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Reproclinic specialises in MAP / IVF. Founded in 2018, this certified clinic is located in Barcelona, Spain. See customer reviews, photos and ask for the price of a PMA in Spain. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Reproclinic, Barcelona, Spain πŸ₯ˆ

Reproclinic is a fertility clinic located in the centre of Barcelona, Spain. It is a brand new IVF clinic that opened in 2018 and only treats international patients.

The clinic occupies 2000 square metres on the ground floor of the building in which it is located. High ceilings, recovery rooms (four) that look like hotel rooms and Catalan design architecture create a very professional environment that doesn’t look like a conventional clinic. There are three secure laboratories – IVF, andrology and cryo – and an operating theatre.

The clinic has a multidisciplinary team of highly trained and experienced specialists, offering an attentive, humane and personalised service.

The clinic offers all fertility treatments (with the exception of surrogacy and sex selection cycles) using its own gametes or through donation (anonymous) for heterosexual or female couples or single women.

The age limit is approximately 50 years. There is no time limit on the storage of cryopreserved gametes. The clinic creates individualised fertility treatment programmes tailored to the needs of each patient.

Patient experience is a fundamental concept at Reproclinic. It’s about making the whole process manageable, safe, easy and relaxed, because every detail of the experience contributes to its success.

The clinic also offers its patients a holistic approach: acupuncture, nutrition, osteopathy, fertility coach, etc.

The staff speak Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian, Russian and German.

The clinic is ISO 9001 – ISO 9001: 2015 certified, valid until 20 November 2022. It is also accredited by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Speciality of the clinic :

Artificial insemination
Embryo transfer
Oocyte freezing
Oocyte retrieval
Embryo freezing
Embryo transfer
Embryo transfer cannula
Fertility tests for women
Fertility assessment
Follicular ultrasound
Hormone test
IVF – In vitro fertilisation
ICSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
IVF consultation
Ovarian stimulation
PCT – Post-Coital Test
PGD – Pre-implantation diagnosis
Treatment of retrograde ejaculation
Sperm DNA fragmentation test
Sperm freezing
Tubal catheterisation


Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel reservations
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Internet consultation
Car park
Private rooms

City: Barcelona – Country: Spain – Founded: 2017
Accreditation: ISO 9001 certified – ISO 9001: 2015, valid until 20 November 2022. And it is accredited by the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya – Language(s) spoken: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian and German.

Reproclinic’s opinion

Kata Csiba
Kata Csiba
18:59 12 Feb 23
I am a Single Mother By Choice and I am very happy that I chose ReproClinic for the most important treatment of my life. My doctor was prepared of my file and medical background from the beginning of the first online no-commitment consultation. My patient coordinator was always available and held my hand even in urgent situations of purchasing medicine abroad by contacting the pharmacy directly. I approached several clinics initially, but this was the only team where I felt that personalised support and attention will contribute to success. And it did. πŸ₯°πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦
Louise Barry
Louise Barry
08:31 25 Jun 23
From the first email I sent to Reproclinic to the day of tranfer, all staff were amazing. Our main communicator being Andreina who is just great! We met a number of doctors on our journey including Dr Voskuilen, Dr Ruiz & Dr Gomez. All other team members we met along our journey were always so kind and helpful.To travel from another country for ivf is scary. You are putting so much trust in others. For us this was made as easy and smoothly as possible which is what we really needed.If successful or not we know Reproclinic did everything they could for us. We have a beautiful perfectly healthy baby boy who is our world.If you're not getting the care you deserve in your home country get in touch with Reproclinic, you won't regret it!
Sabrina C
Sabrina C
07:09 17 Jul 23
I cannot express enough how pleased I am with my overall experience at Reproclinic, I have felt cared for and reassured throughout the whole process.Every team member has been friendly and appeared genuinely invested in my well being which has been greatly appreciated. Considering the treatment is life changing and therefore overwhelming, I was blown away by the level of service received, from immediate answers to any queries I sent by email, the availability for appointments, the welcoming team and clinic environment to the detailed explanations of every element of the process so I would feel confident about what I was doing and what was to come.I was nervous about undergoing this type of treatment yet I feel very lucky that my experience has been so positive and can encourage other women in my situation to see it as an option for them also. I am recommending the clinic to my friends and family, not only in Spain but in the Uk too.Huge thanks to Reproclinic and their team for delivering on everything I could have hoped for and more πŸ™‚
04:08 15 Sep 23
From the beginning Reproclinic was extremely fast and thorough, they answered all of our questions on expectations, process, and cost completely. Dr Alicia was very knowledgable and professional. Reproclinic also helped us to have a full prescription for all required medicine before we left Spain, extremely helpful when returning to the US where everything is much more complicated.Thanks to the whole team at Reproclinic we now have a beautiful happy baby daughter, who cannot wait for us to return from Barcelona with a sibling!
Sarah Metalnikoff
Sarah Metalnikoff
16:54 02 Oct 23
Disappointing to say the least.I have been through 3 failed cycles with this clinic and although the process is out of human control at times, the inhumane and insensitive approach that this clinic has is unacceptable.My husband and I have invested a lot of time and money on endless tests and visits to Barcelona, and the careless approach they have is surprising.My journey with this clinic started very positive with a very kind lady, Silvia who sold me the dream package. Offering a personal approach, with available support and people to talk to. This was absolutely not the case. It would take days for someone to respond to me for something so simple, and then when my third round failed the Medical Assistant Lila just responded with β€˜You can stop the medication and the doctor will call you tomorrow.’There were many ignored red flags along the way, but I trusted this clinic, and in return I wasted amazing eggs, 4 fantastic embryos, and had to deal with disappointment time after time.I would recommend anyone to stay clear from this clinic, of course, the positive feedback is connected to successful patiences, but sadly this is not always the case, and this clinic just thinks about the business side and making money.
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