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Medicana International Istanbul Hospital Hospital specialises in dental care, cosmetic surgery, PMA / IVF and hair implants. Founded in 1992, this JCI Accredited clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Part of the Medicana Group, Medicana International Istanbul Hospital Hospital achieved JCI accreditation in 2010, guaranteeing patients the highest standards of care. The hospital specialises in bone marrow and liver transplants, capillary implants, oncology and IVF.

With almost 30,000 square metres of space, the hospital has over 100 beds and 8 operating theatres, all equipped with the latest technology. Medicana welcomes thousands of medical tourists every year, many from Europe and the Middle East.

Clinic specialities :

Dental care
Bone grafting
Dental bridge

Cosmetic surgery
Body lift
Brazilian lift
Breast implants
Breast lift
Breast reconstruction
Breast reduction
Eyebrow lift
Buttock implants
Skin filling
Cervico-facial lift
Hairline lowering
Neck lift
Plastic surgery consultation
Traditional rhinoplasty
Ultrasonic rhinoplasty (ultrasonic piezosurgery)
Scar treatment
Thigh lifts
Treatment of varicose veins
Treatment of wrinkles
Facial lipofilling
Laser liposuction
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric band
Gastric Botox
Gastric bypass
Secondary rhinoplasty
Leg lengthening

ROPA method
In vitro fertilisation

Hair implant
Beard transplant
Eyebrow transplant
Hair loss consultation
Hair transplant
DHI hair transplant
FUE hair transplant
FUE Gold hair transplant
FUT hair transplant
BHT hair transplant


Airport transfer
Family accommodation
Free Wifi
Hotel reservations
Interpreting services
Medical file transfer
PRM-accessible rooms
Internet consultation
In-room telephone
Private rooms
Food precautions
TV in room

City: Istanbul – Country: Turkey – Founded: 1992
Accreditation: JCI Accredited – Languages spoken: Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish

Opinions on Medicana International Istanbul Hospital

Elias amani
Elias amani
18:00 13 Jul 23
Today I went in just for a general check up and I was paired with an amazing translator and his name is Mr. Ali ! He was so helpful and transparent with the whole visit and answered all the questions that I had in mind. Throughout the visit he checked up on me and see if I needed anything as I was making my rounds to each specialist. He did not only talk about work related stuff but also topics that we shared interest in which made me feel more comfortable. I was also helped by Ms. Nazlican, and she was very helpful and kind during my visit at the Medicana International Istanbul Hospital hospital ! The overall experience was great and truly do recommend this place to everyone around the world, you will most definitely receive top quality service and Mr. Ali and Ms. Nazlican showed that in this morning visit !
عبدالله ABDULLAH
عبدالله ABDULLAH
03:15 13 Nov 22
I was there as an outpatient . Appointment was made online. Very helpful translators. Helpful reception. Clean hospital. Doctors examination was good. Had to wait for blood test, and CT scan at radiology for 45 minutes. Nice live piano music, very soothing and pleasant. Good and clean waiting areas. Friendly staff. Very difficult to find parking spot. Expensive.
Mirlan Alimbekov
Mirlan Alimbekov
07:39 12 Jul 24
I had a visit this week and was shocked by the discriminatory treatment I received as a foreigner. Despite having SGK and complementary insurance, the reception insisted I pay 100% of the bill upfront simply because I am not a local. This policy is discriminatory and unacceptable. Foreign patients deserve the same respect and consideration as everyone else. I urge the hospital to address this biased practice immediately. I am living in Turkiye for almost 13 years. I work here and pay all my taxes.
Hiba Moka
Hiba Moka
19:36 11 Feb 24
We entered the children's ward in emergency condition. We paid money for the appointment. But later we canceled the appointment and did not enter. They have not returned the money to us yet. This incident happened two weeks ago. Whenever we contact them to return the money, they procrastinate and do not return the money yet.Don't go there even if you are about to die.
Kutay Okur
Kutay Okur
06:52 12 Feb 24
They asked me for 2 biopsy punch tests. Told me it would take 7-10 days for results to come out. 14 days later they told me my results are out but i need to pay again to see the doctor again. Apparently after 10 days you cannot come for a second check. But the test results came in after 14 days. Like what were they expecting? Are they expecting me to come 10 days later for the doctor to tell me to come again later because my results are not out yet?Its just a scam to make you pay twice. This hospital is not worth your time or trust. They are not trying to cure you from your ilness, they are just trying to make a profit.Before writing this i called the hospital twice. They told me that they would call me. Its been 4 days. Im still sick. I wish i never went there. Our family/relatives and friends will never go to this hospital.You should also search for another hospital. Their priority is profit, not the wellbeing of their patients.
Syed Sumair
Syed Sumair
02:07 13 Jan 24
HiThis hospital cum business center is a den of scam. I went their yesterday, they told me something in Turkish at counter, we asked for translator. And she translated exactly. Since I have private insurance, they informed me for checkup i have to pay TL 3180, and when doctor will submit his comments insurance company will review. When I came back with checkup the cashier told me that the approval is declined. The doctors are advised to write some specific terms in diagnosis which leads to disapproval. Like in my case during checkup nether me nor doctor tell me about infection. But the diagnosis has these words.
Ashraf Tariq
Ashraf Tariq
15:39 30 Mar 24
I decided to get my check up in Medicana, I regret this decision. The staff is only interested in your money, they don’t care about your well being. They proposed tests without proper justification. They even asked me to operate on my neck and shoulder without providing a reasonable justification or appropriate diagnosis. Avoid this place at all cost. They charged me for Endoscopy and colonoscopy, but they only performed endoscopy, and tired to charged me an additional fee for colonoscopy. Where you are from and what passport you hold determines the cost of treatment.
Red Carpet
Red Carpet
14:09 13 Aug 23
I went through a horrible botched surgery at this hospital by Prof. Dr. Necmettin Kutlu. I am left with necrosis, ischemia, and skin ulcers. Yellow liquid does not stop coming out. I can't move, walk nor sleep. He caused a permanent damaged to my skin so I have to redo another plastic surgery to fix all those issues up. He left me with no surgical corset as he did not have my size so after healing, my skin will be wavy, I was near death and God kept me alive. Do not go there please. Besides translation team makes fun of patients. Very poisoned environment.
Murat Sönmez
Murat Sönmez
16:15 27 Aug 23
I went along with my antibiotic medication. Despite having private health insurance, they charged me 150 TL for just one injection. Other private hospitals are charging only 45 TL. I will definitely not choose this place next time.
Markus Ketzer
Markus Ketzer
10:16 06 Jul 24
As a foreigner you got explained that your insurance SGK is not valid and with your Allianz insurance you only get a discount. This is scam! As an locally insured foreigner avoid this hospital group. I recommend Medilife Hospital. In 12 years never had a discussion about insurance.
Begimai Mambetaly Kyzy
Begimai Mambetaly Kyzy
07:27 12 Jul 24
I went there yesterday to find out they don't apply any insurances for foreigners even if they pay governmental insurance tax and obtained private insurance. So we have to pay full fee which is 50$ just for consultation + other fees if you get examined and tested. This applies only for FOREIGNERS AND EXPATS which is kind of RACIST.
Hala Mejanni
Hala Mejanni
10:55 21 Oct 23
Disrespectful and unprofessional Long waiting time (3 hours) after which the Opthomologist decided he will not perform any additional test since this is a follow-up visit. He is rude, unprofessional and deserves to be notified for his unhumane behavior.
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