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Focus on breast reduction in Tunisia! What is the average price in Tunis? Our advice for a successful breast reduction in Tunisia. provides information on breast reduction in Tunisia and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

Price of a breast reduction in Tunisia

The average cost of a breast reduction in Tunisia is €2,100. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and lasts 4 hours. The length of stay is 7 days, and the hospital stay is 1 night. The price includes the anaesthetic, the operation and the medication. The final result is visible within 4 months.

ProcedureCost Tunisia
Breast reduction2400 €

For women who suffer from large breasts, having a breast reduction in Tunisia can be a real relief. Tunisia has become a very popular destination and many women make the trip every year. The reasons for this? The very attractive cost.

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery operation that consists of lightening a chest that is too heavy by eliminating certain excess tissues and fat. The aim is to restore a more comfortable size and weight, in harmony with the rest of the body.

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Who can undergo breast reduction in Tunisia, and why?

Breasts that are too heavy often cause a variety of problems and can sometimes give rise to aesthetic complexes or even a loss of self-confidence.

Here are the most common causes:

  • Back pain is the most common reason for consultation. In addition to back pain, patients generally also suffer from chronic neck or shoulder pain;
  • Over time, the breasts sag, which can lead to major complexes and discomfort;
  • Some women do not accept their large breasts and the interest they can arouse;
  • Discomfort during certain everyday activities, such as playing sport. Similarly, getting dressed and finding suitable clothes or underwear can sometimes be difficult.


All women who suffer from overly large breasts can request a breast reduction in Tunisia. However, there are a few contraindications:

You must be at least 18 years old

We recommend waiting until you are atleast 18, once your breasts have fully developed.

No breast abnormality

A mammogram must be carried out before any surgical procedure, to rule out any abnormality or contraindication, such as breast cancer or a tumour.


A woman with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 35 should lose weight before breast reduction, as obesity greatly increases the risk of complications.


Finally, if a patient smokes heavily, she is at much greater risk of complications and scarring problems. She will need to stop smoking a few weeks before and after the operation.

Before breast reduction surgery in Tunisia

Precautions to be taken

The patient is asked to stop smoking and to stop taking anticoagulants or anti-inflammatories before the breast reduction operation.

First consultation

An initial consultation is held with the plastic surgeon. The surgeon will discuss the patient’s expectations, recommendations, potential risks, contraindications and the operation schedule.

During the operation

On the day of the operation, the patient is invited to go to the Tunisian medical centre of her choice and is welcomed by the nursing staff before entering the operating theatre.

How is a breast reduction operation carried out in Tunisia?

First of all, there are 3 types of operation, depending on the size of the breasts:

  • For small breasts, the plastic surgeon will make a very fine and simple incision around the areola;
  • For medium breasts, two incisions may be necessary. One around the areola and another between the nipple and the lower part of the breast;
  • For larger breasts, in this case 3 incisions are made, in the form of an inverted T, i.e. one under the breast, one vertical and one around the areola.

Excess tissue and fat are then removed from the lower part of the breast and the plastic surgeon reshapes it toachieve a harmonious, aesthetic result. Breast reduction may also be accompanied by liposuction or a breast lift, if necessary.

In all cases, the operation is carried out under general anaesthetic, usually on an outpatient basis. However, an overnight stay in hospital is sometimes necessary. The operation itself generally takes between 2 and 5 hours, depending on the size of the breast and the procedure used.

Risks and complications of breast reduction in Tunisia

Although the risks and complications associated with breast reduction are rare, it is important to mention them. They may include delayed healing, the appearance of a haematoma accompanied by swelling, breast asymmetry, the formation of a cyst or reduced sensitivity of the nipple. Sensitivity returns to normal in most cases between 6 and 18 months after the operation.

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After the operation

After the operation, the breasts are wrapped in bandages to provide support. Drainage tubes are also fitted to allow blood and secretions from the wound to drain away.

Precautions to be taken

  • The patient must then wear a support bra at all times for one month;
  • Sports activities can be resumed after approximately 6 months;
  • The patient must take at least one week off work;
  • Avoid any sudden movements or movements that require lifting the arms;
  • Apply sun cream to the scars for at least a year;
  • Do not sleep on your stomach.


Pain after a breast reduction is very often moderate, but analgesics and painkillers are systematically prescribed to relieve the patient as much as possible throughout the post-operative period.

Results and visible scars

The scars gradually fade in the first few months after the operation, until they become almost invisible. It is possible to accelerate or facilitate the healing process by applying skin care creams on a daily basis.

Finally, the breast is very high and round at first, then reaches its definitive shape after about three months.

How much does a breast reduction in Tunisia cost?

The price of a breast reduction in Tunisia depends on several factors:

  • The type of operation required on the breast;
  • The experience and reputation of the plastic surgeon in charge of the operation;
  • The medical establishment chosen.

In conclusion, a breast reduction in Tunisia requires a few precautions that should not be overlooked. Once all the conditions have been met and the file validated, the operation can go ahead.

Tunisia today boasts experienced surgeons and state-of-the-art medical centres to guarantee the best for patients considering breast surgery.

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