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Dr Mehdi Chennoufi specialises in cosmetic surgery. Founded in 2008, this certified clinic is located in Tunis, Tunisia. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Dr Mehdi Chennoufi, Tunis, Tunisia

Whether you are looking for plastic surgery to meet your expectations or aesthetic medicine treatment in Tunisia, Dr Mehdi Chennoufi’s aim is the satisfaction of our clients from all over the world. Today, we have a high satisfaction rate that continues to rise.

If today we can demonstrate our unfailing competence, it is thanks to our know-how and the meticulous choice of our various specialists. We work with the best surgeons and aesthetic specialists in Tunisia, recognised by the scientific community, and our private clinics are modern and comply with the strictest hygiene conditions.
The Italian market continues to place its trust in us, and today considers Tunisia a safe and ideal destination for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

In order to satisfy them to the best of our ability, we have drawn up a Quality Charter in which we set ourselves unconditional principles and values such as integrity, professionalism and transparency.

Clinic speciality :

Aesthetic Surgery
Lowering of the forehead line
Double eyelid creation
Brazilian facelift
Breast augmentation
Breast lift
Laser liposuction
Secondary rhinoplasty
Lipofilling of the face
Neck lift
Gastric band
Gastric Botox
Breast reduction
Cervico-facial lift


Airport transfer
Free Wifi
Hotel reservations
Interpreting services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Internet consultation
Car park
In-room telephone
Private rooms
TV in room

City: Tunis – Country: Tunisia – Founded in 2008
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: English, French, Arabic

Avis de Cabinet Dr Mehdi Chennoufi

Perle Chamouton
Perle Chamouton
05:12 27 Jun 24
I see several negative opinions but for my part, I did not go through an agency but directly through its collaborator (do not confuse) who is a very nice person. I had an abdominoplasty performed with almost complete liposuction, mini bbl and arm lift, my operation went very well, Doctor Chennoufi is a very competent and very attentive person. I even had the opportunity to see him pass by my room just before returning home just to check on me. I came a long way and he did everything to achieve the silhouette I wanted after 2 consecutive pregnancies. Today, I am 2 months post op and he is there, answering all my questions and potential concerns and responds within the hour when I write to him. I highly recommend this surgeon and I am delighted to have had the operation from him and not anyone else. Thanks again 🙏
Noemie Burger
Noemie Burger
15:04 19 Apr 24
I had surgery I currently did a facelift with prosthesis surgeon with a big smile and advises you, listens and the most important is that he gave me a magnificent chest proud of him I recommend him to you ☺️
Lia dos Santos Rodrigues
Lia dos Santos Rodrigues
21:45 02 Jan 24
Dr CHENNOUFI is wonderful, super human, he takes the time to explain and advises what is best for the patient, my experience with Dr. CHENNOUFI is breast lifting with prostheses, a large lipectomy on the thighs and buttocks, he removes 6 liters of fat and advised me not to I could do a lipcision on my stomach and back because it was already a lot, he said, then you recover, we're going to do more than 2, that's it, I accepted I loved his advice. For the doctor and the entire team, it was through Medikalista that I found an excellent human doctor.Thank you Dr CHENNOUFI for everything and your entire team
11:56 18 Jan 24
I highly recommend, Doctor Chennoufi performed an abdominoplasty on me with diastasis treatment and a breast lift with prostheses. The work he did is magnificent, his support even after the intervention was flawless.I had a complication a month after returning to France, he was available, no matter the time, and always gave good advice.For all this I highly recommend it.
Juliana Fontão
Juliana Fontão
10:29 25 Jan 22
What more can I say other than SATISFIED!Doctor Chennoufi is brilliant, attentive, open, he puts you at ease very quickly! We immediately want to trust him. The result is magical. A dream come true for me. (Breast Augmentation) no major pain. I trust him with the volume and I'm delighted! Thanks again. I would recommend this surgeon to everyone around me who needs it. Thank you for everything !!!
Valerie PM
Valerie PM
10:53 31 May 23
Operated in 2017 for a breast prosthesis, I only recommend Dr. Chennoufi for his excellent work and the seriousness in the care. If I had to do it again I would do it again without hesitation, thank you Doctor!
Marine _brcky
Marine _brcky
16:28 27 Jul 23
Dr. Chennoufi operated on me for liposuction of several areas in June (double chin, stomach/back, arms, thighs) and I am more than satisfied!! The work done is perfect, I'm really happy with the result. I live again, but really, I can finally enjoy without complex! I am very grateful to De Chennoufi who listened, who came to see me every day until the end of my stay and who took care to give me the best advice for the future. I also thank the nurses who were adorable, and who are always available via WhatsApp for any questions.It is always stressful to find a surgeon from a distance (I come from France) and especially abroad. I am relieved to have been in good hands. Many thanks again Dr Chennoufi for your professionalism and your kindness. I will not stop recommending you.Marina B.
Jihene Ben arab
Jihene Ben arab
02:12 13 Sep 23
Dr Mehdi Chennoufi is an excellent surgeon, i recently had an abdominoplasty and liposuction and i am so happy with the results. Everything looks so natural, and my belly button as well. I highly recommend him to everyone.
Sk Sk
Sk Sk
17:00 13 May 24
17:484 Safari*Trustpilot35DR CHENOUFFI MEDIKALISTA AGENCYOMG DON’T TRUST THEM!! After being picked up at the airport he drops me off at a cut throat clinic!! The rooms with dirty cushions MARSA clinic DELAMINATED!! I stay waiting for more than 4 hours in a room even though my trip started at 4:40 a.m. airport + flight.. I landed at 8 a.m. DR CHENOUFFI A DISASTER!! the dubious doctor has no compassion, comes as if you were not his priority even though you come from France!! After long hours of waiting!! We give you 1 egg and a coffee!! Which will be unique because otherwise billed!!! When he arrives I ask my questions that I had to ask him... apparently they were so disturbing that he told me they're going to leave it there (as if it's my boss!! So come to have me operated on from France!! !) he throws my file, turns on his heels and leaves!!! SHOCKING!!!The MEDIKALISTA agency is showing false compassion and trying to send me to another doctor to be able to take their communications!!! This famous new doctor after having inquired... I read a comment from a former client who said that she was practically drained of blood following her operation with this famous new surgeon who was to replace the old one.. . DR KELLEL in this case (as you know well) and that she almost died... The MEDIKALISTA agency is showing false compassion and trying to refer me to another doctor to be able to take their communications. SO I WANT TO TELL YOU THANK YOU MY GOD THAT NONE OF THE SURGEONS FROM THEIR AGENCY HAVE OPERATED ON ME.... TO RUN AWAY!!!!!!!! NEVER TRUST THEM!!!
Gregoire Frias
Gregoire Frias
00:28 22 Apr 23
I had a rhinoplasty by Dr. Medhi Chennoufi 7 years ago. After the operation the nose remained noticeably crooked. The scar is very visible and deep. What amateurism! When he removed the bandage, and while I pointed out to him that the nose was crooked, he denied it and... left! I didn't see him again! Scandalous attitude from a doctor who boasts of being "listening"! As I also no longer saw Ms. Manel, the coordinator with whom I was in contact, from France to daily care. The day I left she was supposedly traveling... Once the money is pocketed, there is no one there and you are neglected. Run away!
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