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Everything you need to know about facial lipofilling in Turkey! What is the average price in Istanbul? Our advice for successful facial lipofilling in Turkey.

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How much does facial lipofilling cost in Turkey?

The average cost of facial lipofilling in Turkey in Istanbul is €1,500. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €1,200 to €1,800.

ProcedureCost Turkey
Facial lipofilling1500 €
Lipofilling of the buttocks2700 €
Lipofilling of the breasts2200 €

What is facial lipofilling?

Lipofilling – also known as free fat transfer or fat grafting – is a procedure that involves filling areas with your own body fat instead of using chemical fillers or implants. It is a very effective procedure as it is not very invasive and gives natural results. Around 60% of the fat remains for life.

How is the price of facial lipofilling calculated?

An important factor in the cost is the complexity of your facial fat transfer. Depending on your objectives, your surgeon may recommend several areas for injection.

I always examine and evaluate how to make the whole face look harmonious – the eyebrows and eyelids, the cheeks or mid-face, the lower face and chin, and the neck. Therefore, the price of facial lipofilling will depend on exactly what each person needs and how long the operation will take.

Dr Erder Diyunaz in Turkey

In addition, facial lipofilling is a multi-stage procedure involving the removal of fat from a donor area and its processing before it can be injected.

“The success of fat transfer depends on the harvesting technique, the purification of the fat/stem cells and the reinjection technique. Fat that is simply harvested and reinjected without purification treatment generally does not last. The purification method and the extra time needed to carry out the purification add a certain cost to the procedure.”

Dr Erder Diyunaz in Turkey

Other factors can affect the cost of facial fat transfer:

  • the location of the operation (We recommend Turkey)
  • Your surgeon may cost less than a hospital, but facial lipofilling must be performed in an operating theatre. This makes it more expensive than injectable fillers, which can be administered in the surgery.

Type of anaesthetic

Facial fat transfer is performed under local anaesthetic and, possibly, with a sedative to relax you. If you opt for the sedative, there will be an additional cost.

The volume of fat

The cost increases with the volume of fat transferred and the number of areas where it is injected. A complete facial rejuvenation will cost more than injections in one or two specific areas.

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The number of procedures

In the best case, only about 50% of the fat transferred survives – so results can be unpredictable. You may wish to have an additional procedure to achieve the desired result.

That said, facial fat transfer is long-lasting, as the surviving fat cells continue to live on in your body, in the area where they were injected. Facial fat transfer may still be more cost-effective, in the long term, than a series of temporary fillers.

Practice location

Medical practices operating in areas where the cost of living is higher generally charge more. That’s why we recommend Turkey, which offers incredible value for money.

What does the cost include?

During your consultation with a plastic surgeon in Turkey, ask what is included in the cost they propose. This may simply be the surgeon’s fee or additional costs such as

  • Local anaesthetic and possibly a sedative
  • Hospital or surgery centre set-up fees
  • Laboratory work and medical tests
  • Fat collection and processing
  • Any follow-up appointments
  • If these costs are not included in your doctor’s estimate, you will still need to factor them into your total budget.

Does health insurance cover lipofilling?

Facial lipofilling is considered an elective cosmetic procedure and is therefore not covered by insurance companies. However, you may be able to finance your procedure. The clinic may offer you financing options. There are also companies that offer medical loans and credit for medical purposes.

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