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Kamol Hospital specialises in cosmetic surgery and hair implantation. Founded in 2009, this JCI Accredited clinic is located in Bangkok, Thailand. See customer reviews, before/after photos and get prices for surgery abroad. Fill in the form for a free pre-diagnosis. Quick response.

Kamol Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Located to the east of the city in Bangkok’s popular Wang Thong Lang district, Kamol Hospital is famous for its plastic / cosmetic surgery, specialising in gender reassignment procedures.

Since achieving JCI accreditation in 2015, the hospital has been a popular medical tourism destination for those seeking the highest quality plastic surgery.

This 5,000-metre state-of-the-art facility is managed by a large team of doctors and medical staff led by Dr Kamol Pansritum – a world-renowned plastic surgeon who has performed several thousand gender reassignment operations.

Speciality of the clinic :

Aesthetic Surgery
Sex reassignment (Female to Male)
Sex reassignment (Male to Female)
Buttock implants
Breast lift
Buttock lift
Thigh lift
Breast augmentation
Breast implants
Breast reconstruction
Eyebrow lift
Neck lift
Double eyelid creation
Plastic surgery consultation
Facial feminization
Penis enlargement
Lowering of the hairline
Hollow cheeks – Bichectomy
Jaw reconstruction
Feminisation of the voice
Ultrasound Liposuction

Hair implant
Hair transplants

Kamol Hospital offers you :

Airport transfer
Family accommodation
Free Wi-Fi
Taxi reservation
Car park
In-room telephone
Private rooms
In-room safe
TV in room

City: Bangkok – Country: Thailand – Founded in 2009
Accreditation: JCI Accredited – Language(s) spoken: English, Thai

Review of Kamol Hospital

Tassja wtfTechnik
Tassja wtfTechnik
09:41 22 Jan 24
If I could, I would give this clinic 10 points instead of the possible 5 here.This clinic changed my life!I had my SRS at the beginning of January 2024 and I am incredibly happy with the results.Everything in the clinic is super modern and the staff is super friendly.The clinic definitely sets standards that many clinics in the field of gender reassignment in Europe do not even come close to achieving.The preoperative consultation for SRS is objective and honest. And the results are really impressive after just a few weeks.
Kade Fenwick
Kade Fenwick
20:57 19 Jan 24
I have the privilege of working with underrepresented communities in the context of workplace wellbeing, organisational justice and community development.I have never experienced wrap around healthcare as a trans person in the way I have with the Kamol staff. From the expertise of Dr A and Dr K all the way through to the grounds staff, the kindness and empathy and solidarity shown by all has changed my life forever.If you buy into racist stereotypes about Asia and hygiene I can guarantee they will be dissolved upon first conversation with the knowledgeable consultative staff at K Gardens.
Shauna Harper
Shauna Harper
01:20 26 Oct 23
Having read reviews before I made my decision for my procedure and to travel, I feel that I should share my experience. To begin with, everything exceeded my expectations. Everyone at Kamol Hospital and K-Garden were wonderful. Everyone was helpful, kind, and understanding. K-Garden staff always made me feel welcomed and provided wonderful service. The Kamol Hospital nurses were the most compassionate and professional nurses I've ever had. My doctor was great. The customer care rep has been amazing. Everything was as advertised. I always felt that my safety and comfort was everyone's top priority. In the future, I will always place Kamol Hospital as my first choice for any cosmetic procedures.
Miumi Dae
Miumi Dae
14:14 21 Nov 23
Life changing. I was very nervous to travel to Thailand by my self. I had almost no idea what to expect. After I arrived I immediately felt like I was where I belong. So many other girls from around the world to meet and exchange stories with. This hospital has my deepest appreciation. The staff is very friendly and the nurses are all angels. My surgery results blew my expectations out of the water. Dr.Kamol and his team are experts. I’m very satisfied. I’m coming back one more time in a few months to have my compete surgery and I’m so very excited. I went from being nervous to wishing I was back in Thailand. Kamol Hospital is the right choice.
Dr. Kerstin-Evelyne Voigt
Dr. Kerstin-Evelyne Voigt
01:51 16 Nov 23
I am just back since a week from my SRS2 surgery which was done by Dr. Kamol himself.I really thank Dr. Kamol so much. But also people like Nanda in the surgery room who are giving you all their sympathy and enthousiasm just before all starts. Even though I still have some pain, I am so happy with my new life. I completely recommend the Kamol hospital and the hotel K-Garden which is only 100m away and which also belongs to the Kamol hospital. Everything is run in a most pleasant and efficient way.I don’t want to forget to thank Oya, Kendra and Jamie Lee for their excellent work. They are not Thai and they help to orient the patients through all types of questions and difficulties. They are a very significant enrichment to the Kamol team. Please do all continue your wonderful work. With love from France, K🤩
Michelle Michelle
Michelle Michelle
01:36 13 Sep 23
Everything was super nice and smooth, I'm happy Kendra was there with me to keep me company and moral support throughout the whole surgery process. It was a 5 star experience, but they really need more English oriented staff like Kendra to actually understand the pacients and guide them
Ni Yaksich
Ni Yaksich
13:09 30 Sep 23
Kendra really went above and beyond in making me feel welcome, validated, supported and essentially like a top priority and even family. She is an invaluable asset to the team and made the entire process that could very well have been daunting, into a walk in the park and now I have so many life long friends thanks to her amazing efforts and fostering a productive and highly beneficial environment for all patients at the hospital. Thanks Kendra!
Stuart Fordham
Stuart Fordham
08:01 30 May 24
I rarely leave reviews but in this instance I am compelled to do so . The Kamol Hospital made me feel like a member of the Thai Royal Family from the moment I set foot in the hospital . As it turned out I was unable due to my own “Health issues” to proceed with my surgery ,however the level of professionalism compassion and care was simply first class . From the great man Dr Kamol himself to the receptionist on the front desk I was shown nothing but high levels of genuine concern and care.Simply every detail and every member of staff I came into contact with was both highly polite professional and caring . Nothing was too much trouble for this Hospital arranging free transportation and going to great lengths at every stage to keep me informed of what was happening .I have visited many hospitals on the Western world but none simply none could replicate the high degree of personal care and attention I was shown.It was simply a pleasure to meet all of the staff involved and I would not hesitate to recommend this hospital for anything .My original booking was for a full facelift and neck lift but my risk was too high . They performed 8 thread lifts on me with precision and true care .I thank you all once again for your truly professional and caring approach to meStuart Fordham
adriana La Rosa
adriana La Rosa
09:38 01 May 24
My experience at Kamol Cosmetic Hospital certainly cannot be summarized in a few words... Of course, undergoing surgical procedures because of the gender transition process is not a joke. At the beginning of my transition, my expectations were low given my initial situation. From 2018 until today, 2024 I started making several trips to Kamol Hospital, despite several hours of flying. I underwent a total of 10 surgical operations at Kamol and I could easily say that the sacrifice of coming here each time, was worth the best surgery done from the best surgeon I am aware of. I wanted the best and I think I achieved it. The results are extraordinary. Now, if I am who I am, I can only thank Kamol Cosmetic Hospital.
12:13 20 Apr 24
Hello I am orphan, Alaskan and English speaking young man and this is my first time traveling out of the country by myself. I have medical traumas from my personal past in America. Everything here has been outstanding from the hospitality to the medical treatment.I leave some advise for anyone reading this wanting to travel to Thailand for medical tourism:(step zero: PASSPORT time! You also are going to need to give yourself an appropriate amount of time for this trip! Many weeks and prior to that, months of planning and preparation.)1. Do research for the surgery you want thoroughly. There is a language barrier and the pre and post op appointments go by very quickly. Plan ahead and have your questions ready beforehand. Dont be afraid to ask for what you want, otherwise Kamol will make his own best judgements. My final results varied from what I have seen online, but I am not ungrateful or unhappy. I expressed my needs and it helps to talk to another doctor in your language prior to coming here if you can. Doctor kamol was my 4th consultation with the surgery I needed so I had a better idea what to expect.2. Do research on Thailands laws and cultures. Dos and Donts. Be respectful, learn basic greeting (wai). Be mindful of the traffic laws. Take your shoes off when asked, dont touch peoples heads, and remember to smile!3. Do not come here without a smartphone or ways to use Apps! I am not one of those people always glued to their smart phones. Well, I though I could get by without one. my "dumb phone" didnt work with a thai sim and people in bangokok use APPS FOR EVERYTHING! Sounds funny but trust me, I tried almost every alternative. You pretty much NEED apps to buy food delivery when you are healing from surgery if you are coming here by yourself!4.Pack lightly you wont need as much as you think. Bring a theft proof handbag/satchel, sandals, sunscreen, comfort item of choice and something to use for internet and apps, but you wont need much than carry on if you stay at the K-garden hotel as it can be easily obtained.5.Get a travel agent to help you line up a good flight plan, insurance and help with visa. Plenty of youtube videos on it though. watch:"A Guide to Your First Hour in Bangkok, Thailand" and he will take you step by step to navigating the airport.6. Use Whatsapp to talk to kamol hospital directly. They can help you with questions prior to your trip and then during especially when it comes to the payment options. People here also use Line to communicate. Get as many questions fleshed out as you can before coming here!7.Make sure you bank is compatible with international charges! Also, let other people know like websites will ask for security questions when you try to log in here.8. Stay at the K Garden hotel! Its easy to navigate, close by to the hospital and you will be taken care of with breakfast, questions and safety. They provide taxi, housekeeping to and from hospital.9. Try and make some friends while you are here! People come from all over for the same reason as you!10. Give yourself a few days to acclimatize before your surgery! I thought I thought 4 days would be enough. I got set up and situated in the local area, but I ended up fainting before the surgery due to heat and dehydration.11. Relax! Breath! I know that traveling this far from home can trigger anxiety but you are in good hands. The atmosphere here is more laid back than you would expect. Sometimes the hospital can feel busy at times and nurses are shuffling around and you don't know what's happening. As someone who has had abuse and mistreatment from doctors, relax, breath, have faith remember you are giving yourself this. let go, and allow the staff to take care of you.My surgery turned out differently but this has been the most comfortable healthcare I have ever received. Plan in advance, months and months prior and you will be okay on your own.I am humbled to be here and be treated with such dignity.You wont be disappointed, good luck to you.ทำดีได้ดี ทำชั่วได้ชั่วSabai sabai!!!❤️ ขอบคุณ ❤️
Kendra Knoll
Kendra Knoll
22:43 03 Sep 23
My experience at the Kamol Cosmetic Hospital far exceeded my expectations! The facility the staff and the recovery hotel are immaculate and amazing. I can't think of a better place to have gender affirming surgery performed. Things happen fast here, and communication could be a little bit better, but overall I rate the experience five stars and strongly recommend Kamol! One of the best parts of having surgery here is meeting girls from all over the world on the same journey as I am I have made some wonderful friends and I never felt alone.
Noah Edwards
Noah Edwards
07:05 29 Sep 23
I had an amazing experience here. They have comprehensive care that follows you through the entire healing process. They pretty much handle every aspect of your care, from changing dressings to offering accommodations. They bring you to and from the hospital for you appointments from their hotel and pick you up from the airport when you arrive. They alleviated so much of my stress and made me feel so safe. The nursing staff is PHENOMENAL. And Kendra made sure I knew a friendly face in the hotel and introduced me to some peers who I am sure to call close friends for the rest of my life. Truly an amazing experience. Thank you so much, Kamol Hospital!
Sasja Sommer
Sasja Sommer
08:28 29 Apr 24
In January 2024 I had SRS using PPT with laparoscopic technique at Kamol Hospital in Bangkok. The surgery was performed by Dr. Kamol.Three months post surgery I had a checkup with my gynaecology and she said the result was one of the best she had seen and that I have healed well with no complications.My experiences at Kamol hospital are mixed at best. The surgery result is amazing and I cannot complain regarding that.The pre and post surgery care at the hospital, however, was not so great. 
Information leading up to surgery was very sparse. I arrived in Bangkok Sunday. I was informed that the surgery was to take place at 10 AM Wednesday. On Monday I had checkups, which went fine. I had a meeting with Dr. Kamol. Communication wasn’t the best, but he had a translater present. I was informed to check in Tuesday. Once I got checked in, I was left to my self in the Hospital and I didn’t know why I had to be there this early. 
I had to go look for some staff who could tell me what was going to happen. I was not informed that I had to have cleaned my bowels.On the day of surgery I was very tired and exhausted from not having any food intake and the bowel cleaning. An hour before surgery (which was moved to 1pm) the staff arrived with a lot of legal documents for me to sign. I was not capable at the time to read through the paperwork. Some of which stated that any mixup needed would be covered at my own expenses.I gambled and signed the paper. I was not in a state where I could make an informed decision and the hospital should have giving me the paperwork in advance to read through.When I woke up from surgery I was told that “Surgery OK”. I was in quite some pain on the first day and the staff did not administer enough pain medicin despite multiple requests.I could not feel the morphine at all. The staff in the observation room were sleeping and got mad at me when I woke them to get assistance.Throughout the whole post surgery care I felt the nurses didn’t listen and never once informed me about what was going to happen. Every time I asked about concerns they would say “It’s normal”. This also happened when I had my kateter removed and I raised the concern that I didn’t think I could empty my bladder. They said “It’s normal”. A day later I was rushed to the hospital and had more than a litre in my bladder. They had forgotten to give me antiinflamatory medication when I was signed out.If you decide to go to Kamol Hospital I would recommend contacting Jaime Lee (WhatsApp: +66 65 839 0418) and have her be your agent/liaison. I hired her during my stay and she was an incredible help. She talked to the hospital staff for me and she knows what is “normal” and what is a concern. She helped me a lot through the goodness of her heart. I then decided to hire her as I wanted to gratify her for her work.
Kii “Remura_WH”
Kii “Remura_WH”
09:15 25 Jun 23
Terrible job on the srs ppv surgery, complete stuff up from top to bottom
linh nguyen
linh nguyen
03:17 20 May 24
My first thought about this hospital is very friendly and professional. Since i have bad experience with Yanhee hospital if not say worst, this hospital seem good in everything. The only bad thing happened to me is that after i had done the ppv surgery my vagina tissue is getting closed and i couldn't get back to the depth of 5,5-6 inch like before. I always do what the doctor told me what to do every day and found out i lose the depth. The skin tissue is healing and it's closed just like the skin grap surgery. It didnt like what he said that the ppv is never closed like skin grap, plus the surgery cost double over the regular surgery prices. They never meantion me about this problem and they want me to spend another $1000 flight ticket to go back??? And I dont even know if they can fix it?! Because after a year the skin is already healing, how come they stretch it back like before??! Im very disappointed, unhappy, and angry with the result about what they showed me, didnt match with what they said. Dont ever come here!!! They re very bad service, just want to take your money!!!!
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