Buttock lipofilling in Turkey

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Everything you need to know about buttock lipofilling in Turkey! What is the average price in Istanbul? Our advice for successful nose surgery in Turkey.

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Price of buttock lipofilling in Turkey

The average price of buttock lipofilling in Turkey in Istanbul is €2,700. The minimum price is €2400 and the maximum price is €3000.

ProcedureCost Turkey
Facial lipofilling1500 €
Lipofilling of the buttocks2700 €
Lipofilling of the breasts2200 €

What is buttock lipofilling?

Buttock lipofilling in Turkey , which has become incredibly popular in Europe and America in recent years, is one of the most popular treatments performed in Istanbul. The procedure is attracting the attention of many young people.

Buttock lipofilling in Turkey involves injecting fat extracted by liposuction into the buttock area. In this way, fat from different parts of the body, such as the abdomen, waist and back, is transferred to the buttocks or hips to achieve a voluminous effect.

With its high standards, innovative technologies and experienced doctors, Turkey occupies a very important place in the cosmetic surgery sector. For this reason, Turkey has become a popular destination for Brazilian butt lift operations.

Every day, dozens of people come to our country to have a Brazilian butt lift in Istanbul. Thanks to experienced doctors, international patients achieve amazing results and return home 100% satisfied.

Why you should undergo buttock lipofilling in Turkey

Turkey is one of the safest and most reliable destinations for Brazilian butt lift operations, as it offers a winning combination of high quality services and reasonable prices to people from foreign countries who wish to undergo this procedure abroad. International patients who have to pay up to five times more for the same operation in their home country are happy to take advantage of low Brazilian butt lift prices in Istanbul.

We offer special service packages to foreign patients who have decided to have a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey. These packages include airfare, accommodation in a four- or five-star hotel, transfers from the airport and surrounding area in VIP cars, an English-speaking host, etc. Brazilian butt lift packages include quality and affordable services that satisfy international patients. Highly qualified doctors at affordable prices.

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After Istanbul, the second most popular destination for a cheap Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is Izmir. It offers not only expert doctors specialising in cosmetic surgery, but also comfortable accommodation for international patients.

Buttock Lipofilling in Turkey

Buttock lifting is a specialised procedure that increases the size and shape of the buttocks. Fat transfer has been ranked among the most popular operations in many countries.

So Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey is named a leading brand among plastic surgeries, too. And it has become a very common procedure for Turks. Doctors are gaining experience by doing a lot of work, and the cheap prices of BBL surgery put Turkey at the forefront of the competition.

The cost of BBL Turkey is very affordable compared to other countries, which definitely attracts people to join the Bum Lift Turkey journey. What’s more, 99% of foreign patients return home with satisfactory results. This increases the number of patients coming to Turkey, day after day.

How long can I sit after bbl?

You should use a BBL pillow one month after BBL surgery. Your buttocks should be spread apart to remove any pressure.

When can I wear jeans after a bbl?

Jeans can be worn one month later. After BBL surgery, Turkish doctors recommend not wearing extra-fine jeans for two months.

How is a Brazilian buttock lift performed?

There are two ways of carrying out buttock lipofilling. Firstly, fat injection is the most popular method for this treatment. The second method is buttock implantation. With these two treatments, you’ll have bigger buttocks in Turkey.

When can I stop using the BBL pillow?

You can stop using a BBL pillow one month after the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Why do people choose Turkey for a Brazilian butt lift?

The doctors and hospital staff in Turkey are highly qualified. They work with many patients from different countries. This is why many patients prefer Turkey for their buttock lift operation. In addition to the experience of the staff, the clinics offer very affordable prices for international patients.

What are the side effects of fat transfer?

There are no side effects after fat transfer surgery. If an infection occurs as a complication, the doctors will recommend the necessary antibiotics.

How much body fat do you need for fat transfer?

This depends on how much fat we need and also on the area in which the fat transfer is performed and how much fat that area needs.

How long does fat transfer last?

Up to 50% of the fat transferred may eventually be absorbed by the body. The rest will remain permanent.

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