Cochlear implant in Turkey

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Price of a cochlear implant in Turkey

In Turkey, the price of a cochlear implant in Istanbul varies between €17,000 and €20,000. Several factors could influence the cost of a cochlear implant in Turkey: the choice of hospital, the surgeon’s skill and reputation, the type of cochlear implant chosen, travel and accommodation, insurance cover, etc.

Cochlear implant in Turkeyfrom €17,000

Focus on cochlear implant surgery in Turkey to restore hearing health

Hearing loss is often thought of as a disease of the elderly. However, it can affect an adult as well as a young child or newborn baby. It can be disabling. Fortunately, the medical world has come a long way. There is now an effective solution for eliminating hearing discomfort and restoring hearing. This is cochlear implant surgery. It can work whether the patient has mild, moderate or profound hearing loss.

Several French hospitals currently offer cochlear implantation. The cost of the treatment and the associated expenses are fairly high. Sufferers should expect to pay at least €20,000. However, not everyone is eligible for social security cover.

To be able to hear again, many people prefer to undergo cochlear implantation in a clinic abroad. Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, is the most popular destination for regaining hearing health for a number of reasons. This destination opens its doors to international patients. It also has a solid reputation in the field of medical and aesthetic tourism.

What is a cochlear implant in Turkey?

The device and its role

A cochlear implant is an effective solution for people with hearing problems. It involves placing an electronic device in the ear. The device is designed to remedy mild, moderate or severe hearing loss. It is an excellent alternative when using a conventional hearing aid does not work.

The device is so named because it is placed in the cochlea or organ of Corti.

Spiral-shaped and hollow, it is located in the last part of the ear. Its important function is to transmit all sound information to the brain via the cochlear nerve. This is how a person is able to hear.

When this organ is damaged, it loses its function. The patient will be unable to perceive sounds and understand words, especially in a noisy environment. They may even develop profound deafness. A cochlear implant can help restore the sensation of sound by stimulating the start of the auditory nerve.

Its components

The cochlear implant is a multi-component device. In particular, it consists of :

  • An internal part to be placed in the cochlea, consisting of a processor, an antenna and electrodes;
  • An external part consisting of a processor with a microphone in the form of an earhook connected to the internal components and a battery.

Each component of the device has specific functions. The microphone picks up sounds, analyses them and transforms them into electrical signals.

These signals are sent to the antenna, which transmits them by radio to the internal processor.

This receiver will decode each signal and then send them as electrical impulses to each electrode. The impulses will be transmitted to the different areas of the auditory nerve. The sounds they produce reach the brain.

A surgical operation must be scheduled to implant this device. This takes place under general anaesthetic. It is carried out by a competent medical team led by an ENT surgeon.

Who is the ideal candidate for a cochlear implant in Turkey?

A cochlear implant in Turkey is an innovative solution to hearing problems. It is intended for :

  • Women or men who were born deaf;
  • People who have suffered a severe hearing loss that cannot be alleviated with another device;
  • Patients who need a hearing aid to understand speech.

Hearing aids can be fitted to children from the age of 12 months. It should be fitted as early as possible. This can improve the quality of the result. There is no age limit.

What is the procedure for cochlear implant surgery in Turkey?

Cochlear implant surgery as part of a medical trip to Turkey is a fairly lengthy process. It involves several stages.

Preparing for cochlear implant surgery

A full assessment is required before the operation. It is necessary to check whether the procedure is feasible for the patient. The doctor can also determine the precautions to be taken before, during and after the surgery through this process. The assessment includes :

  • A thorough hearing test ;
  • A medical examination including a CT or MRI scan of the skull to assess the condition of the cochlea and inner ear;
  • Analysis of the patient’s medical history;
  • Discussion sessions with audiologists and an ENT professor.

The operation

On the day of the operation, the patient is expected at the hospital. The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. The surgeon begins by implanting the inner part of the device. He makes a small incision behind the ear. He will then make a small hole in the mastoid bone to access the cochlea.

The array ofelectrodes is then carefully inserted into the organ. This is a delicate procedure. Placement must be precise in order to obtain an excellent hearing result. The rest of the internal components of the hearing implant are placed under the skin behind the ear.

The operation takes between 2 and 4 hours. The incision is then closed. The operated ear is covered with a large bandage. This will be removed the next day, before the patient is discharged from hospital. The doctor will check the condition of the incised area one week later. If there is no infection, the stitches are removed.


In most cases, the patient remains under observation overnight. Painkillers are taken to relieve the pain associated with the operation. Antibiotics are also necessary if there is a risk of infection. Recovery is complete after 4 to 6 weeks. However, patients can resume their activities one or two weeks after the operation.


The cochlear implant must be activated three weeks after the operation. The procedure involves fitting the external components. They are then connected to the internal part. This is carried out by audiologists. They must also programme the implant to enhance the patient’s hearing perception.


A patient who has had a cochlear implant fitted needs regular follow-up. The device is not programmed in a single appointment. The patient must also undergo rehabilitation including auditory training and speech therapy. The brain needs time to adapt to the way the cochlear implant works.

What results can I expect after a cochlear implant in Turkey?

Hearing rehabilitation and programming of the cochlear implant in Turkey must be carried out properly. This will ensure a satisfactory result. Of course, the operation does not restore normal hearing. But it does help the patient to understand speech and recognise words. They will even be able to communicate on the telephone.

What are the risks, complications and side effects?

A cochlear implant in Turkey is not a complicated procedure. However, there is a risk of complications andside-effects . The following problems could arise

  • Intense pain after surgery ;
  • Vertigo or ringing in the ears;
  • Inflammation;
  • Infection requiring antibiotics or removal of the implant;
  • Bleeding after surgery;
  • Damage to the facial nerve;
  • Damage to structures adjacent to the cochlea;
  • Changes in taste or sensation;
  • Paraesthesia, etc.

What is life like with a cochlear implant?

After having a cochlear implant in Turkey, you have to learn to live with the presence of the device. It becomes a lifelong companion for the patient. However, there are a few precautions that can be taken to increase the effectiveness of the device and avoid problems:

  • Keep the sound processor dry and dust-free, especially during sporting activities;
  • Turn down the volume of the sound processor when going through security at airports or shopping centres;
  • Turn off the sound processor before undergoing an examination such as a scan or receiving special care, and during air travel;
  • Always carry your implant card with you;
  • Remove the processor when taking a bath or shower;
  • Avoid shock to the implant area.

Why have a cochlear implant fitted in Turkey?

Many international patients choose to have a cochlear implant fitted in Turkey. There are many advantages to this form of medical tourism.

Care by competent specialists

Several of the country’s surgeons and nurses have chosen this speciality. They are not only highly skilled, but also highly experienced. They work together to give patients the best possible care and guarantee them a successful operation.

A stay in a high-quality hospital

Cochlear implant surgery in Turkey is carried out in a hospital accredited by the jci (Joint Commission International). This is a guarantee of safety. Such a facility follows strict protocols and has state-of-the-art medical equipment.

A successful operation

Patients are cared for by an experienced and highly competent medical team. They provide high-quality care. They also give full safety instructions. All to reduce complications and speed up recovery. They ensure that the operation is a complete success.

An affordable price

The price of a cochlear implant in Turkey is lower than in other foreign countries such as Thailand.

A stay in a beautiful country

Located on the Asian continent, Turkey is renowned for its state-of-the-art medical facilities. It also has a wealth of skilled and experienced specialists.

Most of the hospitals offering cochlear implant surgery in Turkey are in beautiful locations such as Istanbul, Antalya or Ankara. Patients can therefore enjoy a very pleasant stay. To top it all off, they’ll be spared the inconvenience of jet lag. Turkey is only 1 hour ahead of France.

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Frequently asked questions

Does having a cochlear implant hurt?

The operation is painless, as it is performed under general anaesthetic. Post-operative pain is also bearable thanks to analgesics. In addition, the doctor gives instructions that will speed up the healing of the wounds.

What is the minimum length of stay in Turkey?

You should stay in hospital for 1 or 2 days after the implant. It all depends on the patient’s condition. Post-operative follow-up is then required. The minimum length of stay in Turkey for a cochlear implant is therefore 3 to 6 weeks.

What is the success rate of a cochlear implant in Turkey?

The success rate is high. It can be as high as 95% or even higher. The operation is carried out by real experts. They have state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal and apply advanced technologies.

Where is the best country for cochlear implant surgery?

Cochlear implant surgery is available in many parts of the world. But Turkey remains the best destination for this kind of treatment. It has a head start in terms of medical facilities. It also has experienced specialists.

How do I organise a cochlear implant in Turkey?

It’s more practical to entrust the organisation of your trip to a specialist agency like ours, rather than doing everything yourself. We organise everything: transport, accommodation, translation services, the operation, medication, post-operative follow-up, etc.