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Dr Khaled Meddeb specialises in hair implants. Founded in 2009, this certified clinic is located in Tunis, Tunisia. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Dr Khaled Meddeb, Tunis, Tunisia

Dr Khaled Meddeb’s cautious approach has always ensured a high degree of consistency and regularity in his results and therefore in the satisfaction of his patients. After completing his medical training in Tunis and Paris, he trained alongside French doctors and hair restoration clinics in Paris to learn the basic technologies and has gone through many stages.

He is passionate about new innovations and technologies, while maintaining a highly critical view of what’s new on the market. He was the very first doctor in Tunisia to introduce true follicular unit transplantation in the early 2000s.

He was the very first to launch the trichophytic closure procedure in the North African region. He was also the first Tunisian doctor to join the ISHRS and ESHRS. Since 2015, he has specialised his practice 100% in follicular unit extraction.

After carefully selecting and examining all the new FUE options available on the market, he chose the FUE SAFE system developed by Dr Jim Harris. Combining quality, rigour and expertise at a moderate cost, we are very proud to have believed in Dr Medded from an early stage and we have counted him among the influential members of our group ever since.

With his team of 5 assistants, Dr Meddeb devotes himself entirely to the field of hair and operates exclusively in Tunis in an approved clinic. He pays particular attention to the latest advances in the field of hair by taking part in specialist international congresses.

Clinic speciality :

Hair implants
Beard transplant
Eyebrow transplants
Eyelash transplants
FUE hair transplant
FUE Gold hair transplant
FUT hair transplant
BHT hair transplant
DHI hair transplant
Hair loss consultation


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City: Tunis – Country: Tunisia – Founded in 2009
Accreditation: No information – Spoken language (s): English, French

Opinion of Dr Khaled Meddeb

Para Digme
Para Digme
10:24 03 Feb 23
Hair transplant carried out a few days ago for a complete reconstruction of my frontal line, I came from France to see this surgeon (who is a hair surgeon who does only that, unlike French surgeons who do "everything"). Doctors Meddeb works with an ultra-professional team, that's really the feeling I had coming to them, from his personal assistant Sonia who is very professional and available, to the doctor and his transplant assistants, we really feel safe and in good hands, the result was beyond my expectations, impeccable communication in French, meals and snacks provided, pre-operative advice and post-operative follow-up. We really feel that the team is experienced and does just that, that it's their specialty, all for a very reasonable price. I thought at the beginning "like many" to go to Turkey and I thank the various forums for having warned me about certain excesses in Turkish clinics and for having spoken to me about Tunisia and this doctor who is doing more and more happy and who is increasingly considered a “top doc”. Thanks again to the doctor and his entire team.
Franck dhdhd
Franck dhdhd
11:53 08 Jun 23
UPDATE 08/06/ 2023Almost 6 months after my operation the result is simply incredible. Of course, no one has noticed me and everyone, including the hairdresser, is surprised when I tell them that there is a transplant.I find the capillary pleasure of my 20 years, I would never have believed! Many thanks to the entire Khaled MEDDEB teamTHE FIRST 3 PHOTOS ARE FROM DECEMBER 20, 2022I went to DR MEDDEB on December 14th for 2400 grafts.Having a keen eye on the work of different hair transplant doctors for many years thanks to well-known forums in the community, my choice fell on this clinic in Tunisia.The reasons that led me to push the doors of this clinic are as follows:- Superb results collected on the transplants corresponding to my case over the past 5 years- A strategy with management of the donor area and the drawing by the doctor that is long-term for the patient- Donor area intact, the healing is exceptional, as evidenced by the photos at D+5- One of the best value for money that largely rivals what is offered in Turkey- The doctor who does the extractions from the donor area (impressive success rate) and the incisions himself- Take only one patient a day, the clinic or clinics after years of good results like Khaled MEDDEB become gas factories with ultimately little chance of being operated by the doctor except for a control of the work of the teams.I thank the whole team for their professionalism, I will update this message with the final result which seems very promising to me for the moment.I am open to all questions, also making a topic on a famous forum month by month with photosGo there with your eyes closed, you are in good hands.UPDATE 08/06Almost 6 months after my operation the result is simply incredible. Of course, no one has noticed me and everyone, including the hairdresser, is surprised when I tell them that there is a transplant.I find the hair pleasure of my 20 years, I would never have believed! Many thanks to the entire Khaled MEDDEB team
Th Baroque
Th Baroque
20:17 21 Jul 23
A professional, honest and square surgeon, Dr. Meddeb has also known how to surround himself with a serious and friendly team. I highly recommend it ! I am very satisfied with the result on the recipient area and the donor area is well preserved.Thanks to him, Sonia, Abdel, Mrs. B.M. and the other assistants :)Update 1 year later: I am delighted with the result!
21:30 05 Apr 23
I cannot recommend Dr. Meddeb and his Staff enough.Dr. Meddeb listens to his patients and does not sell dreams, unlike Turkish practices.He is an upright and competent person and knows what is feasible and what is right for his patients.His team is very professional and welcoming and they are all encouraging and reassuring during the intervention.I am sincerely happy to have gone through Dr. Meddeb.My operation took place on 12/21/2022and barely 3 months have passed and I am already seeing very satisfactory results! Looking forward to seeing the final result in 15 months.A big thank-you!
Elie SElie
Elie SElie
11:31 04 Jul 23
I would like to thank Dr. Khaled Meddeb and his staff very much for their very friendly welcome, their attentiveness and their professionalism. I had a hair transplant and it went very well. No post-op pain, documented and reminded post-op instructions. I highly recommend this great team. Keep it up. Thanks a lot.
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