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Dental implantology in Hungary is very well known, not only for the quality of the dentists working there, but also for the prices, which are very affordable compared with those in Europe. Find out everything you need to know about dental implantology in Hungary here. provides information aboutdental implants in Hungary and helps you book an operation with qualified surgeons. This content is for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a healthcare professional.

Price of a dental implant in Hungary

The average cost of a dental implant in Budapest, Hungary is €450. Depending on your needs, the price can vary from €400 to €500.

ProcedureCost in euros
Alpha-Bio dental implant in Hungary440 €
Straumann dental implant640 €
Alpha-Bio prosthetic abutment150 €
Metal ceramic crown220 €
Zirconia crown300 €
Complete temporary removable prosthesis280 €

Dental implants: who are they for?

Dental implants are for people who have lost one or more teeth, or who are about to lose some.

Here are the profiles most often concerned by the fitting of a dental prosthesis:

  • People suffering from advanced periodontal disease. These diseases weaken the gums and/or jawbone. Teeth are no longer held in place properly, and implants are the best solution;
  • People with dental cysts;
  • Certain tooth fractures, when they affect part of the root;
  • People who have already lost one or more teeth;
  • People who wear dentures but would like to get rid of them.

Hungary, a popular destination for dental implantology

Countless people flock to Budapest in Hungary to have dental implants placed. Hungarian dentists are renowned for the quality of the care and dental implants they are able to provide.

Hungary is an advanced country in the field of dental surgery, particularly implantology. It is estimated that over 50,000 foreigners visit a dental clinic in Hungary every year for this type of operation.

In addition to the impeccable quality and skills of Hungarian dentists, the country is renowned for the very strict rules and standards that govern dental clinics.

Professionalism, impeccable hygiene and ultra-modern infrastructures are all there to ensure that your teeth are cared for in the best possible health conditions.

Cheaper dental implant prices in Hungary

Hungary also stands out for its attractive prices. In fact, the price of a dental implant in Hungary is much more affordable than in Europe. We can easily see operations costing 50% less than in Europe, and sometimes more!

By way of comparison, let’s take the example of European patients wishing to have a complete dental implant (i.e. implant, screw and implant-supported prosthesis). The average cost within Europe will be estimated at 2,000 euros, whereas it is only 1,000 euros in a Hungarian dental clinic.

For an implant alone, you can expect to pay €1,000 in Europe, compared with just €450 in Hungary. The difference is clear. Remember that this only applies to the fitting of a single implant, so you can imagine the savings that can be made for a patient who has to have several implants fitted.

Why are costs in Hungary more attractive?

To be honest, the explanation is quite simple: it’s because of the standard of living. Purchasing power and the average salary in Hungary are much lower than in other European countries. So it’s only natural that dental treatment should be much cheaper.

However, don’t make the price of surgery the only criterion for choosing your dentist in Hungary.

Are dental implants reimbursed in Hungary?

In Hungary, European standards apply, which means that reimbursements are the same as in the rest of Europe. Dental implants are considered to be a form of dental treatment in Hungary, and are therefore not reimbursed in any way. You will therefore have to pay the full amount due in order to undergo your procedure and improve your teeth.

How do you get dental implants in Hungary?

The procedure for replacing teeth that are missing or about to fall out is relatively simple. First of all, you need to choose the clinic where you are going to have your operation.

Choosing the right dental clinic

As we have said, not all Hungarian dental practices are created equal. It is essential that you choose a quality clinic, known for the experience of its dentists and the modernity of its equipment. It’s not difficult to find one by doing a simple internet search. Choose 2 or 3 clinics and request a quote to choose the cheapest and most suitable for your needs.

We can take care of requesting quotes from the best clinics in Hungary for you, providing you with answers as quickly as possible.

Plane ticket and hotel

Once you know the date and place of your appointment with the dental practitioner, all that’s left to do is prepare for your trip. Book a plane ticket for the big day and a hotel room for the length of time you’ll be staying in the country. You’re finally prepared!

Dental travel agencies

You can use the services of a dental travel agency. These are establishments that take care of the entire procedure.

First of all, these agencies know the most reputable clinics in the country, and will be able to offer you the best value for money, and the most suitable offers for the dental treatment you need.

Dental travel agencies will also negotiate prices with hotels to help you make even greater savings, and will book your plane ticket for you.

Why choose Hungary over other destinations?

Hungary is not the only country known for its medical tourism, particularly in the field of dental surgery. In fact, other destinations such as Turkey are well known for both the quality of the care they provide and their very affordable prices.

As a European, choosing Hungary as your destination means you can make a relatively short trip for your treatment. Hungary is not that far away geographically. The journey is short and, above all, less expensive, which is a major advantage, especially as we’re all looking to make the greatest possible savings.

Another reason to choose Hungary is its membership of the European Union. Having an EU member country as your destination for dental treatment has a number of advantages, starting with the fact that you don’t need to obtain a visa. You can easily travel to Hungary, without any procedures, unlike other countries known for the quality and cost of treatment.

The second advantage is that, as a member of the EU, Hungary applies very strict hygiene and medical safety rules. The European Union has the most stringent standards in these areas, which is a reassuring and important criterion.

How is a dental implant fitted in Hungary?

Once you have arrived at your destination, the medical procedure for fitting your dental implants can finally begin. There are several stages to the procedure, which you should be aware of beforehand.

The implant consultation

First of all, the practitioner will meet you in the surgery to explain the procedure:

  • Stage 1: Choice of materials. Do you prefer the whiteness and strength of zirconia? Or the greater biocompatibility of titanium?
  • Step 2: The practitioner must ensure that the operation is feasible and that there are no medical contraindications. To do this, the doctor relies on comprehensive medical imaging (condition of your jaw, gums, etc.), and then draws up a treatment plan.

Fitting the dental implant

This is where things get serious. Generally speaking, dental implant placement does not differ from one country to another; it is the same surgical procedure:

  • Local anaesthetic
  • Incision of the gum in order to reach the bone. The hole made must be the same size as the implant that will be placed.
  • Implantation of the screw
  • Suturing of the gum.

The next step, fitting the crown or bridge, can only take place 2 to 4 months later, the time it takes for everything to heal and for the implant to bond firmly to the bone.

You will nevertheless stay in Hungary for a few extra days to undergo the examinations that will determine whether or not the operation has been a success.

Fitting the crown or bridge

A few months after your first visit, you will return to Hungary for the second stage:

  • Fitting the false tooth onto the dental implant.

The tooth is made by the dentist using the best tools (if you choose a quality clinic), so that it is adapted to your situation.

The fixed partial denture fitted may be a crown or a bridge. A bridge is a dental prosthesis that rests on the two teeth surrounding the missing tooth, using them as pillars.

Post-operative medical care

Once the operation has been successfully completed, the patient will receive medical follow-up to ensure that the prosthesis or prostheses fit properly. You will then receive instructions from the dental surgeon, and it’s important to follow them to the letter if you don’t want your prosthesis to come off or be damaged.

So make sure you are disciplined and listen to the doctor. Among the most important instructions you will receive is that of oral hygiene, including regular brushing.

How much does a dental implant cost in Hungary?

The ultimate question! And the one that drives hundreds of thousands of patients to choose dental implant surgery in Hungary is the cost of this surgery. The cost of dental surgery on the banks of the Danube can be up to 50% cheaper than in Europe. You can expect to pay between €400 and €500 for a dental implant in Budapest. However, this price varies according to the techniques used, the complexity of the modification and the surgeon’s reputation. For a precise price and an opinion from the best dental surgeon in Budapest, ask for a personalised quote.


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