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All-On-6 in Hungary is a permanent dental prosthesis operation that allows your teeth to be completely reconstructed. provides information about All-On-6 in Hungary and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.


    Price of an All-On-6 in Hungary

    The average cost of an All-On-6 dental implant in Hungary is €6,000. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €4,000 to €8,000.

    ProcedureCost Hungary
    All-On-66000 €

    What is an All-On-6?

    All-on-6 dental implants are designed to replace dentures and allow six implants to be placed in the upper and lower jaws. Generally, four implants are placed in the front of the jaw and two in the back. They are on an acrylic base of the same colour as the gum tissue, while the crowns can be made of resin, zirconia or porcelain.

    All-On-6 in Hungary is a permanent dental prosthesis that allows your teeth to be completely reconstructed. The treatment provides a complete set of teeth (placed on the upper and lower jawbones) that are supported by six dental implants.

    The implants are placed at a slight angle of 30 to 45 degrees, which increases the strength of the implant. This also allows people suffering from jaw bone loss to have implants fitted without the need for time-consuming and expensive bone grafts.

    How does All-on-6 work?

    Here are all the steps you need to take to achieve the perfect smile.

    1. Initial consultation, CT scan and X-ray

    The dentist will assess the general condition of your mouth and jaw and perform the necessary scans or X-rays. Then, if you decide to go ahead with the procedure, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth. These will then be sent to the laboratory for the creation of personalised prostheses – the jaw and tooth sections or bridges that will be attached to the implants.

    2. Anaesthesia

    Before your operation, you will receive a local anaesthetic to ensure that the whole process is painless. Your mouth is then carefully cleaned to remove bacteria and damaged tissue.

    3. Placing implants in Hungary

    Four holes are drilled at the front of the jaw and two at the back. Your implants are then placed at an angle of between 30 and 45 degrees. In most cases, your new teeth are attached to the implants within a day.

    You may initially receive temporary implants that last from six to nine months. This is a precautionary measure to avoid bruising and ensure less pressure on your implants as they heal. Once your mouth has completely healed, your dentist will place your permanent implants.

    Alternative treatments to All-on-6

    There are two viable alternatives to All-On-6 implants in Hungary: dentures, traditional dental implants, All-On-4 and All-On-8


    Dentures are made of an acrylic base, which is pink and covers the gums. The upper part of the denture consists of the teeth, which are made of porcelain or resin and cover the palate. Over time, your gums change naturally and your dentures may need to be reshaped or relined. A complete replacement is recommended every 5 to 8 years.

    Dental implants

    Dental implants can be chosen when one or more teeth need to be replaced. Dental implants require a healing period of 4 to 6 months for the implant to fuse with the jawbone, before the crown and abutment are fixed. In some cases, people may require lengthy bone grafts before the implant can be fitted. Dental implants are expensive and bone grafting can increase the final cost. The length of the operation and the healing time are much longer than for All-on-6 implants.

    All-on-4 implants

    All-on-4 implants work in exactly the same way as All-on-6 implants in Hungary. The only major difference is that in the first case, you receive four implants to support the dental arch and in the second, six. All-on-4 is recommended for patients who do not have as much bone strength as those eligible for All-on-6.

    Course of the operation in Hungary

    The operation lasts between one and two hours, and you will be given a local or general anaesthetic throughout.

    Your dental team will ensure that you are comfortable and will answer any questions you may have before the operation begins. As mentioned above, any necessary extractions will be carried out and your mouth will be thoroughly cleaned before the implant is placed.

    After the procedure, your mouth may feel a little swollen and sore, which can usually be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. Recovery time is usually minimal: patients resume their usual activities a few days after the operation and, in some cases, are able to eat solid foods immediately afterwards.

    Prices of All-On-6 implants worldwide

    The cost of dental implants for the first six patients has stabilised in recent years. Thanks to access to quality dentists abroad, treatment has become much more affordable in recent years. Below are prices for All-on-6 dental implants in a number of different locations. Please note that these prices are neither fixed nor guaranteed and may vary from patient to patient, depending on a number of factors.

    Turkey5800 euros
    Hungary6,000 euros
    Mexico6700 euros
    Thailand11,000 euros

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