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Unica Clinic specialises in MAP / IVF. Founded in 2017, this ISO 9001:2008 certified clinic is located in Prague, Czech Republic. See customer reviews, before/after photos and request prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Unica Clinic, Prague, Czech Republic

The UNICA IVF clinic in Prague is a sister clinic to the clinic in Brno. The UNICA Clinic in Prague focuses primarily on international patients travelling to Prague airport and specialises in fertility, obstetrics and urology, gynaecology and embryology.

Your treatment at the Unica IVF clinic may include in vitro fertilisation or artificial insemination. You can also choose to bank your sperm and/or eggs. The staff are fully prepared to meet your needs and will do everything they can to make your journey a success.

There are three IVF specialists as well as a reproductive endocrinology specialist, a urologist and a genetics specialist. The team is highly qualified, and both the health professionals and the clinic maintain the highest standards of quality and safety.

The vast majority of patients are very satisfied with the level of professionalism and emotional support they receive throughout the process before and after surgery.

Clinic speciality :

Sperm freezing
IMSI – Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
MACS – Immunomagnetic Cell Selection
Embryo transfer
PGD – Pre-implantation diagnosis
IVF – In vitro fertilisation
Embryo freezing


Airport transfer
Flight booking
Free Wifi
Hotel reservations
International newspapers
Interpretation services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Transfer of medical files
PRM-accessible rooms
Internet consultation
Private rooms
Translation services
TV in the room

City: Prague – Country: Czech Republic – Founded in 2017
Accreditation: ISO 9001:2008 – Language(s) spoken: Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Serbian

Reviews of Unica Clinic

Jade Lau
Jade Lau
10:31 14 May 24
Extraordinary. Without going into details, we *technically* experienced a 100% pregnancy rate, which is incredible. They follow all current standards. We had several attempts elsewhere in Europe and experienced failed transfer after failed transfer. UNICA was also very different for us because they have coordinators who can communicate newly updated therapy plans directly with you. Shout out to P.H.! Our coordinator was very sympathetic and patient, and more importantly, very organized!
araika zh.
araika zh.
07:24 16 Dec 23
The place is in a great location in a beautiful capital city Prague. The clinics have a very high standard with a great laboratory
Charlie Westenra
Charlie Westenra
11:09 07 Dec 23
We have A LOT to say about our experience at UNICA.We have been trying for a baby for a couple of years and were advised to go to a clinic that specialised in older women. We had such a terrible time there- the staff were rude, the doctors very brusque, the clinic shabby and the whole experience felt like a huge money making opportunity for them. We were not given clear information about our treatment or how much it would cost. There was no human touch. We wasted lots of money and time and felt very despondent.We eventually found our way to UNICA. The experience has been entirely the opposite.Our first meeting was eye opening. We had a very frank discussion with a doctor who told us what our tests results meant and how it was almost impossible to get pregnant naturally. We had had these results for years and no one had, up to this point, even told us this basic fact. She laid out our treatment options and we felt for the first time informed about our situation, our chances and our treatment. We were so grateful.The clinic is calm and clean. I have never seen it overcrowded. When you arrive you don't have to wait for hours and if things are delayed you are informed. The receptionists are so helpful and know who you are and seem to genuinely care about being there.The meetings with the doctors were always positive. We were lucky to be in their care. They all treated us as individuals and seemed genuinely to want to help.Above all it meant a huge amount to have a co-ordinator. Lucie is incredible. She kept our spirits up when we needed it and reminded us to stay realistic when we needed it to. She explained things patiently to us many many times and was there for us the whole way. She saw me when I woke up from the anesthesia. She said sometimes "there is magic" and we think that's what she is.I feel quite emotional writing this. It was the happiest experience for us. And whether or not we have a baby we will always be grateful to every one at UNICA who provided such brilliant care.
7 %
7 %
18:35 15 Feb 24
You're reading this because you're searching for an IVF Clinic. I was in your shoes. Combing through reviews, stats, treatment options, etc. Let me tell you this: no matter the outcome here, from our very first video call with the doctor I knew we found the right clinic. This clinic is easy to work with and had a variety of treatment options. From the admins at the desk, my personal assistant, to the nurses, doctors ,the lab these people cared about our results. They were fighting for us, WITH us. I really felt special working with this team. They are very communicative and answered questions quickly  professional and it's evident, they know IVF.Again, no matter the outcome I will still recommend this clinic. Every woman, every story, every journey is so different...no one can guarantee this will work or your dreams will come true. Or that even this clinic is the best one for you. But we CAN tell you to keep fighting and trust the process.
Kayla Pearce
Kayla Pearce
13:04 30 Jan 23
After 6 months of research and reflection, we selected on Unica Prague as our destination to start our fertility journey. Not only was the staff well trained, the communication was flawless in English and every step was handled with great care and attention. The stresses about fertility and IVF are high and the Unica team provided a warm and nurturing experience at every step of the way. We are so happy with our experience and highly recommend Unica to all people needing assisted reproduction. Prague is a world class city and the cost is but a fraction of what we would have paid should we have chosen a US based solution.
Ana Hil
Ana Hil
18:30 13 Apr 23
Today I got the results... yes I am pregnant. I can't describe my joy, after the last miscarriage. This success is due to the direct response of Ljiljana Pavlovic, who from the first moment explained everything in detail. Always positive and always smiling so as to eliminate my fears. She was followed by Maria Tzvetkova, with her simplicity and kindness. Girls, I'm so glad to meet you and that you've always been there for me on this difficult journey!
Steven Pearce
Steven Pearce
20:01 16 Jan 23
Highly recommended clinic. All of the smallest details were attended to, making our experience top notch. A special thanks to Michaela Silhava who went over and above the call of duty. We were looking for a personalized "patient first" experience and we were completely satisfied at every point of interaction with the clinic staff and doctors.
Amanda Balding
Amanda Balding
10:56 24 Jun 24
Wow what a journey! I have been at Unica for 2 years. We found out loads of reasons why we were not successful previously at other clinics. The only negative thing was the turn over of co ordinations. But in the end I had Nicole and we had many challenging situations due to time zones but she was very respectful and reassuring when I needed her. Now we are pregnant and so excited! Thank you nicole x I highly recommend Unica and Nicole
sibel turkmen
sibel turkmen
21:22 22 Jun 24
After trying to have a baby for 4 years, I decided to go and start my IVF process with UNICA in Prague. I had many surgeries and treatments before and I was so nervous about not being able to become pregnant. After my first consultation with Amal and Ljiljana I felt like I was at the right place. They were so helpful and friendly with everything:from hotels in Prague to the medication I should use.First time we visited the clinic with my husband we were so excited and had many questions to ask. We got all the answers and I can say that I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep all night before my IVF procedure the next day. I should add that the clinic was very clean and well maintained. The IVF procedure was easy and not painful at all. I read that I should have McDonald chips before the procedure for good luck so I made sure that we went to McDonald’s for my chips in Prague:) After the procedure, I had no problem or pain so I carried on working and tried not to think about the 2 week wait for a pregnancy test. Yes I did the test and I was pregnant!!!! I couldn’t believe it so I kept taking more pregnancy tests (like 20- I am still keeping them) to see if I was really pregnant. My baby girl is 6 months old now and I am loving being her mama. She is my WORLD. UNICA made our dreams to become parents. We have more frozen embryos and will definitely have another baby next year. I thank everyone individually for everything. If you are wishing to be a mum, tried for many years without success like me visit UNICA . For sure you will know you are at the right place!
Gabriela Munteanu Turcu
Gabriela Munteanu Turcu
15:26 14 Jun 24
I am pregnant and I feel happy because I chose this clinic, many thanks to Coordinator Nicole Zaccaria who was by my side the whole time, whenever I needed advice she always answered me. I recommend this clinic 💯%. A clean clinic, the staff is very kind and gentle.
fatoumata diallo
fatoumata diallo
15:54 30 Aug 23
I Binta Diallo, had a baby boy in my 43 years old, pursued IVF with an egg donor, success on the first try. We are truly grateful for your help in getting pregnant, your have been amazing throughout the process and we cannot thank the staff enough your knowledge and expertise have been invaluable, and we feel lucky to have found ( Unica Praha 13 ) my thanks and appreciation to my coordinator Nevena for her care and support, she is an amazing person.A piece of advice: be positive and stress free.( everything is possible in Prague)Binta Diallo
07:45 22 May 24
So hard to communicate!I would give 5*, but I just cannot reach the clinic by phone! I try all phones written on the Unica site, in Google, but some of them are unavailable and some are just not taken.And they don't call back! 😭
Renata Rosik
Renata Rosik
08:04 15 Jun 23
After 3 cycles ( 2 cycles were with donor eggs ) did not manage to have a child. Pity ,after positive reviews of the clinic in the google and donor friends I chose this clinic with the high hopes to be successful unfortunately I can't recommend this clinic to my friends or ivf fertility/ donor friends.I had very positive experience with my coordinator Klara, polite , helpful and always responsive to my emails x
Iva Reis
Iva Reis
10:02 09 Apr 24
Original review:I would start by saying that the lower star reviews have proven to be the case.We had complementary calls with different clinics and ended up going for Unica as the communication seemed good.Unfortunately, we were speaking with a general staff, most likely marketing staff and communication was good with her. It was easy to reach out to her and get a reply. Ljiljana was great and now I can tell that I chose the clinic solely based on her efforts. Sadly, this did not continue after the complimentary appointment with the doctor.The appointment with the doctor was with the doctor and a coordinator. They could speak English with some hurdles and some things were lost in translation. They did speak in Czech with each other at some points during the call.There was an offer to a discount and we ended up paying way earlier before the end of the year, even though we were only going to do the treatment by the end of the first quarter.In the beginning we were told that we'd only need to be in Prague from Day 6 of my cycle, and that even day 6 scan was optional. But for day 10 I would have to be in Prague. I was told that I would only need to stay in Prague for 14 days.After we paid the communication deff decreased. I kept telling them when my cycles were. I chased for information about everything and even there was different information provided throughout the whole experience.When it came to day 20 it came to my surprise that one of the medications had to be administered by a medical staff. Then supposedly they told me a week before the scan on day 20. Now, in the UK it takes time to get a GP or nurse appointment. And private clinics do not administer medication they did not prescribe. And my day 20 was Friday. So I looked everywhere and no private clinics would accept injecting the medication as they did not prescribe. The GP had no appointments available. And I have worked on the NHS and I know walk-ins won't inject or take blood or anything like that from outside sources.I was unable to start the treatment because they did not provide information in a timely manner.After that we spoke with Ljiljana again and she arranged a different coordinator who gave very different information once again.All in all we don't trust this clinic at all and we're now chasing a refund. We have not had any doctors or nurse appointments since the complementary appointment. We did not have any clear information and had to be the ones chasing after things.Now we have had IVF before in the UK and we had doctors appointments and nurse appointments way before prep month. Then at scan on day 20 we knew what to do if we got the go ahead call. So it is not that it is not possible to do this, it is that this clinic's service is poor and communication is missing.Keep in mind we never had appointments beside the complementary one. This is also a red flag.There are several red flags.At the moment we are chasing a refund as we did not have any real services and there is no communication. We could not start a cycle because of this, and had expenses because of this failed start due to lack of communication and good service.If I could give zero stars I would.---Review update:The complaints experience was reassuring as they were patient and interested in what I had to say and my suggestions where they could improve.They did investigate the case and validated my claim that my coordinator did not communicate the information needed well enough.They reassured me that they would give more training to the staff to make sure this would not happen again.They offered to change my coordinator and even offered to stay with the original person I had spoken with in the beginning, Ljiljana.My suggestions...I can only hope that they will indeed improve their service and make sure they communicate things well in advance.But just in case I would strongly recommend paying for an extra doctor appointment if you feel it is needed. In the UK you usually have a nurse appointment before starting and after the first Dr app
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