accessible rooms
Internet consultation
In-room telephone
Translation services
In-room TV

City: Marrakech – Country: Morocco – Founded in 1980
Accreditation: No information – Languages spoken: Arabic, English, French

Reviews of Hôpital Privé de Marrakech HPM

Hanane HJ
Hanane HJ
00:41 27 Apr 24
I would like to take a moment to commend the fantastic nurses at this hospital, including all of you! Abdellah, your warm welcome at the reception sets the tone for a positive experience in our hospital. Maroua, your dedication to the patients is admirable; you provide not only care but also comfort and support. And Hussein, your professionalism and kindness truly make a difference for everyone who walks through our doors. Day in and day out, you are there to support and care for patients, with a smile and a listening ear. You are the true heroes of healthcare, and I am immensely grateful for everything you do. Thank you for your tireless dedication and commitment!Greetings from Yahya’s mom & dad(My son had surgery on his finger after he caught it in the door)
Annie Woo
Annie Woo
23:23 11 Feb 24
As tourist to Marrakech, hospital is the last surprise anyone wants on a new year’s family trip. I had the luck to spend my New Year’s Eve with my sick father in HPM emergency —— thanks to doctor Dr.Haimeur and El Biby Chafiq this finally became a fortunate experience getting us on a tour of bright side of humanity and hospital experience in a foreign country. although we don’t speak French Dr. Haimeur was so patient in understanding and explaining us the whole situation; she is very professional and precise in remedy that quickly turns my father’s situation better. We were lucky to have El Biby Chafiq on administration desk that night, his attentiveness unable us to get tests much more efficiently. And his fluent English is god-sent in a French speaking emergency room! We are thankful to these angels who helped us on New Year’s Eve, best wishes to them, and wish we never come back. 🙂
19:13 26 May 18
American travelling in Morocco for vacation.Absolutely the best and most efficient hospital I have ever been to anywhere in the world. A weekend during Ramadan where nearly all the doctors/hospitals are closed and i walk in to Emergency room with a very bad infection. Within 2 minutes a nurse has spoken to me and I'm being led to a room to get seen by the doctor. Nurses, doctors, administrators were all extremely helpful and sincere. Before each treatment or next step they informed me how much service would be and if I wanted to continue. On the 1 option I chose to decline, the doctor very kindly adjusted his treatment direction to cure problem and work around my hesitation.Expecting an extraordinary bill because of the level of service I was receiving was a huge scare, yet total bill of visit was pennies compared to what you would have to pay in United States or Europe!The same hospital visit in New York would take 7 hours, cost $2000 american dollars, and make you miserable by how little attention and care was taken while you were there. This hospital on the other hand.....Hands down, AMAZING!
Solaimane Cambiaso
Solaimane Cambiaso
10:14 25 Jul 23
Had to wait for some hoursBut good hospital
20:46 11 Feb 23
fatima zahrae abrabri
fatima zahrae abrabri
17:39 12 Mar 21
The hospital is great clean and equipped, the doctor was nice, However the staff aren’t great specifically the girl at the desk was a little bit rude and i faced a difficulty to get an appointment they never answered the phone in that service so i had to skip my work to go get an appointment and come back another day to see the doctor, now they informed me to call back but they never did and that’s disappointing because i have to go back for control.
07:54 30 Oct 17
A very nice, clean environment. I am sure this hospital is great during normal working hours (8-5) but it is useless in an emergency. I am not sure how the healthcare system works in morocco however not having an emergency doctor in a hospital that advertises itself as having an ‘emergency’ department is a joke. Some staff were very helpful and for that we are thankful however some had the manners/grace of a wet paper towel. Laughing and joking around in the same room whilst someone is clearly in pain and very anxious- asking us how we found the hospital and actually laughing when we said through the internet. Not keeping the patient informed- shuffling us off to a public hospital. The price was extortionate however this was expected as this is a private hospital.
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