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Burjeel Hospital specialises in cosmetic surgery and MAP / IVF. Founded in 2012, this JCI Accredited clinic is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. See customer reviews, before/after photos and ask about prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Burjeel Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that commenced operations in 2012 and enjoys an excellent reputation in the areas of cardiology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, IVF, gynaecology and obstetrics, orthopaedics and sports medicine, as well as the vascular centre. It has 10 ultra-modern operating theatres and 300 beds.

The hospital has state-of-the-art medical equipment, including a 64-slice CT scanner, a high-end MRI, a 3.0 Tesla MRI, neuro-navigation surgical systems and physiotherapy and rehabilitation rooms. It is committed to providing its patients with the safest and highest quality care. The hospital has a renowned team of dedicated medical specialists, who welcome local and international patients.

Clinic Specialty:

Aesthetic Surgery
Wrinkle treatment
Cervico-facial lift
Eyebrow lift
Hollow cheeks – Bichectomy
Fat transfer
Breast lift
Thigh lift
Breast augmentation
Facial implant
Varicose vein treatment
Breast implants
Breast reconstruction
Breast reduction
Buttock lift
Buttock augmentation
Penis enlargement

Follicular ultrasound
Tubal catheterisation


Interpretation services
Medical travel insurance
Private rooms
Food precautions
Translation services
TV in room

City: Abu Dhabi – Country: United Arab Emirates – Founded in 2012
Accreditation: JCI Accredited – Languages spoken: Arabic, English

Reviews of Burjeel Hospital

Dr Prince Rafat
Dr Prince Rafat
12:56 12 Feb 24
Thanks for the amazing Pharmacy team in 2nd Floor & specially Dr Heba for her amazing pharmaceutical knowledge & humble patient care always she provides for me & my whole family & Im pretty sure for all of her patients whom we are lucky to have such an Amazing Pharmacist like Dr Hebe…!!!
Parush gupta
Parush gupta
11:34 31 Jan 24
Dr Aruna has fantastic experience and support alot during the whole pregnancy, we really appreciate for her job and understanding...God bless her 🙏🙏
Cristina Sampaga
Cristina Sampaga
06:57 14 Mar 24
Dr ibrahim gamal was closely monitoring his patients. He is very kind and explains well to his patients all the procedures and guidance that the patient needs. Thank you so much dr gamal for taking care of me.
rajeena ashraf
rajeena ashraf
08:54 25 Jul 23
Friendly and Approachable:Dr. [Pathukutty] went above and beyond by fostering a friendly and approachable environment. He always had a smile on his face and took the time to celebrate the little milestones throughout my pregnancy journey. His friendly nature made each visit enjoyable, and he ensured that both my partner and I felt involved and included in all aspects of the delivery.Lactation Kareena:She taught very well and also very lovable person.
Lempie Timoteus
Lempie Timoteus
18:16 20 Oct 23
I am so thankful and short of words to express my gratitude to Dr. Pathukutty as my gynecologist throughout my pregnancy and delivery process. She was able to guide us well on our every concern which kept us confident through the entire journey. Dr Pathukutty dedication to her patients is commendable. Even when I had doubts regarding normal delivery she was very confident & supportive. It was great to have her part of my beautiful journey. Having such dedicated and selfless doctors in today's world is a blessing.Thank you to the midwives, nurses and to the sweet lactation consultant Karena for your support.
Usama Khalil
Usama Khalil
08:30 27 Aug 23
I would like to thank Dr Pattakutty Mohammed for her excellent service…We are blessed with baby boy. She is the best gynecologist and we had a very good experience her. Highly recommended.
prem kumar
prem kumar
15:44 23 Dec 23
Our Dr.Pathukutty was very supportive throughout the pregnancy. She made the journey less stressful and supportive.Thank you for the entire team of nurses and support staffs and Burjeel hospital for the utmost care
Lian Hou
Lian Hou
10:41 17 May 24
Very nice experience on dental treatment. Especially for braces, Dr. Mai has been very helpful, patient. Without her I wouldn’t have the courage to start Otho treatment. I can see the changes after every visit. Really Thankful for Dr. Mai.
Joannalyn Salivio
Joannalyn Salivio
09:23 16 Oct 23
Highly recommended! I just delivered my baby girl with a great and reliable team. Thank you to Dr. Khaled Omar for the smooth CS delivery and amazing how i was able to recover right away he’s always checking on us during our stay in the hospital. To Dr. Karina lactation consultant thank you for the continuous encouragement i am able to breastfeed my baby girl which i was not able to do to my eldest. Nurses and staff are all very nice and helpful 🤗❤️
Mufee Rafe
Mufee Rafe
10:31 15 Aug 23
Best Pregnancy Experience Ever at Burjeel Hospitality (Al Najda). I am so thankful to have Dr.Aruna kumari as my Gynec throughout my pregnancy, such a cool and wise doctor. Though I had Gestational Diabetes mid of pregnancy, Doctor Aruna guided me well and her positive approach towards everything made me deliver normally. Best Gynecologist ever.The service from burjeel especially in labour ward is outstanding. Thanks to all the midwives, nurse and duty doctors who took care of me in labour ward.Thanks to the Lactation consultant Kareena for the best support.Great hospitality, Royal Treatment, Best medical Facilities, Expertise Doctor, Caring Nurse. Thanks Burjeel for the awesome care and support.ThanksMufeena
12:46 07 Dec 23
I must say that Burjeel is one of the best hospital in Abu Dhabi. They varieties of services they provide is no other hospitals have. And the professionalism in Staffs and Doctors are directly visible in the very first glance. I advice you must bring your Insuarance card to get the best possible treatments and care as early as possible.
Mohammed Razlan
Mohammed Razlan
09:33 19 May 24
Really we had a good experience with a good hospitality and other services. Doctors and nursing staff were more helpful throughout the journey. Special thanks to the gynecologist Dr. Pathukutti Mohammed, she is very kind, supportive, polite and gave clear explanations. We highly appreciate the services given by the doctors, staff and management.
Arun Anirudhan
Arun Anirudhan
09:32 15 Dec 23
The pharmacy wait time is unacceptable. With 18 counters available, only 8 are operational, leading to a consistently long wait of 60 to 70 minutes for medications. This has been an ongoing issue for the past 8 years, indicating poor management.
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