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Bichectomy is a facial aesthetic procedure performed in Turkey in Istanbul that allows the cheeks to be reduced in order to slim down the face. The operation involves removing fatty balls known as Bichat’s balls. provides information on bichectomy in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does a bichectomy cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a bichectomy (cheek reduction) in Turkey is €1,200. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and lasts 3 hours. The length of stay in Istanbul is 7 days, without hospitalisation. Our package includes the bichectomy, translator, surgeon’s fees, airport transfer, hotel and medication.

Bichectomy1200 €
Neck liposuction1600 €
Jaw surgery2300 €
Genioplasty2250 €

What is a bichectomy?

A bichectomy in Turkey is a facial aesthetic procedure in Istanbul that reduces the size of the cheeks to slim and hollow the face. The operation involves removing fatty balls known as Bichat’s balls. These are located in two compartments inside the cheeks.

Don’t worry, the Bichat balls are not essential for the body. They are used by babies in the first few years of life for chewing and sucking.

Video explanation of bichectomy

Bichectomy in Turkey is recommended for people who, despite diet and exercise, still have a round face.

Why have a bichectomy in Turkey?

There are many advantages to having a bichectomy in Turkey. Let’s talk briefly about why hollow cheek surgery is performed in Istanbul.

  • The world’s best cosmetic surgeons are in Istanbul
  • Prices for cosmetic surgery in Turkey are much lower than in other European countries.
  • World-class clinics in Istanbul and high level of medical facilities
  • Five-star hotels
  • Istanbul is number 1 for public transport
  • The quality of doctors and equipment.
Un chirurgien analyse le bajoue de la patiente
A surgeon analyses the patient’s jowl

Bichectomy is a type of cosmetic surgery that can only be performed by doctors who are experts in the field. The fact that Istanbul is commonly preferred in health services has increased the number of qualified surgeons and clinics in the country.

The most highly qualified doctors in the country practise in this city and meet the highest demands of the population. Do you have HIV? A special clinic has been set aside for you to have a bisectomy in complete safety for you and your staff.

In addition to the quality of the surgeons, we know that the medical equipment used is of the highest technology and quality. As a result, the success rate of this surgery has increased significantly.

Simulation bichectomie avant après
Bichectomy before and after simulation

Very competitive rates in Turkey

You will not be charged any additional fees in Istanbul, apart from the amount you pay for the operation itself. Services such as transport, accommodation and transfers are completely free.

Save time

Turkey has trained a large number of surgeons who are well known and recognised in the field. Many high-quality clinics are available in Istanbul.

You won’t need to queue due to the high number of clinics and surgeons offering quality services in Istanbul. If you decide to have a bichectomy in Turkey, the planning is done very quickly. You will be operated on as quickly as possible and will be able to return home with the face of your dreams and a smile on your face.

Une femme complexée par ses joues
A woman with a complex about her cheeks

Bichectomy surgery for men and women

Surgery to remove buccal fat requires an incision inside the mouth, on the inner part of the cheek. A small incision 2 to 4 cm long will be made between the cheek and the gums, near the second molar, on both sides of the mouth.

Sometimes, the buccal fat pad can be removed during a facelift and does not require an incision inside the mouth. Through this incision, the fatty tissue will be extracted, sculpting the cheek into a slim, pleasing contour. Absorbable sutures are then used to close the incision.

The aim of removing buccal fat is to achieve a more youthful appearance, slimming the cheeks and making them look hollow. Although a naturally soft, full face is considered youthful, some people find that their face is too round or even chubby.

Photo avant et après d'une bichectomie
Before and after photo of a bichectomy

Recovery time

Swelling and bruising are to be expected immediately after the operation.

Showering and bathing are permitted the day after the operation. Light activity is permitted and encouraged, but no heavy lifting or exertion should be attempted for 72 hours after the operation. Aerobic and impact cardio exercise should be avoided for a week after the operation.

Bichectomy in Turkey is cheaper due to many factors, but the main reason is that the local government is doing its utmost to make Turkey a leading destination for medical tourism in the world, offering an advanced level of medicine at affordable prices.

Simulation Photo avant et après d'une bichectomie
Photo simulation before and after a bichectomy

As a result, prices for medical services in Turkey (including bichectomy) are 2 to 3 times lower than in Europe. And the doctors are really experienced.

Risks, complications and side effects

There may be some rare risks during a bichectomy:

  • Temporary or permanent after-effects;
  • Haemorrhage & facial infections & oedema;
  • Damage to the salivary duct;
  • Deep vein thrombosis;
  • Damage to branches of the facial nerve.

This is why you should trust us to help you choose your plastic surgeon in Istanbul, and opt for a reputable and experienced practitioner.

Bichectomy is permitted in Islam. It is halal and religiously permitted surgery that offers medical benefits and improves a person’s quality of life.

Coordinatrice avec une patiente
Coordinator with a patient

We provide special equipment to make the stay of people with disabilities (PRM) more comfortable.

How much does a bichectomy cost in Turkey?

In Istanbul, Turkey, the average cost of a bichectomy is €1,200, with a minimum of €800 and a maximum of €1,600. Prices in Istanbul are always a little more expensive than in Ankara, Antalya or Izmir.

If you’re having trouble deciding, we can help you make a success of your operation, and at a reduced rate.

Enjoy a FREE evaluation!

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How long does a bichectomy last?

Bichectomy is a cosmetic surgery operation consisting of removing the Bichat’s balls or fat bodies from the mouth. This is definitive surgery. The results are visible between 6 weeks and 3 months depending on the nature of your skin (thin and fine or thick and firm).

Bichectomy does not hurt, as you will be under local anaesthetic, or general anaesthetic if you have a phobia about injections. However, you may experience some minor pain and swelling after the operation. These gradually diminish over 3 to 5 days.

As with all cosmetic surgeries, Bichat ball reduction in Istanbul is naturally forbidden to minors. It can be performed on anyone over 18. However, surgeons only recommend this operation for people aged between 30 and 40.

It is possible to eat immediately after the first post-operative day and for the first 3 days following your bichectomy in Istanbul. However, food must be cold or lukewarm and require no chewing effort. Cold drinks are also accepted.

Hospitalisation for a Bichectomy in Turkey requires half a day’s hospitalisation. You will then have a fairly long convalescence period to recover and to facilitate your follow-up. Allow at least 7 days for your trip.

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