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HairTran Clinic specialises in hair implants. Founded in 2019, this certified clinic is located in Bangkok, Thailand. See customer reviews, before/after photos and ask about prices for surgery abroad. Fill out the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

HairTran Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

HairTran Clinic was established in January 2019. Although the clinic is relatively new, it has highly experienced doctors and specialists who can help solve baldness, receding hairline and hair loss problems using transplant techniques. Staff are fully trained from International Hair Transplant Association workshops in the USA, Turkey, Malaysia and Korea.

The clinic offers a range of procedures to treat your hair loss, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, FUE hair transplantation and low-level laser therapy. With modern equipment, the clinic offers the most natural result for all patients, with no scarring and permanent results. They also guarantee excellent results at reasonable prices. Located in the heart of Bangkok on Sukhumvit Road, HairTran is easily accessible from the Ekkamai East Bus Terminal, Ekkamai BTS and Phra Khanong BTS.

They also offer local transport bookings, local tourism options, as well as interpretation and translation services so patients don’t have to worry about language barriers. The clinic is surrounded by hotels that cater for medical tourists and a shopping centre. With many positive customer reviews, the clinic is one of the best places in Bangkok to have a successful hair transplant.

Clinic speciality:

Hair Implant
Hair transplant
Beard transplant
Eyelash transplant
Eyebrow transplant
DHI hair transplant
FUE hair transplant
FUE Gold hair transplant
FUT hair transplant
BHT hair transplant


Free Wifi
International newspapers
Interpreting services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Car park
Private rooms
Translation services
TV in room

City: Bangkok – Country: Thailand – Founded in 2019
Accreditation: Unknown – Language(s) spoken: English, Thai

Review of Hairtran Clinic

James YOU
James YOU
01:58 25 Nov 23
I contacted Hairtran via email for a hair transplant in 2022 and received detailed guidance on the process. I came to Thailand for the transplant, had the frontal hairline done smoothly, and after a year, I am very satisfied. I revisited Hairtran in 2023 for a second hair transplant on the crown, and just like the first time, the entire process was smooth and comfortable. I expect a good result from the second transplant as well. I highly recommend Hairtran for anyone considering a hair transplant.
Aurora CnC
Aurora CnC
12:58 01 Jul 23
I recently made the decision to address my hair thinning concerns by undergoing a hair transplant at Hairtran in late June. After stumbling upon a YouTube video by the Best Food Review Show and conducting thorough research on Reddit, I found Hairtran to be the ideal choice.I had initially contemplated between Turkey and Bangkok, but considering my proximity to Singapore, Bangkok seemed more convenient despite being slightly pricier due to reduced flight hours and costs.The consultation process at Hairtran was exceptionally smooth. The surgeon and staff worked in perfect harmony, with the surgeon handling the incisions while the staff expertly implanted the hair follicles. The entire procedure was remarkably manpower intensive, and I was impressed to see more than 8 staff members dedicated to assisting me. Naturally, this level of personalized care contributed to the higher cost, but it was well worth it. The surgeon oversaw every step of the process, ensuring utmost precision and a successful outcome.Post-operation, I experienced outstanding care and support. The very next day, I returned for a hair wash and laser treatment, which significantly expedited the healing process. I was pleasantly surprised when they allowed me to have another hair wash the following day as well. This attentive aftercare truly made a difference.Remarkably, I experienced minimal swelling and pain after the procedure, with the most discomfort arising from the anesthesia. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the anesthesia at least an 8, but it only lasted for a few minutes. The skilled medical team ensured my comfort throughout the process.Communicating in a country where the primary language differs can be challenging. However, I was fortunate that the doctor and the account manager both spoke excellent English. This language proficiency eliminated any possibility of miscommunication, giving me peace of mind.There are quite a lot of bought review in some of the turkey transplant clinic. It is very obvious with the low review count. But mine is legit as heck.Well I am still at the start of the journey, but i am excited for what is next! See you in 6 months 🙂
Lloyd Jones
Lloyd Jones
16:09 26 Jul 23
I highly recommend Hairtran clinic. I had 3700 grafts done 6 months ago and I laugh at my thick hair whenever I look in the mirror. They did a great job, were very professional and did not make any false promises. Lovely staff on the day of the procedure, everyone made me very comfortable. I wouldn't make any plans for the day after the procedure as it was pretty uncomfortable for about a day. I experienced a bit of shock loss and it took about 4 months to really see the growth but since then it's been getting thicker weekly. VERY SATISFIED!
David Rodwell
David Rodwell
03:02 28 Sep 23
I couldn't be happier with my hair transplant at HairTran. All staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, and made time to answer all my questions. Follow up care has been excellent. Dr Patty is highly experienced and very patient, and she was involved in all steps of the procedure. The transplant is looking great at 3 months post. I'd encourage anyone to come here.
Aaron Raja
Aaron Raja
16:25 19 Sep 23
Flew over to Bangkok from Singapore to get my hair transplant done at Hairtran a month ago and have to say I have no regrets in choosing this clinic. The prices quoted were very reasonable and the service provided was top notch.The doctor and staff very professional and the entire process was done smoothly with minimal discomfort. I also experienced no pain throughout the procedure as well as the days after it was completed.There was no issues with the language barrier as well as most of the staff are able to speak English. I’d highly recommend the clinic if you’re looking to get your transplant done in Bkk.
Peter S
Peter S
20:48 04 Oct 23
From the start to the final result, I was impressed with the whole team. Their English was perfect so no misunderstandings. The results far exceeded my expectations. The price was less than 25% of what I would have paid in Australia. There was virtually no pain throughout the whole procedure. The first week I only had a very mild discomfort and needed no pain relief. A month later virtually all numbness had gone and my hair was regrowing in line with the advice I was given. 3 months later and I was showing off my full head of hair with confidence. All my friends can’t believe how different I look and how much younger I look. I shopped around before going to Hairtran. They were my top pick due to their complete professionalism. I completely recommend them to anyone wanting to have this life changing procedure and have already referred several friends.Now the only problem I have with my hair is which haircut to get.You will not be disappointed. If anyone wants to talk with me about my experience then please reach out.
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