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Everything you need to know about the bresilian bbl facelift in Turkey! What is the average price in Istanbul? Our advice for a successful BBL in Turkey. provides information about BBL in Turkey and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

How much does a BBL cost in Turkey?

The average price of a BBL in Turkey is €3,200. This price varies according to the number of areas to be liposuctioned and reinjected. The price includes anaesthesia, the operation, medication and a compression girdle. The Brazilian facelift is performed under general anaesthetic and lasts 3 hours. The stay in Istanbul is 7 days, with 1 night’s hospitalisation. Results in 6 months.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)3200 €
Buttock implant augmentation3600 €
Augmentation by lipofilling3400 €
Buttock lift3700 €

Turkey is one of the world’s most popular destinations for medical tourism. The quality of care and the skill of the doctors make it a very attractive destination. The BBL is one of the TOP procedures performed in Istanbul.

Silhouette féminine avec un beau galbe de fesses
A feminine figure with a beautiful curve to the buttocks

Every year, many tourists flock to Istanbul to undergo this type of operation and achieve satisfactory aesthetic results. But what is BBL? Why choose Turkey for this procedure, and how do you go about it? We invite you to find out everything you need to know here about having a BBL in Turkey.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

BBL is an acronym that stands for “Brazilian Butt Lift“. It is a cosmetic surgery operation that consists of increasing the volume of the buttocks by lipofilling, i.e. by taking fat from an area of the body. This fat is then injected into the buttocks, creating a more harmonious shape.

Fat is removed from one or more areas of the body where it is in excess. This is particularly the abdomen or hips, but other areas may also be involved. This procedure is suitable for both men and women.

The buttocks are an important part of a woman’s body, and many women consider undergoing this type of procedure in order to achieve a better shape.

Before and after photos

The benefits of BBL

There are several types of aesthetic surgery for increasing the volume of the buttocks. BBL is often preferred over the others for several reasons.

Firstly, the results of this Brazilian facelift are appreciated for their naturalness. Indeed, the visual result of BBL does not give the impression of artifice that is so often criticised in surgical procedures of this type. The shape of the buttocks appears naturally fuller and more rounded.

Schéma d'une augmentation de fesses par BBL
Diagram of buttock augmentation by BBL

The other advantages of BBL are as follows:

  • Leaves no visible scar
  • Provides long-lasting results
  • Minimally invasive, generally involving small incisions.
  • Gets rid of unwanted fat that you’re struggling to get rid of.

What is the ideal patient profile?

As with any other type of surgery, the Brazilian buttock lift has an ideal patient profile. If you have all the characteristics of this profile, then the BBL is for you.

Patients with excess fat are eligible for liposuction. What’s more, if you want to use this excess fat to shape your buttocks, the operation will be doubly beneficial.

Another characteristic that can be used to draw up a profile of the ideal patient is the patient’s weight. People with a stable weight are more likely to obtain the benefits of liposuction and enjoy them over the long term. The stability of the fat is an important factor in this Brazilian operation.

Femme complexée par ses fesses
Woman with a complex about her buttocks

How is BBL performed in Turkey?

Thesurgical operation follows a strict procedure. First of all, an initial interview is held with the doctor in charge of the BBL, to check that there are no contraindications in your case.

Then it’s a question of seeing whether the operation is possible, because remember, women who do not have excess fat in certain areas of their body will not be able to undergo liposuction.

Sportswomen and those who are used to following drastic diets will therefore have a good chance of being rejected, or redirected to another type of operation as an alternative.

Beau galbe
Beautiful curves

Performing the BBL

The Brazilian buttock lift can be performed under general or local anaesthetic, at the surgeon’s discretion. Generally, the operation is performed under general anaesthetic.

Depending on the extent of the operation and the patient’s profile, the BBL may last between 2 and 3 hours. The surgeon begins by drawing lines on each buttock, which will serve as a guide for injecting fat into the buttocks.

He then makes small incisions in the chosen area (thighs, stomach, hips or other) for the fat liposuction. These areas (there may be several) are chosen beforehand by mutual agreement between the surgeon and the patient.

Amélioration des fesses avec un lifting brésilien
Improving the buttocks with a Brazilian facelift

Before the fat is transferred, the fat cells are first purified by centrifugation, using what is known as the Coleman method. They are then injected into each of the buttocks.

Once again, the injection is made through small incisions in the buttocks, which are then sutured. Once this last operation has been carried out, the procedure is complete. Note that it is possible for the BBL operation to be carried out in 2 sessions. This is particularly the case if the desired volume has not yet been achieved, or if there is asymmetry between the two buttocks.


Once the Brazilian Butt Lifting has been performed, you can immediately observe the result in front of a mirror. However, there is one important thing to remember: you should expect around 30% fat loss in the 3 months following the operation. So the real results of BBL will only be visible after 3 months.

Amélioration des fesses avec un brazilian butt lift
Improving the buttocks with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Unless your weight changes significantly afterwards, the result will remain permanent after these 3 months. Depending on your body’s reaction, the surgeon may prescribe injectable anticoagulants, which will be administered by your nurse.

Finally, you will have to suspend your activity for a period of between 7 and 15 days, and wear a compression garment for a period of 6 weeks.

Panty Short de contention
Panty Compression shorts

Precautions to take after a BBL

After your Brazilian Butt Lifting operation, you will need to take precautions to ensure a good recovery. In addition to wearing the girdle and stopping work, there are other measures to be taken, including the following:

  • Do not shower for 3 days after liposuction.
  • Try to be active from 3 days after surgery. Go for walks, even if they are short. At the very least, take a few steps around the house.
  • You can take painkillers if you feel pain for a while after the operation.
  • Pay attention to the position of your buttocks when you are about to sit down.
  • Do not put pressure of any kind on your buttocks.
  • Lie on your stomach. It will be difficult, but try to get used to it. If you really can’t manage it, you can lie on your back.
Simulation de l'amélioration des fesses avec un BBL
Simulation of buttock enhancement with a BBL

Risks, complications and side effects

There may be some rare risks during a Brazilian Butt Lift operation:

  • Thromboembolic accidents ;
  • Changes in sensitivity in the buttocks;
  • Bumps under the skin in the areas aspirated or injected;
  • Excessive bleeding ;
  • Infection & Fat embolism;
  • Appearance of haematomas.

That’s why you should trust us to help you choose your surgeon in Istanbul, and opt for a reputable and experienced practitioner.

What’s more, this operation is approved by Islam. It is halal surgery, not haram, because it provides a medical benefit and improves the patient’s quality of life.

For people with disabilities, we offer a wheelchair loan service to make it easier for them to get around. The clinic offers easy access for PRMs.

Why choose Turkey for the BBL?

A buttock lift is one of the most widely performed surgical procedures in Turkey. The surgeons working in the clinics in Istanbul and other cities capable of performing a BBL are among the most competent and experienced in the world.

Do you have HIV? A special clinic has been set aside for a BBL in complete safety for you and the staff.

Photo avant et après d'un BBL
Before and after photo of a BBL

Turkish clinics are also renowned for their state-of-the-art equipment. This is a further guarantee of the medical quality available in the country. Patients can rest assured.

How do I get a BBL in Turkey?

Once you’ve selected the right clinic, you still need to book your plane ticket and a hotel room close to your destination.

To help you avoid these time-consuming administrative procedures, our agency can take complete charge of your case, from choosing the clinic (we make it a point of honour to guide you towards the highest-quality establishments) through to the hotel room, airport transfer and all the administrative details. All you have to do is get to the airport on the big day.

If you’re having trouble making a choice, we can help you make a success of your operation, and at a reduced rate.

Enjoy a FREE evaluation!

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100% free consultation. We analyse your situation, your needs and your expectations. And we estimate the budget required for : Flight + Hotel + Taxi + Treatment.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How long does a BBL last?

The result of a Brazilian Butt Lift lasts between 18 and 24 months, depending on the patient and the situation. This relatively short-lived result means that the injections have to be repeated fairly regularly.

Although there is no pain at the time of the operation, it may appear during the 1 to 3 weeks of convalescence. The pain may be moderate, but sometimes requires the use of painkillers.

The ideal body mass index for undergoing a Brazilian facelift is generally between 20 and 25. However, this is only an indication. In fact, some people are at their ideal weight at a BMI of 26 or even more.

Convalescence time after a BBL operation is estimated at between 1 and 3 weeks, depending on the extent of the operation and the profile of each patient. However, it is necessary to wait 4 to 6 weeks before resuming sport.

In Turkey, the average cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift is €2,700. This is much more affordable than in most countries offering this service. What’s more, Turkey combines these prices with impeccable medical quality.

To undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift operation in Turkey, you need to allow for one night’s hospitalisation and a week’s stay for pre- and post-operative sessions. The operation itself can last between 1? and 4 hours.

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