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Vaginoplasty in Turkey is a procedure to rejuvenate and tighten the vagina. Demand for vaginoplasty is growing daily in the field of cosmetic surgery. provides information about vaginoplasty in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does a vaginoplasty cost in Turkey?

The average cost of a vaginoplasty in Turkey in Istanbul is €2,300. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €2,000 to €2,600.

ProcedureCost Turkey
Vaginoplasty2300 €

What is a vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty in Turkey is a procedure to rejuvenate and tighten the vagina. Demand for vaginoplasty is growing daily in the field of cosmetic surgery.

The vagina is functionally a primary reproductive organ. However, as the vagina is the fundamental symbol of sexuality for women, its appearance is expected to be the same as it was during the girl’s youth at all stages of life.

The appearance of the vagina varies according to geographical region and genetic factors, but it has an ideal appearance that many people have accepted. The ideal appearance of the vagina is a closed structure where the inner lips are covered by the outer lips.

  • Pregnancy,
  • Childbirth,
  • Hormonal changes,
  • Weak vaginal tissue,
  • Genetic factors or age-related changes

Deformities of the outer lips of the vagina disrupt the aesthetics of the vagina and make the inner lips appear from the outside.

The inside of the labia may enlarge over time and change colour. The enlarged inner labia become moist, which affects women’s hygiene and can also lead to a poor aesthetic appearance. In particular, after natural childbirth and sexual intercourse, the structure of the vagina and the vaginal muscles may enlarge. Over time, this enlargement can have a negative impact on pleasure during intercourse.

Vaginoplasty surgery in Turkey

Vaginoplasty operations in Turkey are generally performed under general anaesthetic. If the patient prefers, it can also be performed under local anaesthetic.

In vaginoplasty operations, the vagina, inner labia and outer labia are assessed together, and the problem area is identified and then operated on. It is often necessary to intervene in all three areas.

It is more practical to perform the operation from the inside out in terms of success and planning.

  • The vaginal mucosa is removed during vaginal constriction. The underlying muscles are repaired, excess mucosa is removed and the ideal shape and tension of the vagina is created.
  • The excess on the inner lips is then removed. The most important point here is that the removal of tissue in the area of the clitoris is very carefully calculated. If too much tissue is removed, the clitoris will open up completely and the clitoris may even touch lingerie, which may make the patient feel uncomfortable. Too little removal can cause arousal problems because the tissue closes off the clitoris.
  • Finally, the outer labia are removed. The aim is to give the outer labia a fuller shape. By covering both the inner labia and the vaginal opening, both aesthetic and hygienic conditions are achieved. The outer labia generally become deformed due to a loss of volume. To repair this loss of volume, the shape is obtained either using the patient’s own fat or hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

Post-operative follow-up

The patient remains in hospital on the night of the operation and is discharged the following day after all post-operative checks. Vaginoplasty is not as painful an operation as many people think.

If vaginal narrowing has occurred during the operation, sexual intercourse should be avoided for 3 weeks. If vaginal stricture has not been achieved during the operation, sexual intercourse should be avoided for a fortnight.

The patient may take a shower two days after the operation. Short walks are recommended to reduce oedema.

Depending on the methods used and the extent of the operation, the patient may return to work 3 to 5 days after the operation.

In general, absorbable stitches are used in cosmetic surgery operations in Turkey, so it is not necessary to remove them.


The vagina has a flexible and extensible structure, and for various reasons, problems of sagging, loosening and discolouration can occur in the vaginal lips and internal area.

If the inner lips at the entrance to the vagina and the outer lips just outside the vagina sag, are asymmetrical or larger than normal, the operation performed to repair deformities of the vaginal lips is called labiaplasty.

Why do the vaginal lips become deformed?

In some women, the rapid hormonal changes of adolescence can lead to vaginal labia deformities.

Chronic vaginal infections can lead to a change in colour and a structural disorder of the vaginal lips.

Asymmetry of the vaginal lips is usually apparent from birth, but after puberty, this asymmetry can become more pronounced and can also begin to disturb the individual.

Labiaplasty surgery

Labiaplasty operations last about half an hour on average.

The operation is usually performed under local anaesthetic. General anaesthesia may also be used if the patient so requests.

After labiaplasty surgery

  • Patients can return to their normal lives immediately after the operation.
  • After labiaplasty surgery, sexual intercourse should be avoided for an average of 3 weeks.
  • It is recommended not to shower for the first two days after the operation.
  • The doctor will explain personal hygiene and cleaning methods in detail.
  • As a general rule, labiaplasty surgery uses absorbed seams, so it is not necessary to remove them.
  • After the healing process, there will be no scar from the operation and, unless the patient says so, no-one will understand that they have been operated on.

Vaginoplasty surgery in Turkey is performed by the most experienced doctors. Plastic surgery in Turkey has many advantages. Cheap prices, internationally renowned doctors, large hospitals and tourist attractions are just a few examples. If you would like to have an operation in Turkey, please contact us.

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