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Do your sagging breasts make you feel less feminine? Have you tried various exercises to tone and lift your breast area, to no avail? Well, say goodbye to sagging breasts, because we’re going to plan the best breast lift in Tunisia for you! provides information on breast ptosis in Tunisia and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

Price of a breast lift in Tunisia

The average cost of a breast lift in Tunisia is €2,100. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and lasts 4 hours. The length of stay is 7 days, and the hospital stay is 1 night. The price includes the anaesthetic, the operation and the medication. The final result is visible within 5 months.

ProcedureCost Tunisia
Ptosis of the breast1900 €

Everything you need to know about breast ptosis in Tunisia

Mastopexy or the cure of breast ptosis is simply a breast lift. It is the only solution for sagging breasts. It’s cosmetic surgery, so the results are rapid and, above all, permanent.

Causes of breast ptosis

There are 3 types of breast ptosis:

  • Congenital ptosis (hereditary),
  • Acquired ptosis,
  • And associated ptosis.

Congenital ptosis is hereditary and can appear at any age, even in adolescence. Acquired ptosis, on the other hand, is the most common case. It is a morphological change that occurs for natural reasons, in particular :

  • Pregnancy,
  • Breast-feeding,
  • The effects of age,
  • Hormonal imbalances,
  • But also due to weight gain or loss… Among others.

Associated ptosis is a sagging of the mammary region always associated with another change. Either an excessive development of the mammary gland (hypertrophy), or the opposite (atrophy or hypotrophy).

Thanks to the constant development of science and technology. Fortunately, it is now possible to correct this distension of the skin that is so distracting!

Who can undergo breast lift in Tunisia?

Breast lift is a surgical operation designed to correct sagging breasts. A breast lift can be performed on any woman wishing to obtain firmer, lifted breasts.

How is the price of a breast lift in Tunisia calculated?

The price of a breast reduction treatment in Tunisia includes :

  • The extent of the ptosis,
  • The surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fees,
  • The cost of the clinic,
  • The cost of post-operative visits, and
  • Accommodation costs!

How much does abdominoplasty cost in Tunisia?

The average cost of an abdominoplasty in Tunisia is €1,900. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and lasts 1 to 2 hours. It includes an overnight stay in hospital. This average cost includes the anaesthetic, the operation and other related expenses such as medication and a support girdle.

Procedures for breast ptosis in Tunisia

Our co-ordinator will contact one of our surgeons to take care of you. She may ask you to send photos so that the specialist can assess your breast ptosis.

Breast ptosis is often associated with breast augmentation using a breast prosthesis, otherwise known as a breast implant.

She will then provide you with the plastic surgeon’s pre-diagnosis and a quote for your surgical journey, via Whatsapp or by e-mail.

How does breast ptosis work in Tunisia?

Are you happy with our quote? Are you ready to have the operation in Tunisia and come back with new, firmer, younger-looking breasts? Let’s get started!

Breast lift surgery in Tunisia, and anywhere else in the world, can give youlifted, contoured breasts. Find out below how your breasts will be lifted.

Travel arrangements

Weorganise your entire trip from A to Z. We take care of everything to do with your surgery. What you need to know:

  • Booking your return tickets,
  • Arranging your accommodation,
  • Making appointments for pre- and post-operative consultations,
  • The provision of a translator,
  • And everything else relating to your surgery.

All you have to dois carry your own luggage !

Before the operation for breast ptosis in Tunisia

Before the operation, the practitioner will give you a pre-operative examination. The aim of this examination is to confirm the pre-diagnosis and to prepare you for the surgery.

The “D” day

The cure for breast ptosis is performed under general anaesthetic, lasting from 1 to 3 hours. For information, the length of the operation depends on the degree of distension of the skin.

In order to restore any ptosis. The procedure involves repositioning the areola and the nipple, and enhancing the mammary gland by making incisions. In addition, your plastic surgeon will correct your sagging skin depending on the extent of breast ptosis. Good to know:

  • A large amount of ptosis,
  • Moderate ptosis,
  • Or small ptosis.

Small, medium or large ptosis… the principle remains the same. The only difference is where the incisions are made. What’s more, excess skin can be removed during this process if required.

For a large ptosis, the surgeon makes incisions around the areola, going vertically down to the fold of the breast, then adds incisions at this level, but this time horizontally. The wound will be shaped like an upside-down T.

In the case of medium ptosis, the surgeon proceeds in the same way as for small ptosis. However, he does not make a horizontal incision. In this case, there will only be a vertical scar. For a small ptosis, on the other hand, the practitioner will only have to make an incision at the level of the areola.

After breast ptosis surgery in Tunisia

Following mastopexy, you will have absorbable stitches. You will then be given a special bandage around your bust. And you’ll be able to go out the very next day!

The scars are fine and almost invisible. As for pain, you may feel some stretching. But don’t worry, your doctor will prescribe painkillers to ease them.

Apart from the pain, you will have some post-operative bruising, and this is completely normal. They will disappear as you go along!

Precautions to take after breast ptosis in Tunisia

A short week’s convalescence is all you need to rest and resume your social life.

However, you should be aware that as soon as you leave the clinic, you will have to wear a support bra. And that’s for a month! This is essential to support your breasts and, incidentally, to protect the wound.

We recommend that you do special mastopexy exercises so that you no longer feel any stretching in your chest. Many resources are available on the internet.

However, you should not do any sport before the first month. And it is not advisable to expose yourself to the sun before the wound has healed.

The healing period can take up to a year! Then it’s time to enjoy your new breasts, free of bruising and pink scars.

In conclusion, sagging breasts are not unattractive. Every figure has its own charm. But if you find it hard to accept your body, we can organise your breast lift for you, at the best possible price!

As you’ve seen, the cost of a breast lift, combined with the convalescence stay in Tunisia, is half the price of the operation in Europe!

Ask for a free personalised quote, and get ready to take off towards your new life!

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