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Turkey forehead reduction in Istanbul can be corrected by hair transplantation known as hairline lowering or forehead reduction, a procedure designed to bring the hairline lower down on the forehead. provides information about forehead reduction in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

Price of a forehead reduction in Turkey

The average cost of a forehead reduction in Turkey in Istanbul is 1800 euros, the minimum price is 1600 euros and the maximum price is 2000 euros.

Forehead reduction1400 €
Men’s hair transplant1800 €
Female hair transplant2200 €
Forehead reduction1800 €

What is a forehead reduction?

Do you have a large forehead compared to the rest of your face? Perhaps you have the impression that your forehead is too large, or that your hairline is too high? A prominent forehead can appear disproportionate and alter the balance of the facial features. In this case, there is a form of cosmetic surgery available in Turkey called forehead reduction.

The lowering of the hairline is known as forehead reduction, a procedure designed to bring the hairline lower down on the forehead.

Forehead reduction services in Turkey use a very specific procedure called FUE hair transplantation, designed to lower the hairline and reduce the size of the forehead.

A high hairline or large forehead can be the result of many factors. Often it is a genetic factor or simply the natural position where the hairline begins.

Other factors include certain hairstyles that have pulled the hairline back, previous surgery or even hair loss. This high hairline can cause a person to feel self-conscious about their appearance and even change their hairstyle to hide their forehead.

The best forehead reduction clinics in Turkey perform it exclusively on people whose high foreheads can be shortened as much as possible.

The forehead is the area between the hairline (above), the eyebrow ridges (below) and the temple ridges on either side. It therefore goes without saying thatlowering the hairline in Turkey with forehead reduction services will reduce the appearance of a large forehead.

Forehead lowering surgery, also known as forehead reduction, gives you the most realistic expectation you can have of this procedure.

The technique used for forehead reduction in Turkey involves grafting hair in front of the hairline. It is sometimes used as a stand-alone technique to reduce the forehead. This is done by increasing the layers of hair above the natural hairline. This method is non-surgical in nature.

Therefore, patients with high foreheads may benefit from forehead shortening and be offered a forehead reduction/hairline advancement procedure.

Before and after photos

Hairline reduction in Turkey

Forehead reduction surgery in Istanbul would result in the creation of a visible linear scar in the margins of the hairline. This scar can widen and become aesthetically problematic.

Compared to a hair transplant in Turkey, forehead reduction surgery is :

  • More invasive
  • Longer downtime and recovery period

Hair transplantation has advantages over forehead reduction surgery in terms of cost, advanced surgical options, ease of achieving superb results and minimal recovery time.


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