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Everything you need to know about invisalign in Tunisia! What is the average price in Tunis? Our advice for a successful invisalign in Tunisia. provides information aboutInvisalign in Tunisia and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

Price of invisalign in Tunisia

The average cost of invisalign in Tunisia in Tunis is €2,000. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €1,600 to €2,400.

ProcedureCost Tunisia
Invisalign2000 €

What is Invisalign?

Although you know the benefits braces can have on your confidence and long-term dental health, you may be embarrassed to have a mouth full of metal.

An alternative to fixed metal braces is Invisalign in Tunisia, but it can be much more expensive. To save money, you may want to find out if it’s possible to get cheap Invisalign aligners.

What you need to know before choosing Invisalign

Before you decide between Invisalign in Tunisia and metal braces, it’s essential to know the main differences. Of course, one notable difference is that Invisalign aligners are transparent and virtually unnoticeable to others.

Bear in mind, however, that some Invisalign patients require brackets on their teeth, which may be visible. Although orthodontists make these composite brackets to match the colour of your teeth, they can be visible depending on where they are placed in the mouth.

An added benefit of Invisalign is that it requires fewer surgical visits. During your first visit, your orthodontist will explain how to use Invisalign and will give you several sets of clear aligners, which you will change yourself on specific dates.

While this is an advantage, it does mean that you will need to be proactive and ensure that you do everything necessary to make your treatment a success.

You will also need to ensure that you wear your Invisalign 20-22 hours a day. This means you won’t be sipping your tea for hours, having a long lunch with friends and then enjoying your favourite bottle of wine while watching TV.

If you do all these activities in one day, you’ll probably be wearing your aligners for less than 20 hours, which will interfere with your treatment.

Price of Invisalign braces

The price of Invisalign varies from patient to patient and depends on factors such as the length and complexity of the treatment. Invisalign patients require several plastic aligners, one for each stage of treatment, which gradually move the position of the teeth. If your treatment is complex, you will probably need several trays to move your teeth to the desired position.

In order to plan your Invisalign treatment from start to finish, x-rays and scans of your mouth must be taken. These scans are then sent to a laboratory, where customised aligners are made using 3D printing.

Of course, laboratory fees add to the cost of the treatment, especially if you need a large number of aligners.

Inexpensive alternative to Invisalign

If the price of Invisalign is too high for your budget, there are many alternatives to Invisalign. One of these alternatives is metal braces, which tend to be cheaper than invisible aligners.

If you dread metal braces simply because of the way they look, bear in mind that there has never been a better time to wear braces. Because of Covid, most of us cover our mouths with masks, making it impossible to tell whether someone has braces or not.

If you wear your mask in public, it may not be worth spending all that extra money on Invisalign, as no one will notice your metal braces.

If self-discipline isn’t your strong point, metal braces may be a better option for you, regardless of the price, as they’re worn 24/7.

You won’t have to calculate how many hours you wore them each day, and you won’t have to worry about losing them. What’s more, your orthodontist will see you about once a month to make any necessary adjustments to your wires.

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