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Medical Park specialises in dental care, cosmetic surgery and hair implants. Founded in 1991, this certified clinic is located in Istanbul, Turkey. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Medical Park, Istanbul, Turkey

Medical Park is a reference hospital in Istanbul and internationally, where health problems are treated by the best medical teams and professionals. With the awareness of protecting and improving health based on patient and staff satisfaction.

Our doctors have over 10 years’ experience in hair transplantation, dental surgery, hair surgery, cosmetic surgery and reproductive surgery while continuing to practice their profession on a daily basis, which enables them to provide our patients with a written 25-YEAR GUARANTEE, signed and sealed by the doctor.

This hospital has stabilised the quality of its healthcare services by obtaining the ISO 9001 quality management system and holds the most prestigious accreditation for hospital excellence outside the United States, awarded by the Joint Commission International (JCI).

The Joint Commission International (JCI) is the most demanding body in terms of the safety and quality of patient care worldwide. It ensures that patients and their families can be confident that MEDICAL PARK HOSPITAL complies with the care, safety and quality protocols that make it comparable to the best clinics and hospitals in the world.

Clinic speciality :

Dental care
Bone grafting
Consultation in cosmetic dentistry
Custom mouthguards
Dental bridge
Dental check-up
Dental crown
Dental scan
Dental implant
Corono-radicular reconstruction
Dental X-ray
Dental consultation

Cosmetic surgery
Lowering of the hairline
Double eyelid creation
Brazilian facelift
Breast augmentation
Breast lift
Breast reduction
Cervico-facial lift
Facial lipofilling
Laser liposuction
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric band
Gastric Botox
Gastric bypass
Secondary rhinoplasty

Hair Implant
Eyebrow transplant
Hair transplant
DHI hair transplant
FUE hair transplant
FUE Gold hair transplant
FUT hair transplant
BHT hair transplant

Services offered

Airport transfer
Free Wi-Fi
Hotel reservations
Interpreting services
Tourist guide
Taxi booking
Internet consultation
Car park
In-room telephone
Private rooms
TV in room

City: Istanbul – Country: Turkey – Founded: 1991
Accreditation: Unknown – Language(s) spoken: English, German, Turkish

Reviews of Medical Park Bahçelievler İletişim

Hasan Eyupoglu
Hasan Eyupoglu
12:08 22 May 24
I wish success to the director and team of the international department and all the Medicalpark staff, I would like to thank them one by one, from the judges, nurses, assistants, consultants and translators. Best regards. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Maher Bayoumi
Maher Bayoumi
18:34 16 Jun 24
The overall experience was the best in class I have seen in a medical institution, ever. My dad has Parkinson, so we flew all the way from Lebanon based on Dr. Sait Ozturk’s great reputation in the field. With the help of Dr. Ibrahim Kadioglu and Mrs. Dalal Ahmad who is a dedicated professional translator, our experience couldn’t have been more seamless. Starting the moment we arrived at the airport until our departure back to Lebanon, the team has dedicated full attention and tremendous hospitable care that we literally haven’t seen anything equivalent to. I cannot but highly recommend the hospital and Dr. Sait’s team to everyone. I can’t thank you enough for taking good care of my dad.
Lejla thaqi
Lejla thaqi
08:04 25 Sep 23
Really good nurses and doctors,Gulşah Beyza, Dylber, are really good oncology nurses . The whole hospital has amazing doctors.
Lasers plank Plank lazer
Lasers plank Plank lazer
09:00 14 Sep 23
Hospital staff were efficient and showed care …very scary in another countries having big surgery …hospital was clean and I felt well looked after xx
Perparim Bordoniqi
Perparim Bordoniqi
07:49 23 Sep 23
It's been almost 2 years that we are at this hospital and everybody is so good here.They are so friendly and they always try to do the best for us.Gülşah,Beyza,Dilber they are the best nurses in -3th floor,they always keep our childrens happy and motivate them.We are so happy with this good service and we never had a problem.
Kerim Cviko
Kerim Cviko
15:24 30 Aug 23
Very polite and frendly staff. The hospital is very clean and it is easy to get around. Great option for international patients to get quick checkups. Close to metro station.
Yousef Taieb
Yousef Taieb
21:13 23 May 24
In my experience, the hospital is excellent and services are at a very high levelDr. Sibal is one of the best doctors and it was a successful experience with he, also the treatment was good…We had birth a boy in this wonderful hospital. Thank you to all the doctors and nurses for the good care and health treatmentI will not forget the translator, Dalal, who was with us in every session and review she is very frindly and skilled .good luck for everbody
Tedjih Moahmed Lemine
Tedjih Moahmed Lemine
15:08 21 May 24
Even one star they don't deserve it either. While the doctors and nursing staff were outstanding and professional, the international patient department staff was unprofessional and disrespectful . The translators were consistently unhelpful and even refused to share a prescription with me, stating they were not allowed to do so.I paid in advance for my entire sessions of chemotherapy treatment based on the initial invoice. However, during subsequent sessions, I was asked to pay the same amount again per session, which contradicted the initial agreement. When I raised this issue with the international department, the manager (HASSAN) was rude and dismissive, even he said in my face he does not have the time for my concernes insisting I either pay again or leave the hospital.Feeling disrespected and frustrated by the lack of clear communication, I chose to leave the hospital. The international patient department urgently needs training on how to effectively and empathetically treat human being rather than patients.
Mohamed Jama
Mohamed Jama
06:54 07 Sep 23
The worst hospital I’ve ever seen in my entire life. They have poor services and lack of communication because 95% of staff memebers do not speaks English.They are scammers as they only think about the prices and nobody cares about you especially foreigners I’m regarding to. As for advice I recommend that people should not attend this hospital as you will be only wasting time and money
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