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Asya Hospital specialises in cosmetic surgery and hair implantation. Founded in 1993, this certified clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Asya Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Asya hospital has 40 patient rooms, 10 intensive care units for adults and a total of 75 beds, as well as 35 rooms for newborn babies. The hospital continues to pioneer high quality healthcare in Istanbul.

The hospital offers a wide range of treatments and procedures, including general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and medicine, internal medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery, dermatology, orthopaedics, eye health and diseases, otolaryngology, neurology, urology, cardiology, dentistry, and many more.

Asya Hospital is constantly improving its healthcare to give the best services to its patients at affordable costs and aims to become a leading healthcare provider.

The hospital has a professional and friendly team, state-of-the-art technology, modern operating and intensive care theatres, internationally accredited laboratories and patient-centred services. Their vision is to provide excellent medical services to the community and they are committed to customer satisfaction.

With doctors who really care about people and experienced medical professionals in a wide range of specialties, the hospital can help find solutions to all medical problems and deliver accurate results. They place great importance on ethics and rules, quality of healthcare services, patient satisfaction and safety.

Located just 36 minutes from Istanbul airport, Aysa Hospital is very easy to reach. There are also several tourist attractions around the hospital. Medical tourists can visit the medieval stone tower known as the Galata Tower, admire the beauty of Hagia Sophia and see the Blue Mosque, which is a historic mosque made of blue tiles.

Speciality of the clinic :

Aesthetic Surgery
Lowering of the hairline
Double eyelid creation
Brazilian facelift
Breast augmentation
Breast lift
Breast reduction
Cervico-facial lift

Hair Implant
Hair transplant

Asya Hospital offers you :

Family accommodation
Free Wi-Fi
Health insurance
International newspapers
Interpreting services
Laundry service
Tourist guide
Taxi reservations
Medical file transfer
Medical travel insurance
PRM-accessible rooms
In-room telephone
Private rooms
Religious facilities
In-room safe
Food precautions
Translation services
TV in room

City: Istanbul – Country: Turkey – Founded: 1993
Accreditation: No information – Language(s) spoken: Arabic, English, French, German, Turkish

Reviews of Asya Hospital

Nancy Swyers
Nancy Swyers
20:09 22 Oct 19
I am an American who had traveled to Nepal for a few months. When I left Nepal I landed in Istanbul to do a little sightseeing. Little did I know that the slight cold and cough I had was severe pneumonia. After having been taken to two other different hospitals I was transferred here. I can not say enough about the wonderful and compassionate. Everyone went out of their way make a foreigner feel welcome. Thanks to Google translate we were able to communicate fine. I know I would not have received just compassionate, caring yet professional care even in America. I literally owe my life to all the doctors, nurses,nurse’s helpers, etc. who took care of me. I would come back here anytime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your great care and compassion.
Alaa Dallah
Alaa Dallah
10:48 01 Jan 23
The hospital is renewed but still simple. We did an operation and had to stay for 3 nights. They served meals to the patient's caregiver. The cleaning ladies are very humble and sweet. The toilet and the room were cleaned multiple times aday when required. The only problem is (the nurses) they are not cooperative nor show any empathy. I hope they were more considerate.
Berivan Ekiz
Berivan Ekiz
12:07 09 Feb 24
I advise everyone not to have their relatives treated in this hospital. Our grandmother (tracheotomied) was admitted to this hospital with an infected surgical wound. She was fully conscious and in a stable general condition when she arrived there. She was carelessly separated from the ventilator by the medical “experts” for 4 full days and not sufficiently monitored, so that brain damage was caused. Only after the urging of relatives theMedical staff responded who were unable to recognize the emergency situation in time. When our grandmother was in the intensive care unit, we were told that she would die in the next few days or hours.That's why We set out together as a family from Germany to be able to accompany our beloved grandmother on her last journey. What we had to endure there was unbearable and completely devoid of humanity. The medical staff refused to allow us to see our grandmother. only with Our insistence we were allowed to see her for two minutes. When we wanted to touch her hand, we were approached in a harsh tone saying that “touching was forbidden”. As if we was in prison. They were unable to deal with us empathetically and behaved aggressively and unprofessionally. The medical staff argued that there was a risk of infection, but they stayed in an intensive care unit in street clothes, regularly smoked in an adjacent café outside the hospital and then entered the intensive care unit again. The hygienic standards were catastrophic, the staff didn't even think it was necessary to tie their hair back , or to disinfect their hands. In our desperation, we did everything possible so that our grandmother could die in peace and dignity surrounded by her family and approached the treating doctor with our concerns. The completely tired doctor who almost fell asleep, was not only a danger to her patients but also unable to show empathy for the relatives and behaved defensively instead of constructively looking for a solution and working for what was best for her patient. She was unprofessional, judgmental and told us to take our grandma home and take care of her ourselves (terrifying) and even threatened us with the police. Economic interests seem to be in the foreground here. The doctors and medical staff are not willing to involve family members in the treatment. My grandmother was kept in the intensive care unit against the wishes of the relatives on the grounds that she was an intensive care patient and we were still denied to be by her side. The alleged intensive care treatment only consisted of antibiotic therapy and a circulatory stabilizing drug. (According to the treatment report from only two sentences). There was no real transparency and we never knew until the last moment what the current treatment or the goal of the treatment should be. We received different information from everyone which led to confusion and more fear. My grandmother died alone probably full in fear and in great pain in the intensive care unit. life support measures and CPR were carried out on a woman over 80 years old. My grandmother was denied the opportunity to die in dignity in this hospital and we were denied the opportunity to say goodbye. Even after her death our grandmother was transported to the morgue as quickly as possible. I am shocked by this absolutely unethical approach. Our pain runs deep and we want to warn others.
sayeda rasul
sayeda rasul
13:45 13 Jul 21
BEWARE of scamsUpon leaving the country (Turkey) everyone is required to receive a COVID-19 test. We were charged 250 liras each for the test. AFTER taking the test the man who administered it says, "because your flight has a layover in a strict country like Qatar, you need to pay an additional 250 liras each to receive a signature and stamp from the doctor". We went back and forth about this signature and stamp that we "had to have" to avoid getting stopped in Qatar because "Turkey and Qatar have a health contract together".DO NOT fall for this nonsense. It is just another way for these scammers to get extra money out of tourists. The worst part was that our hotel receptionist was in on it. Just follow what the airline guidelines are for your destination and do your own research before giving any extra money to these scammers.
10:19 09 Jun 20
Asya Hastanasi is very worst and hygiene Hospital. Last night my wife delivered the baby with full risk of her life, due to COVID 19 we choose Asya Hastanasi but unfortunately this hospital worst service and no care of patient and hygiene. They didn’t give my wife to hospital clothes or any kind of hospital gown during baby birth every hospital following the normal Service procedure even Doctor herself didn’t follow the rule in this COVID 19 situation they must have to follow and care more but in the hospital they are not following anything and playing with patient life. My wife give birth with her own home clothes was full of blood even after delivery nurse didn’t change the bloody clothes and they give the baby for feeding the milk. There was no room care service and no attendant if any emergency. In the room toilet tissue was missing even we ask several time to provide tissue but they ignore it. The main Point which I want to say I suppose to go Government Hospital but Due to Covid-19 I choose Private Hospital to safe and clean environment but this Hospital worst then Government Hospital. My suggestion not to go in this hospital with risk of your life and pay huge money.
Ali Aziz
Ali Aziz
17:14 18 Dec 22
Dont go here - worst people and dirty, not only place, but from cleaning til personality. Il cant find bad enough words!Their surgent Dr Berat that seemed so good.. just like the agents he is working with - Zed clinique and Revive air - they just want your money - I made a surgery there this summer and every surgent who have seen my nose - said it was terrible work.I regret using them.After 6 months agreement, I arrived with my wife, but then they wanted to push up the price 4x - and the worst is the surgent, who didnt keep up his part og the agreement.. Im disgusted - dont go here -- I PROMISE YOU WILL REGRET IT!
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